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Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your Attention

Looking for the best Warren Buffett books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders (2016)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionWarren E. Buffett first took control of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a small textile company, in April of 1965. A share changed hands for around $18 at the time. Fifty letters to shareholders later, the same share traded for $226,000, compounding investor capital at just under 21% per year-a multiplier of 12,556 times. In addition to providing an astounding case study on Berkshire’s success, Buffett shows an incredible willingness to share his methods and act as a teacher to his many students.
Author(s): Warren Buffett, Max Olson

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life (2009)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionHere is the book recounting the life and times of one of the most respected men in the world, Warren Buffett. The legendary Omaha investor has never written a memoir, but now he has allowed one writer, Alice Schroeder, unprecedented access to explore directly with him and with those closest to him his work, opinions, struggles, triumphs, follies, and wisdom. Although the media track him constantly, Buffett himself has never told his full life story.
Author(s): Alice Schroeder

University of Berkshire Hathaway: 30 Years of Lessons Learned from Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger at the Annual Shareholders Meeting (2017)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionWill there ever be another investing book like this?
Author(s): Daniel Pecaut, Corey Wrenn

Warren Buffett: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success (2017)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionWarren Buffett: The Life, Lessons & Rules For SuccessHe’s been consistently voted one of the wealthiest people in the world. Time Magazine also voted him as one of the most influential people in the world; widely considered to be the most successful investor of the entire 20th century.In short, Warren Buffett is a boss.The man knows a thing or two about success.
Author(s): Influential Individuals

Warren Buffett Accounting Book: Reading Financial Statements for Value Investing (2014)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionThe Warren Buffett Accounting Book is the second volume learning experience to Warren Buffett’s Three Favorite Books. This book teaches: 1. Two methods for calculating the intrinsic value of a company 2. What is a discount rate and how does it work 3. Detailed instructions on how to read an income statement, Balance sheet, and cash flow statement 4. How to calculate important ratios to properly value any business
Author(s): Stig Brodersen, Preston Pysh

Invest Like Warren Buffett: Powerful Strategies for Building Wealth (2016)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionAre you ready to start really growing your money?Would you like to finally learn how to pick stocks?Then you are ready to. . .
Author(s): Matthew R. Kratter

Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist (2008)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionStarting from scratch, simply by picking stocks and companies for investment, Warren Buffett amassed one of the epochal fortunes of the twentieth century—an astounding net worth of $10 billion, and counting.
Author(s): Roger Lowenstein

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Investors and Managers (2013)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionAn updated edition of the bestselling collection of timeless wisdom from the world’s greatest investor Readers of Warren Buffett’s letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have gained an enormously valuable informal education in the art of investing.
Author(s): Lawrence A. Cunningham

The Warren Buffett Portfolio: Mastering the Power of the Focus Investment Strategy (1999)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionThe Warren Buffett Way provided the first look into the strategies that the master uses to pick stocks. A New York Times bestseller, it is a valuable and practical primer on the principles behind the remarkable investment run of the famed oracle of Omaha. In this much-awaited companion to that book, author Robert Hagstrom takes the next logical step, revealing how to profitably manage stocks once you select them.
Author(s): Robert G. Hagstrom

The Warren Buffett Way, Second Edition (2005)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionBuffett is back . . . and better than before! A decade has passed since the book that introduced the world to Warren Buffett — by Robert Hagstrom — first appeared. That groundbreaking book spent 21 weeks on the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Bestseller list and sold over 1 million copies. Since then, Warren Buffett has solidified his reputation as the greatest investor of all time — becoming even richer and more successful, despite the wild fluctuation of the markets.
Author(s): Robert G. Hagstrom , Kenneth L. Fisher, et al.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (2018)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionIn this instant and tenacious bestseller, Nike founder and board chairman Phil Knight “offers a rare and revealing look at the notoriously media-shy man behind the swoosh” (Booklist, starred review), illuminating his company’s early days as an intrepid start-up and its evolution into one of the world’s most iconic, game-changing, and profitable brands.Bill Gates named Shoe Dog one of his fiv…
Author(s): Phil Knight

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules: Words of Wisdom from the Partnership Letters of the World’s Greatest Investor (2017)

 Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your AttentionAt the age of 26, Warren Buffett founded Buffett Partnership Limited, which lasted from 1956 to 1970. During this time he wrote 33 letters to his small but growing group of partners. These letters chronicle his thoughts, approaches and reflections in the period immediately prior to his Berkshire Hathaway tenure – one that saw an unprecedented record of investing success.
Author(s): Jeremy Miller

Best Warren Buffett Books Worth Your Attention

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Leadership Lessons: Warren Buffett, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Katharine Graham, Steve Jobs, and Ray Kroc

Author(s): Will Peters
ID: 2306844, Publisher: New Word City, Inc., Year: 22 March 2017, Size: 421 Kb, Format: epub

Warren Buffett: Investor and Entrepreneur

Author(s): Todd A. Finkle
ID: 3627933, Publisher: Columbia University Press, Year: 2023, Size: 7 Mb, Format: pdf

Two Wise Men: Stories for Children Inspired from the Wit and Wisdom of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

Author(s): Vishal Khandelwal; S.B. Vallari
ID: 3206385, Publisher: Riddler, Year: 2022, Size: 1 Mb, Format: epub

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