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BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf

Looking for the best Twin books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

The Twin (Lindy’s Story) (2019)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfLindy is glad to do it; after all, she’s being courted by one of the twins—Reuben. She hopes Berta will someday be her mother-in-law, But Reuben has left Hollybrook for Ohio, where he’s supposedly helping his cousin with his crops. It’s his twin brother, Robert, who’s still at the Mast farm. Robert is courting Lindy’s sister, Rachel, who resents the fact that Lindy got the job of caring for Berta. However, Lindy doesn’t have time for her sister’s sour mood.
Author(s): Brenda Maxfield

The Stolen Twin (2015)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfOn the surface, Kit Caldwell has it all. A senior in college with her future ahead of her, lots of friends, lots of parties…not to mention also having the eye of Tommy, the star quarterback of the football team. But underneath, Kit’s life is a charade, built on a foundation of secrets and lies, including one so dark it threatens to tear her world apart: her twin sister, Cat, was kidnapped when they were both seven, never to be heard from again. That is, until one dark Halloween night.
Author(s): PW (Pariza Wacek), Michele

The Twin (2020)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfAfter their parents divorced, 10-year-old twins Ivy and Iris were split up–Ivy lived with Dad, Iris with Mom. Now, after a tragic accident takes their mom’s life, the twins are reunited and Iris moves in with Ivy and their dad. Devastated over Mom’s death, Iris spends the first few weeks in almost total silence–the only person she will speak to is Ivy. Iris feels her life is over and she doesn’t know what to do. Emmy promises her twin that she can share her life now.
Author(s): Natasha Preston

When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads 4th Edition: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy (2017)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThis fourth edition of the book that introduced readers to the revolutionary, nutritionally based prenatal program for the growing number of women pregnant with multiples is now revised and expanded for an era when multiple births are on the rise and includes updated diet and exercise recommendations for the postpartum mother as well…
Author(s): Barbara Luke , Tamara Eberlein , et al.

Twin Flame Code Breaker: 11:11 KEY CODES The Secret to Unlocking Unconditional Love & Finding Your Way Home (2016)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfA “twin flame” refers to a twin soul that is seeking self-transformation along its personal path. This self-transformation—the understanding of “Key” life lessons—is essential to the joint mission of twin souls, for the twin flames are bound together in an agreement to help mature each other’s karmic evolution. In Twin Flame Code Breaker, Dr. Harmony guides you in preparing for the arrival of your twin flame.
Author(s): Dr. Harmony

The Twin Flame Handbook (2017)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThe soul remembers everything– even if your brain doesn’t! If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re searching for answers. What is a twin flame or twin soul? You thought meeting your perfect match meant happily ever after–so why is your life being torn apart? The Twin Flame Handbook mixes research and firsthand experience with the intent to help. Inside you’ll learn: – What happens when twin flames meet. – The purpose of this soul connection.
Author(s): Josephine Smoke

Twins: And What They Tell Us About Who We Are (1999)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfA New York Times Notable Book for 1998Critical acclaim for Lawrence Wright’sA Rhone-Poulenc Science Prize Finalist””This is a book about far more than twins: it is about what twins can tell us about ourselves.””—The New York Times””With plenty of amazing stories about the similarities and differences of twins, Wright respectfully shows, too, how their special circumstance in life challenges our notions of individuality.
Author(s): Lawrence Wright

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins: A Step-by-Step Program for Sleep-Training Your Multiples (2009)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfFrom one of the nation’s most trusted experts on children’s bedtime and nap time comes a new guide for sleep-training twins so that everybody (including Mom and Dad) will be rested and happy!As parents of twins and multiples know, double the fun can be double the sleep deprivation. Now, in , beloved pediatrician and renowned sleep authority Dr.
Author(s): Weissbluth M.D., Marc

Dad’s Guide to Twins: How to Survive the Twin Pregnancy and Prepare for Your Twins (2013)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfEssential Survival Tips Every Expectant Father of Twins Needs If you are an expectant twin dad wondering what your twin pregnancy and future holds, this book is for you When you find out that you are expecting twins, you are in total shock. Your mind races with a million questions and you start to stress out about what to do to get ready.
Author(s): Joe Rawlinson

Twin Dilemmas (2017)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThe development of how twins relate to each other and their single partners is explored through life stories and clinical examples in this telling study of twin interconnections. While the quality of a nurturing family life is crucial, Dr. Klein has found there are often issues with separation anxiety, loneliness, competition with each other, and finding friendships outside of twinship.
Author(s): Barbara Klein

Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover (2018)

 BEST Twin Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfWhat if there was a person who was created just for you, and only you? What if there was someone out there who could satisfy ALL your needs, wants, and desires as your Perfect Partner?
Author(s): Jeff Divine, Shaleia Divine

Best Twin Books that Should be on Your Bookshelf

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some twin books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Nature’s Crossroads: The Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota

Author(s): George Vrtis, Chris Wells
ID: 3609615, Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press, Year: 2023, Size: 7 Mb, Format: pdf

Murder at Teal's Pond: Hazel Drew and the Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks

Author(s): David Bushman; Mark T. Givens
ID: 3151616, Publisher: Thomas & Mercer, Year: 2022, Size: 7 Mb, Format: epub

Fading Ads of the Twin Cities

Author(s): Jay Grammond
ID: 3203097, Publisher: The History Press, Year: 2022, Size: 19 Mb, Format: epub

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