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Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should Read

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Urban Fiction books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

1. The Side Chick From Hell: His Wife’s Worst Nightmare (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadKareema and her boyfriend Cardeeay have a seemingly perfect relationship. They both have great careers that they love, healthy bank accounts, gorgeous looks, and of course, the sex is on point. Kareema adores Cardeeay and his doting ways. From the attention he gives her, to the gifts he showers her with regularly; there’s no doubt in her mind that she’ll be Mrs. Scott one day.She thinks she knows everything there is to know about the man she loves and wants to marry, but he hasn’t been completely honest with her about his life. One lonely night…
Author(s): Mo’Nik

2. Deceit, Lies, and Alibi’s (2015)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadHandsome and orphaned Noah grew up poor like most kids from North Philly. Refusing to accept poverty as his fate, he along with his childhood friend Hakim, jacked their way to the top. Years later, he’s on a legal path and building a future with his beloved fiancée Shaleea. However when slick talking Eve comes into the picture, love triangles form and everything that Noah has is threatened. Friends are foes, everyone is out for self, and loyalty is no more. As love and lust intertwine, tempers flare and life changing mistakes are made. The stakes are high in this hood tale filled with deceit, lies, and alibis….
Author(s): Shontaiye

3. What She Don’t Know (Her Secret Love Series) (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadRemi Montell knows heartache all too well. After losing her adoptive parents as a teenager, she found solace in a relative’s home. Her aunt helped shape her formative years and inspired her to reach for her dreams, no matter how unimaginable they may seem. Now, Remi is young woman trying to make a name for herself in the fashion industry, but finds herself distracted by one her aunt’s many suitors. Soon a torrid love affair with him begins to chip away at the wall that separates her love and devotion for the woman who raised her and the man she can’t…
Author(s): Mia Black

4. My Besties: The Come Up (2015)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadBorn and raised on the violent streets of Chicago, Ja`ziya and her three besties, Tiki, ReRe, and Dirty E are all determined to do three things; finish school, get money, and live comfortably. Ja`ziya and her crew aren’t your average hood rats that wanna date and marry a D-Boy. Adapting to some of the bad habits from the streets, plus some help from an unknown source, they get money their own way… The ski-mask way! Robbing drug dealers is like taking candy from a baby. They are always in and out with no problem. That was until they robbed the wrong person. Big Moe enters the picture feeling played and disrespected by the crew known as The…
Author(s): Asia Hill

5. Torn Between A Thug & A Boss (complicated love series) (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadAll the odds were stacked up against Alivia when she grew up. She never knew her father, barely knew her drug-addicted mother but managed to somehow find a way to seek out a life for herself.Dancing wasn’t the ideal gig, but it pays well and she’s good at it—so good, top dollar clients will do anything to be in her midst. But despite all the money and attention, she’s still not yet where she wants to be in life. A chance encounter with a tall, dark, and potentially dangerous man may change everything.Dylan came from nothing and made himself something people in…
Author(s): Mia Black

6. Torn Between Bae And The Thug Next Door (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should Read“This book definitely won’t disappoint you. Everyone needs to grab their copy and read this book.” ~ Patrice Balark, National Bestselling Author.From Amazon National Bestselling Authors Twyla T. and J. Dominique comes a new, urban fiction hood love series about unexpected love, new beginnings, betrayal, jealousy, and get backs.Mercedes is every man’s dream girl.Beautiful.Sexy.Talented.Abused.Underneath the slayed hair and beat face, Mercedes suffers in silent from the man she has given her heart and body to, even producing him a son. Nothing seems to please Maine and he takes even the smallest infraction out on…
Author(s): Twyla T., J. Dominique

7. Love On The Low (secret love series) (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadWhen Mika Foster accepts a new teaching job in her hometown, she can’t help but be excited. Family, old friends, a lifetime of memories awaits her, and that includes the man she couldn’t forget about, no matter how hard she tried.Royce Harris knows how to take care of himself. That’s what he’s done ever since the day he lost his mother and went to live with her best friend’s family. Growing up, he and Mika had a special relationship, but now, years later, the lines of their friendship are blurred by their growing feelings for each other…but there are too many hurdles to climb if…
Author(s): Mia Black

8. A Thug’s Love (2015)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should Read“If angels wear Vicki’s and the devil wears Prada, I guess I was a taste of heaven & hell back then, because King had completely turned daddy’s little angel into a hell of a rider…” My name is Kennedy Desiree Carter. I met the love of my life, Damion “King” Carter, five years ago. Back then, you would not have been able to convince me of the way that he would change my life, in good ways and bad. I was a good girl; on my way to college with a high GPA and big dreams of becoming a Child Psychologist. Yet, as soon as I met King, I also dreamed of being the best rider…
Author(s): Jessica N. Watkins

