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Best Venture Capital Books To Read

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Venture Capital books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

#BreakIntoVC: How to Break Into Venture Capital and Think Like an Investor Whether You’re a Student, Entrepreneur or Working Professional (Venture Capital Guidebook) (2017)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadIf you are interested in habits to develop the investor mindset then before the gives you the insight to without endlessly scouring the internet or having access to the top venture firms in the industry.What if a could help you understand the complex and ever-changing landscape of the technology sector?
Author(s): Bradley Miles

Venture Capital Deal Terms: A guide to negotiating and structuring venture capital transactions (2016)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadSo you’re (about to be) involved in a Venture Capital deal. How do you ensure you end up with the best possible deal?You need to know what you’re talking about. Not just on a basic level. On every level. You need to understand the ins and outs of the deal. What are your options? How exactly can they impact you, now as well as in the future? What are the people on the “other side of the table” aiming for?
Author(s): de Vries, Harm , van Loon, Menno, et al.

Venture Capital For Dummies (2013)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadGetting a business up and running or pushing a brilliant product to the marketplace requires capital. For many entrepreneurs, a lack of start-up capital can be the single biggest roadblock to their dreams of success and fortune.
Author(s): Nicole Gravagna, Peter K. Adams

VENTURE CAPITAL MINDSET: Become the candidate that every venture capital firm would like to hire (2018)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadThe main goal of this book is to help the reader become a desirable candidate for potential employers among venture capital firms. It is designed based on the coaching program created by Renata George with the purpose of finding and bringing new talent into the venture capital industry. The book reveals how venture investors actually think—a notion that is often expressed, but seldom explained in detail.
Author(s): Renata George

Venture Capital Strategy: How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist (2018)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadUnderstanding how venture capital works in our economy can be of benefit to a wide variety of readers, from entrepreneurs to corporate decision-makers and everyone in between. This book treats venture capital as a topic of entrepreneurial strategy, not finance, and includes a background of the industry, an explanation of all aspect of the “VC Job Cycle” and a framework called “VC Razor” for performing due diligence.
Author(s): Patrick Vernon

Finding Genius: Venture Capital and the Future it is Betting on (2019)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadFinding Genius captures the insights and anecdotes shared by prominent venture capitalists who first backed companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, Facebook, SpaceX, Tesla, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram.
Author(s): Kunal Mehta , Nitya Rajendran, et al.

Masters of Corporate Venture Capital: Collective Wisdom from 50 VCs Best Practices for Corporate Venturing How to Access Startup Innovation & How to Get Funded (2016)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadAndrew Romans captured wisdom from interviews with 100+ Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs), independent VCs, CEOs of startups, bankers and lawyers to write the definitive book on the topic of CVC.
Author(s): Andrew Romans , Ty Nowicki, et al.

Venture Capitalists at Work: How VCs Identify and Build Billion-Dollar Successes (2011)

 Best Venture Capital Books To Read“This is probably the single most valuable resource for the entrepreneurs aspiring to build successful companies”―Ron Conway, Special Adviser, SV Angel, and investor in Facebook, Google, Twitter, Foursquare, PayPal, Zappos “I highly recommend Venture Capitalists at Work.
Author(s): Tarang Shah, Shital Shah

Mastering the VC Game: A Venture Capital Insider Reveals How to Get from Start-up to IPO on Your Terms (2011)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadFinding the right venture capitalist to back your start-up is a challenge. Even if you manage to get backing, you want your VC to be a partner, not some dictator who will undermine your vision and take control of your life’s work.Jeffrey Bussgang is one of a very few people who have played on both sides of this high-stakes game.
Author(s): Jeffrey Bussgang

Starting Your Own Venture Investment Fund: A How To Guide (2018)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadWhether you work in venture capital or another industry, this book offers a step-by-step guide on how you can get started raising, managing, and investing from your own venture investment fund. Many professionals, including those that work in venture, do not fully know the process of starting a venture fund. It is a lengthy and rigorous process that experienced fund managers know quite well.
Author(s): Kevin Joseph Moore

Get Backed: Craft Your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of Your Dreams (2015)

 Best Venture Capital Books To Read—Barbara Corcoran, ABC’s Shark Tank —Naval Ravikant, cofounder and CEO, AngelList —Slava Menn, cofounder and CEO, Fortified BicycleHOW DO YOU LAUNCH THE VENTURE OF YOUR DREAMS?Get Backed isn’t just about startup fundraising.
Author(s): Evan Baehr, Evan Loomis

Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Transactions 2018 (2018)

 Best Venture Capital Books To ReadThe cornerstone resource from two of the industry’s leading authorities is now available with analysis of extensive changes resulting from the Tax Act and Proposed Regulations including Structuring Venture Capital, Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Transactions, 2018 Edition, will guide you through the complex changes in the Tax Act and help you and avoid legal pitfalls and minimize your clients’ tax liability, as…
Author(s): Jack S. Levin, Donald E. Rocap

Best Venture Capital Books to Read

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some venture capital books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

The VC Field Guide: Fundamentals of Venture Capital

Author(s): William Lin
ID: 3709891, Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2023, Size: 448 Kb, Format: epub

The Power Law : Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future

Author(s): Sebastian Mallaby
ID: 3224472, Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group, Year: 2022, Size: 12 Mb, Format: epub

The Power Law: Venture Capital and the Making of the New Future

Author(s): Sebastian Mallaby
ID: 3233376, Publisher: Penguin Press, Year: 2022, Size: 8 Mb, Format: pdf

Please note that this booklist is not final. Some books are really chart-busters according to The New York Times, others are written by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant resources you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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