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Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate List

There are countless Warhammer courses, tutorials, articles available online, but for some, having a book is still a necessity to learn. This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Warhammer Chronicles: Skaven Wars: The Black Plague Trilogy (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListThis gripping collection contains all three novels in The Black Plague trilogy by one of Black Library’s most accomplished authors, C.L. Werner, including, Dead Winter, Blighted Empire, and Wolf of Sigmar.Contains the folllowing novels by C L Werner: Dead Winter Blighted Empire Wolf of Sigmar One thousand years have passed since Sigmar united the tribes of man and gave birth to an Empire. Now, the Emperor Boris Goldgather claims ascendancy and it is a bitter reign. Under his corrupt rule, the Empire is already at risk of annihilation when a deadly plague sweeps across the lands, decimating entire…
Author(s): C L Werner

2. Dark Imperium Plague War: Plague War (2) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListIntent on rebuilding Ultramar, the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman wages war on the treacherous Death Guard – but the intervention of a greater power threatens all he works for.In the void and upon the worlds of Greater Ultramar, the battle for the Imperium continues. Intent on rebuilding his home realm and using it as base to reconstruct the ravaged stellar empire of mankind, the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman proceeds with his war to drive Mortarion and his Death Guard Traitor Legion from the domain of the Ultramarines. But when Guilliman brings his brother to battle upon the diseased plains of Parmenio, the…
Author(s): Guy Haley

3. Vampire Wars (3) (Warhammer Chronicles) (2018)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListA blood-drenched omnibus telling the story of the Von Carstein vampire counts, cruel undead rulers of the cursed land of Sylvania.The Von Carsteins were the most infamous bloodline of vampires to ever stalk the Warhammer Old World. Their very names – Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred – were whispered in fear by the people of the Empire, conjuring up images of doom, death and destruction. Charting the vampire family's rise to power in the shadow-haunted lands of Sylvania and their century-spanning wars with the Empire, this omnibus edition collects all three of Steven…
Author(s): Steven Savile

4. Masters of Stone and Steel (Warhammer Chronicles) (2018)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListThis omnibus of epic Dwarf themed novels contains the following: The Doom of Dragonback (novel) Grudgebearer (novel) Oathkeeper (novel) Honourkeeper (novel) 'Ancestral Honour', 'City of Dead Jewels' (short story)The dwarfs are a stoic and long-lived race. Their unbending will and pride serve them as fearsome warriors on the battlefield and the greatest craftsmen across the Old World. But cross them at your peril, as a dwarf grudge is never forgotten, a quest for revenge handed down from generation to generation until the debt is…
Author(s): Nick Kyme, Gav Thorpe

5. Warriors of the Chaos Wastes (Warhammer Chronicles) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListLatest installment in the Warhammer Chronicles series. Focusing on the forces of Choas in the old world.The Chaos Wastes is an unspeakable region of magic and madness. In this hellish tundra, the Dark Gods wrestle for supremacy and champions war in their name. Death comes for any who traverse these plains in swift and savage form. Yet there are those who dare brave the wastelands, burdened by their own dark purposes. Wulfrik the Wanderer, cursed by the Ruinous Powers, seeks a prize to appease the forces of Chaos; the Skulltaker, champion of Khorne, hungers for fresh blood; and the last warrior of a Norse tribe sets out to…
Author(s): C L Werner

6. Witch Hunter: The Mathias Thulmann Trilogy (7) (Warhammer Chronicles) (2018)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListAll three novels in C L Werner's classic Mathias Thulmann trilogy – Witch Hunter, Witch Finder and Witch Killer – collected together in one complete volume.In the Old World, the dreaded witch hunters are feared above all others. Tyrannical individuals tasked with hunting out evil throughout the towns and villages, they use whatever means they deem necessary to root out corruption and destroy those foolish enough to ally themselves with the Dark Powers. Counted amongst the most zealous of the witch hunters is Mathias Thulmann, a ruthless individual whose exploits are…
Author(s): C L Werner

7. Horus Rising (1) (The Horus Heresy) (2018)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListRe-release of the mass market edition of the first novel in the best selling Horus Heresy seriesUnder the benevolent leadership of the Immortal Emperor the Imperium of Man has stretched out across the galaxy. On the eve of victory, the Emperor leaves the front lines, entrusting the great crusade to his favorite son, Horus. Promoted to Warmaster, the idealistic Horus tries to carry out the Emperor'sgrand design, all the while the seeds of heresy and rebellion have been sowed amongst his brothers….
Author(s): Dan Abnett

