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Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your Attention

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Tattoo Design books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

1. Tattoo Johnny: 3,000 Tattoo Designs (2010)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionThese days, it seems like everybody—male, female, young, and old—wants a tattoo. But choosing the right design isn’t always easy. Tattoo Johnny to the rescue! Culled from the world’s leading tattoo Web site, this in-depth resource offers more than 1,000 designs in a wide range of styles, all by renowned artists: angels, devils, flowers, pirates, pin-ups, religious images, stars, zodiac signs, and more. Whether readers are getting their first tattoo, or a second, third, or tenth, this is the ideal place to find the perfect pattern….
Author(s): Tattoo Johnny, David Bollt

2. Great Book of Tattoo Designs, Revised Edition: More than 500 Body Art Designs (Fox Chapel Publishing) Fantasy, Celtic, Floral, Wildlife, and Symbol Designs for the Skin from the Legendary Lora Irish (2013)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your Attention500 beautiful images—designed for skin! From the nationally recognized artist, author, and graphic designer Lora S. Irish comes the Great Book of Tattoo Designs, an appealing and high-quality collection of over 500 tattoo-friendly patterns. Featuring an extensive variety of popular subjects including floral, fantasy, Celtic, pagan, gothic, sacred, oriental, and mythical, this book provides any artist or individual searching for the right tattoo with an unlimited resource of original designs. From delicate roses to majestic animals, from steampunk to Celtic, from fairies to Mayan warriors,…
Author(s): Lora S. Irish

3. Tattoo Art (2016)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionColor ninety-two of the wildest and most interesting tattoo art pieces in this fun coloring book!In this fun coloring book, teens can color ninety-two different styles of tattoos throughout history, such as Polynesian Tribal, Horimoto (Japanese traditional), Celtic, American Traditional, and much more! Included are works from some of the history's most famous tattoo artists, such as George Burchett-Davis, Hori Chiyo, Tom Riley, Sutherland MacDonald, and Sailor Jerry Collins. Also included is information on famous artists and popular styles, a timeline of tattoo art, and a glossary of terms….
Author(s): BuzzPop

4. 1000 Tattoos: The Most Creative New Designs from the World’s Leading and Up-And-Coming Tattoo Artists (2018)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionNew works from over forty of the most ground breaking and up-and-coming tattoo designers are featured in this highly curated collection. Aimed at profiling the next generation of skin art, the selected artists are at the forefront of where tattoo art is going and display a wide degree of diversity in terms of geographic origin, culture, race, and gender.Among the artists and designers included are are Scott Campbell, Sasha Unisex, Tea Leigh, Johnny Gloom, Tati Compton (a.k.a. Tati Fox), Georgia Grey, Lauren Winzer, Peter Aurisch, Jon Boy, Susanne König, Dr….
Author(s): Chris Coppola

5. Superior Tattoo Bible: Book One (Tattoo U,) (2009)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionWhether you are preparing for your first tattoo or your twenty-seventh, you need artwork and designs that are just-right. Tattoo Bible Book One, authored by Superior Tattoo, provides more than 500 pieces of unique flash art. Everything is here, from hearts to dragons, tattoo designs that range from traditional to the avant-garde. Tattoo Bible includes flash never before compiled in one single book. The artists included in this book include the best known names including Kevin LeBlanc, Aaron Coleman, Bob Sims, Nate Powers, and many, many more. While most tattoo books available today…
Author(s): Superior Tattoo

6. The Blackwork Tattoo Book: 150+ Blackwork designs (Tattoo Designs) (2018)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your Attention150 + blackwork tattoo designs by Lucas Patterson The intent and creation of this book is for inspiration and creative reference.Please use accordingly. Under no circumstance are these designs to be re-printed or printed on products made for re-sale….
Author(s): Lucas Patterson

7. Tattoo Sourcebook (2008)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionA lush sourcebook of nearly two thousand tattoo designs from artists around the world. From the editors of TattooFinder, it’s a fantastic compendium for people who want to think before they ink! Whether you’re tattoo-curious or tattoo-crazy, The Tattoo Sourcebook has everything you need to pick and choose the perfect design for you. Browse the nearly two thousand designs included – everything from Celtic and tribal to butterflies and fairies. It’s a visual compendium of high-quality, detailed designs from artists all over the world including contributions and commentary from famed tattooists Friday Jones (who inked…
Author(s): Tattoofinder

8. 1000 Tattoos: A Sourcebook of Designs for Body Decoration (2014)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionWhen you’re looking to tattoo, what design would you do? From intricate Celtic knotwork patterns and geometric tribal art to old-school flowers, skulls, and hearts, this chunky tattoo sourcebook has it all, with a vast range of ideas on a wide cross-section of themes. Before getting inked, check out 1000 possibilities, along with technical advice on reproducing the most intricate tattoos and safety tips before going under the needle. For those who want a trial run, there’s also information on using body paints and mehndi.Use these images as inspiration to design your own tattoo, or trace…
Author(s): Carlton Books