9. Undisclosed: A Tale of Love and Deceit (2017)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadKyra Jamison left New Orleans in her rearview mirror and found her dream man, high powered attorney, Trent Jaimson. And now she lives a life of comfort and convenience. Loving Trent and her perfect marriage is all she needs…right? Only Kyra knows the string of secrets and lies she’s constructed in her carefully woven web of deceit. But what happens when the past collides with the present? Lawrence “Redd” Richardson knows Kyra and not the luxury car driving, mansion residing woman before him. Redd appears, threatening to shatter her picture perfect world when he comes to claim what’s rightfully his. Kyra tries…
Author(s): Deiira Smith-Collard, DeiIra Smith-Collard

10. Hood Love and Loyalty (Hood series) (2017)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadFalling in love was never part of Larissa’s plan, especially with a thug. Meet Larissa Bradshaw, a strong-willed hardworking girl. After her parents turn their backs on her she closes her heart to love and becomes determined to make something of herself despite her situation. She meets Messiah “Money” Lawson and everything changes. Messiah is an up and coming boss in the streets. He’s a nigga that’s respected and feared by all. From the moment he first sees Larissa he has to have her. The two share an instant connection and can’t seem to get enough of each other….
Author(s): EL Griffin

11. Trippin’ Off A Crazy Hood Love (2018)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadIn this book, there are no crazy baby mamas doing all kinds of things to keep their baby fathers or ex-girlfriends plotting not to lose their man. There are no women who would do anything to have a balling boss or street king. And there are no dope boys! This is a story about love and how unpredictable it really can be. Meet Immanuel ‘Manny’ West, a pretty boy, ladies’ man, who prides himself on bagging the baddest women Harlem has to offer. He is a player and makes no apologies for it. And despite being known as the man who loves too many bitches to settle down, that doesn’t stop women from throwing themselves at…
Author(s): Kelly Marie

12. Karma Wears Versace (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadAtlanta doesn’t have room for both an incomparable serial killer and the phenomenal homicide detective, Aisha Sawyer. The showdown is set with the killer’s first feat: murder by viral disease, contaminating a hip hop icon and a med student. The investigation sends Sawyer and her whole-snack partner after a logical mark, a surgeon with motive and the resume to fit the crime. Sawyer, however, defies logic and her sergeant.Her investigative mojo is entrenched in the maternal instinct that makes woman the more advanced gender and Sawyer a more advanced detective. She probes the hip…
Author(s): Rod Palmer

13. Married To A Hood Legend: An Urban Standalone (2019)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadMarried To A Hood Legend is by far one of the best African American Urban Fiction books out. It’s available right here for your reading pleasure. In this riveting standalone, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with Twyla T. Her writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable. ***WARNING*** This is not your typical, Urban Romance, Dope Boy, Thug Love, or Kingpin Savage book.Heart pounding.Nail biting. Gritty. Unique. Genesis Alexander is living high off of life, enjoying her career and her life with her wonderful husband Sean. However, that bubble is quickly burst when a…
Author(s): Twyla T.

14. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Side Chicks (2016)

 Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should ReadSide Chicks don’t know their place… but one wife is here to remind them of where they belong. Remember when side chicks were undercover and ashamed of the men they slept with? Those days are long gone. Side bitches are bold in their quest to steal husbands and boyfriends without any remorse. But their reign is about to end! Nova is the loving wife of Tyriq. No matter how well he treats her, he can’t help his wandering eye. When his mistress threatens to unravel their perfect life. Nova takes matters into her own hand. Aoki is the self professed queen of the side chicks. Without any guilt she uses married men for money, but it…
Author(s): N’dia Rae, Chanel Q

Best Urban Fiction Books Everyone Should Read

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some urban fiction books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Twenty-First-Century British Fiction and the City

Author(s): Magali Cornier Michael
ID: 2251525, Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2018, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

Irish Urban Fictions

Author(s): Maria Beville, Deirdre Flynn
ID: 2312002, Publisher: Springer International Publishing,Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2018, Size: 3 Mb, Format: pdf

Inhabitable Infrastructures: Urban Future or Science Fiction?

Author(s): CJ Lim
ID: 2336284, Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2017, Size: 74 Mb, Format: pdf

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