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Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your Attention

Looking for the best Sports Nutrition books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

1. Sports Nutrition: A Handbook for Professionals, Sixth Edition (2017)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionThe sixth edition of Sports Nutrition, a long-standing, renowned reference, offers timely research and evidence-based advice for health professionals working with athletes at all levels. Written and reviewed by esteemed sports registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) and other exercise experts, this edition incorporates theoretical and practical information and key takeaways designed for easy implementation in daily practice. Highlights include: 1. A brand new chapter discussing emerging opportunities in sports nutrition 2. Completely revised overview of exercise physiology, including a description of…
Author(s): Christine Karpinski, Christine A. Rosenbloom

2. Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook (2019)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionBoost energy, lose fat, build muscle, and improve your performance with the best-selling nutrition guide for active people! In Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, you’ll get real-world advice from an internationally respected and trusted sports nutritionist. You’ll find the latest research and information on what to eat before, during, and after exercise; sport drinks and energy foods; popular trends like keto and gluten-free diets; when and how much carbohydrate to eat; meal patterns that fit your training schedule; sustainability; and digestive…
Author(s): Nancy Clark

3. Sport Nutrition (2018)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionSport Nutrition, Third Edition, presents the principles and rationale for current nutrition guidelines for athletes. Using a physiological basis, this text provides an in-depth look at the science behind sport nutrition. Students will come away with an understanding of nutrition as it relates to sport and the influence of nutrition on performance, training, and recovery. This text is organized with the student in mind, with content sequenced in a logical order that puts building blocks in place to facilitate greater comprehension as more advanced topics are introduced. The book moves from general principles of…
Author(s): Jeukendrup, Asker, Ph.D., Gleeson, Michael, Ph.D.

4. Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook (2013)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionProvides nutritional advice for serious and casual athletes and includes recipes designed to boost one’s health and fitness. Original. #33,479 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #10 in Sports Medicine (Books) #85 in Sports Training (Books) #91 in Running & Jogging (Books) Would you like to ?If you are a seller for this product, would you like to ?…
Author(s): Nancy Clark

5. Essential Sports Nutrition: A Guide to Optimal Performance for Every Active Person (2018)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionEssential Sports Nutrition is the new authoritative reference to eat right for an active lifestyle.Sports nutrition is a vital element for reaching peak physical performance. To maximize workouts and athletic ability, Essential Sports Nutrition offers the most up-to-date nutritional guidance along with delicious recipes to make eating right for an active lifestyle, easy.Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, CSSD, a board-certified dietitian who specializes in fueling endurance athletes, breaks down the science of nutrition with easy-to-follow explanations on the right things to eat and the…
Author(s): Sumbal MS RD CSSD, Marni

6. Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance (2019)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionGain the plant-based advantage! Join the thousands of runners, bodybuilders, and athletes from virtually every sport who rely on foods and beverages made without animal products. Every day an increasing number of athletes, even those who are not fully vegetarian or vegan, incorporate a plant-based diet when training or recovering from competition. In Plant-Based Sports Nutrition, registered dietitians Enette Larson-Meyer and Matt Ruscigno combine decades of evidence-based research with personal experience working with–and as–vegan and vegetarian athletes to offer you a reliable and…
Author(s): D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno

7. Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition (2017)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionEach new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, a full suite of instructor resources, and learning analytics reporting toolsRevised and updated with a full-color design and art program, the Fifth Edition of Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition provides students and practitioners with the latest sports nutrition information and dietary practices so they can assist athletes and fitness enthusiasts in achieving their personal performance goals. With data and…
Author(s): Heather Hedrick Fink, Alan E. Mikesky

8. Nutrition for Sport and Exercise (2018)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionTeaching you how to interpret and apply scientific data, Dunford/Doyle’s NUTRITION FOR SPORT AND EXERCISE, 4th Edition, emphasizes the scientific basis for sports nutrition recommendations and highlights current research studies of trained athletes. The text helps you translate current nutrition recommendations and guidelines into specific plans for the appropriate amount and type of foods, beverages and/or supplements to support training, performance and recovery–for a variety of sports. Detailed explanations of the connection between exercise and nutrition help you reach the ultimate goals–optimal…
Author(s): Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle

9. Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice (2019)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionWe all want to look and feel good. We also want to perform well whether it’s in the weight room, in sports, or at work. Research has shown exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate recovery affect health and human performance. However, there’s lot of conflicting and confusing information regarding exercise and nutrition. In Essentials of Exercise and Sport Nutrition, author Dr. Richard B. Kreider offers an up-to-date assessment of the science and practice of exercise and sport nutrition. Kreider, who has conducted extensive research on the subject and has consulted with…
Author(s): Richard B. Kreider

10. Nutrition for Sport and Exercise (2014)

 Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your AttentionInsightful, well-organized, and clearly written, NUTRITION FOR SPORT AND EXERCISE, 3rd Edition, integrates nutrition and exercise physiology principles, emphasizing scientific reasoning and examining research studies to illuminate the evidence for current nutritional recommendations. In addition, the text helps you translate these nutrition recommendations to specific plans for the appropriate amount and type of foods, beverages, and/or supplements to support training, performance, and recovery. The authors carefully illustrate the links between exercise, nutrition, and, the ultimate…
Author(s): Marie Dunford, J. Andrew Doyle

Best Sports Nutrition Books Worth Your Attention

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Practical applications in sports nutrition

Author(s): Heather Hedrick Fink; Alan E Mikesky
ID: 1176069, Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning, Year: [2015], Size: 36 Mb, Format: pdf

Nutrition for Sport, Exercise and Performance: A practical guide for students, sports enthusiasts and professionals

Author(s): Regina Belski, Adrienne Forsyth, Evangeline Mantzioris
ID: 2326446, Publisher: Allen & Unwin, Year: 4 Feb 2019, Size: 5 Mb, Format: epub

Nutrients as ergogenic aids for sports and exercise

Author(s): Bucci, Luke R
ID: 2835582, Publisher: Taylor & Francis; CRC Press, Year: 2020;2019, Size: 13 Mb, Format: pdf

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