9. Custom Tattoo 101: Over 1000 Stencils and Ideas for Customizing Your Own Unique Tattoo (2015)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionWhen it comes to permanent ink, you want something both personal and unique. You want a representation of yourself. Most of all, you don’t want any surprises. Custom Tattoo 101 highlights the best ways to custom design your perfect tattoo so it’s the correct size, the perfect design, and entirely unique to you. Reference stencils are essential when getting a tattoo, translating the exact specification to a tattooist so the result is precisely what you envisioned. The Editors at provide a collection of over 1000 stencils, tips, and designs to help you craft your own unique tattoo including: 50 popular…
Author(s): From the Editors of

10. Tattoo Lettering Bible (2014)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionThe newest installment of the “Superior Tattoo Bible” series has been in the works for a while since we have amassed countless lettering submissions throughout the years. With an exponential number of tattoo designs that include lettering, we thought it time to come out with an entire book devoted to letters and banners. Superior has put out several small books on a variety of lettering styles that have been well received. To date, thousands of these books have been purchased or downloaded. But, why flip through several books to find the perfect font? When your customer wants his or her loved…
Author(s): Superior Tattoo

11. Sailor Jerry’s Tattoo Stencils (2002)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionAmerican tattoo master Sailor Jerry Collins of Hawaii is best known for his remarkable tattoo designs, blending the fluidity of Asian motifs into classic American tattoo imagery. Until now, most of Sailor Jerry’s work has been controlled by a handful of collectors, seen only at museum or art gallery exhibitions or in short-run, self-published books. Here is a sizeable portion of Sailor Jerry’s stencils, the newest tattoo collectible, spanning his tattoo career, from the 1940s to the early 1970s. The basic line work of hundreds of his staple and surprisingly beautiful…
Author(s): Kate Hellenbrand, Matty Jankowski

12. Tattoo Bible: Book Two (2010)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionBased on the success of Tattoo Bible Book One, ArtKulture Publishing brings to market Tattoo Bible Book Two, another unique and colorful collection of flash art. Everything is here, from skulls to tribal, Americana to the avant-garde.Tattoo Bible Book Two includes flash images never before compiled in one single book. The artists included in this book include the very well known, and those artists who should be well known. The best known names include Kevin LeBlanc, Aaron Coleman, Bob Sims, Nate Powers, and many, many more.Tattoo Bible Book Two, covers different styles and…
Author(s): Superior Tattoo

13. Tattoo Coloring Book: An Adult Coloring Book with Awesome, Sexy, and Relaxing Tattoo Designs for Men and Women (2018)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your Attention2019 Gift IdeasTattoo fans will go wild for this awesome new coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer. Skulls, eagles, angels, and roses are just some of the beautiful illustrations you’ll find in our Tattoo Coloring Book. Our unique tattoos need your creative magic – put your own interpretation on each design and create mesmerizing tattoo artwork for your walls or as inspiration for your next body art piece.Our Tattoo Coloring Book is perfect for adult colorists. From Day of the Dead drawings to pretty mandalas,…
Author(s): Jade Summer

14. Tattoo Designs (Demons & Dragons) (2014)

 Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your AttentionA tattoo is often a very personal choice for expressing oneself. Having access to a book on designs for tattoos can often be crucial in making the right decision for a design. Demons and dragons can be expressed in a very large number of styles and cultural meanings. The Western concept of a dragon is very much different from that of the Eastern ideal for a dragon. Demons face this same challenge, a book can help influence the right design….
Author(s): Publishing LLC, Speedy

Best Tattoo Design Books Worth Your Attention

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some tattoo design books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

The Art of Tattoo: A Tattoo Artist's Inspirations, Designs, and Hard-Won Advice

Author(s): Megan Massacre
ID: 2495468, Publisher: Ten Speed Press, Year: 2019, Size: 37 Mb, Format: epub

The art of tattoo: an insider's look at a tattoo artist's inspirations, designs, and hard-won advice

Author(s): Megan Massacre
ID: 2723779, Publisher: Potter;Ten Speed;Harmony;Rodale, Year: 2019, Size: 412 Mb, Format: epub

DIY Henna Tattoos: Learn Decorative Patterns, Draw Modern Designs and Create Everyday Body Art

Author(s): Aroosa Shahid
ID: 2336185, Publisher: Ulysses Press, Year: 2018, Size: 176 Mb, Format: epub

Please note that this booklist is not final. Some books are really chart-busters according to The Wall Street Journal, others are drafted by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant resources you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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