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Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf

While there are many courses and tutorials online, learning from a book is still one of the best ways to greatly improve your skills. Below I have selected top Superman books.

Superman: Red Son (New Edition) (2014)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfImagine a reality where the world’s most powerful super-being does not grow up in Smallville, Kansas—or even America, for that matter… Superman: Red Son is a vivid tale of Cold War paranoia, that reveals how the ship carrying the infant who would later be known as Superman lands in the midst of the 1950s Soviet Union.  Raised on a collective, the infant grows up and becomes a symbol to the Soviet people, and the world changes drastically from what we know – bringing Super…
Author(s): Mark Millar, Dave Johnson

Superman: The Coming of the Supermen (2018)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfTHREE WORLDS. ONE WAR. THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR…SUPERMEN? Legendary writer Neal Adams presents SUPERMAN: THE COMING OF THE SUPERMEN. In the not-so-distant future, Apokolips has been destroyed. Krypton has been reborn. Earth is safer than ever. And from Metropolis to the Middle East, the Man of Steel soars through the skies—righting wrongs and saving lives all over the world.
Author(s): Neal Adams

Superman: The Golden Age Vol. 1 (2016)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfHistoric first appearances from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s legendary Man of Steel! Faster than a speeding bullet, Superman burst onto the comic book scene in 1938, just as America was on the terrifying precipice of a world war. In a desperate time, legendary creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster brought to life the world’s first modern superhero.
Author(s): Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster

Superman: American Alien (2017)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThis is not a Superman comic. This is the story of Clark Kent, a Kansas farm boy who happens to be from another planet. It’s the story of a scared young boy with impossible powers, of a teenage delinquent with a lot to learn, of a reporter with a nose for the truth who’s keeping the biggest secret the world has ever known.   This is not the Superman you know. Not yet.
Author(s): Max Landis , Jock, et al.

All Star Superman (2011)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThe Underverse ruled by Bizarros. The time-eating Chronovore. Jimmy Olsen, superhero?   Nothing is impossible in ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.  Except for the fact that Superman is dying. Now with time running against him, the Man of Steel must tie up loose ends and make sure that he leaves the Earth better than he found it. The unstoppable creative team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely join forces once more to take Superman back to basics.
Author(s): Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely

Superman: Dawnbreaker (DC Icons Series) (2020)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf“In his brilliant take on Superman, de la Peña shows us that there’s a chance we’ll all need to step up like Clark Kent–with or without a cape.” — , New York Times bestselling author of Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Long Way Down”Everything we love about the Man of Steel: courageous, compassionate, and full of hope.” — , author of New Super-Man and National Ambassador for Young People’s LiteratureWhen the dawn breaks, a hero rises.Clark Kent has always been faster, stronger, better tha…
Author(s): de la Peña, Matt

Superman for All Seasons (2002)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIn this coming-of-age tale witness the experiences and adventures that transform a simple country boy into the world’s greatest hero. Told through the course of four seasons in the Man of Steel’s adolescent life, it illustrates that it is the person, not the powers, that makes Superman a hero.The catalyst for the “Smallville” television program, SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS is emotional and insightful, humanizing the alien from another planet so that he is not only realistic but also relatable.
Author(s): Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale

Superman: An Origin Story (DC Super Heroes Origins) (2015)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfOne day, an alien orphan crash-lands on Earth and is adopted by a human couple, the Kents. Many years later, that little baby becomes Superman, protector of Earth! But how did the Man of Steel go from orphan to super hero?
Author(s): Matthew K. Manning, Luciano Vecchio

Superman: Action Comics, Vol. 1: Superman and the Men of Steel (The New 52) (2013)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfA New York Times Best Seller!DC Comics took a bold step and renumbered the longest-running monthly comic, Action Comics, to #1 for the first time since 1938 as part of the DC Comics—The New 52 event.With this renumbering comes a new creative team featuring comics legend Grant Morrison and fan-favorite artist Rag Morales.
Author(s): Grant Morrison , Rags Morales, et al.

Superman: Birthright (2005)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThe whole world knows that Superman fights for truth and justicebut why does he?  What drives a farmboy from Kansas to divide his life between posing as a mild-mannered reporter and embarking on a career as a super-hero?Superman: Birthright tells the exciting origin of The Man of Steel, incorporating his vast and colorful legend into a brand-new epic talea battle to save both the legacy of Krypton and the fut…
Author(s): Mark Waid , Leinil Francis Yu, et al.

From Star Wars to Superman: Christ Figures in Science Fiction and Superhero Films (2017)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfWhen cultures such as ours toss Jesus out one door, He comes in albeit disguised through another. That’s why author Jim Papandrea turned to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Terminator, Spider-Man, Batman, Dr. Who, and half-a-dozen other modern shows, discovering in each one powerful images of Christ and salvation. Nor is that surprising. In stories of alternative universes, people always need rescuing; somebody needs to save the day; and sometimes the whole world cries out for a savior . . .
Author(s): James L. Papandrea

Superman: Earth One Vol. 2 (2014)

 Best Superman Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfA New York Times Best Seller!Following the events of the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling graphic novel by acclaimed writer Michael J. Straczynski and superstar artist Shane Davis, comes the long awaited sequel SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE VOL.
Author(s): J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis

Best Superman Books that Should be on Your Bookshelf

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some superman books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Mixed-Race Superman: Keanu, Obama, and Multiracial Experience

Author(s): Will Harris
ID: 2404091, Publisher: Melville House, Year: July 2, 2019, Size: 1 Mb, Format: epub

Escape into Meaning: Essays on Superman, Public Benches, and Other Obsessions

Author(s): Evan Puschak
ID: 3465709, Publisher: Atria Books, Year: 2022, Size: 4 Mb, Format: epub

Making Movie Magic: A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman & More

Author(s): John Richardson, Richard Donner
ID: 3098565, Publisher: The History Press, Year: 2021, Size: 99 Mb, Format: epub

Please note that this booklist is not absolute. Some books are truly record-breakers according to Los Angeles Times, others are composed by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant resources you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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