8. The Orion Trilogy (Warhammer Chronicles) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListOrion is the king of the forest, the lord of Athel Loren and the guardian spirit of all that is dear to the Asrai, the mysterious Wood Elves. In three novels, he confronts old enemies and new dangers, and must appeal to all his powers and allies to ensure the safety of his ancient forest, and his own.Every year, following the long winter, King Orion awakens to reign over the forest kingdom of Athel Loren. This time though, as he slowly comes out of his torpor, he realizes that a terrible evil has taken hold of him; that his eternal mind has been cursed. Stricken by an uncontrollable rage, he leads his…
Author(s): Darius Hinks

9. Dark Imperium (1) (2018)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListThe returned primarch Roboute Guilliman strives to save the Imperium from an era of death and darkness.Fell times have come to the galaxy. Cadia has fallen, destroyed by the onslaught of Chaos. A Great Rift in the warp has opened and from its depths have spewed daemons and the horrors of Old Night. But all hope is not lost… A hero, long absent, has returned and with him comes the wrath of the Ultramarines reborn. Roboute Guilliman, the last of the loyal primarchs, has arisen from millennia in stasis to lead the Imperium out of darkness on a crusade the likes of…
Author(s): Guy Haley

10. Honourbound (Warhammer 40,000) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListUncompromising and fierce, Commissar Severina Raine has always served the Imperium with the utmost distinction but only by embracing her duty and staying true to her belief in the Imperium and the commissar’s creed can she hope to survive this crucible, but even then will that be enough?Uncompromising and fierce, Commissar Severina Raine has always served the Imperium with the utmost distinction. Attached to the Eleventh Antari Rifles, she instills order and courage in the face of utter horror. But horror take smany forms, and Rains's unshakeable…
Author(s): Rachel Harrison

11. Soul Wars (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListNagash is rising. As his legions march forth from Shyish to bring death to all the realms, the Anvils of the Heldenhammer stand firm in Glymmsforge, a city of Order in the heart of Nagash's domain…It is said that all who live belong ultimately to the Undying King. In the shadowy lands of Shyish, Nagash, God of Death, calls forth his soulless legions to reassert his dominion. His dread advance begins with the free city of Glymmsforge, bastion of Azyr in the Realm of Death. Standing between Nagash and his prize are the brooding Anvils of the Heldenhammer, an ancient host of Stormcast Eternals, and…
Author(s): Josh Reynolds

12. The Lords of Silence (Warhammer 40,000) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListThe galaxy has changed. Armies of Chaos march across the Dark Imperium, among them the Death Guard, servants of the Plague God. But shadows of the past haunt these traitors… The Death Guard have returned to prominence with the return of Mortarion and their fabulous model range, and Chris Wraight's previous work with them (in his Space Wolves novels, notably) makes him the perfect person to delve into their particular darkness.The Cadian Gate is broken, and the Imperium is riven in two. The might of the Traitor Legions, kept shackled for millennia behind walls of iron and sorcery, has been…
Author(s): Chris Wraight

13. Warlords of Karak Eight Peaks (Warhammer Chronicles) (2019)

Best Warhammer Books: The Ultimate ListDuring the Golden Age of the dwarfs, Karak Eight Peaks was a beacon of prosperity. Now it is beset by foes – skaven, goblins and more. The tales in this omnibus chart the desperate defence against these brutal enemies.  Once, during the great Golden Age of the dwarfs, Karak Eight Peaks was a beacon of prosperity and unbridled wealth. Many a dwarf king looked on with envious eyes at this sprawling mountain fastness. But the history of the dwarfs is riddled with tragedy and none more so than the lords of Eight Peaks whose holds were devastated by earthquakes and ravaged by the predatations of goblins, ratmen and…
Author(s): Guy Haley, David Guymer

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We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some warhammer books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2017, Size: 171 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2230135

Warhammer 40,000 - Imperial Armour - Index - Forces of Chaos

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2017, Size: 22 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2234096

Warhammer 40,000 - Imperial Armour - Index - Forces of the Adeptus Astartes

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2016, Size: 44 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2234097

Warhammer 40,000 - Imperial Armour - Index - Xenos

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2016, Size: 40 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2234098

Warhammer 40000. Codex Necrons 2015

Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2015, Size: 80 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1325828

Warhammer 40,000: Codex: Tau Empire

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2015, Size: 91 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1411273

Warhammer 40,000: The Rules

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2014, Size: 239 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1411270

Warhammer 40,000 - Chaos Space Marines

Author(s): Games Workshop
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2014, Size: 36 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2234469

Warhammer 40,000 - Only War, Core Rulebook

Author(s): coll.
Publisher: Games Workshop, Year: 2012, Size: 84 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2240285

Please note that this booklist is not final. Some books are really record-breakers according to USA Today, others are written by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant books you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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