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Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should Read

While there are many courses and tutorials online, learning from a book is still one of the best ways to greatly improve your skills. Below I have selected top Self Reflection books.

Practice You: A Journal (2017)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadWhen the way forward seems uncertain, where can we turn for guidance we can trust? For yoga luminary, meditation teacher, and artist Elena Brower, the answer has always been close at hand. “Whenever I’ve needed direction, strength, or centering, I’ve so often turned to my own journals. Why?
Author(s): Elena Brower

Question Your Life: Naikan Self-Reflection and the Transformation of our Stories (2017)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadWhen we travel, we have limited space in our bags. We try to take only what’s important and leave the rest behind. We would be wise to treat our stories the same way. We carry around our stories in our mind and heart. Some of these stories don’t serve us very well. They weigh us down.
Author(s): Gregg Krech

52 Weeks of Self Reflection (2016)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadThis reflective journal will provide the inspiration you need to ignite self-reflection through writing. Each week you will be introduced to a new topic that you will either reflect on immediately or incorporate throughout your week, and reflect at the close of the week. No matter your goal, you will have a clear, refreshing reflection of self at the completion of your 52 weeks.
Author(s): Erika R Dawkins

The 365 Self-Discovery Journal: One Year Of Reflection, Development & Happiness (Writing Journals To Write In For Women And Men) (2018)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadSimply The Best Daily Journal With Guided Prompts. If you want to master self-improvement on a daily basis The 365 Self-Discovery Journal is the perfect choice. This book has helped thousands discover new ideas, challenge old beliefs & unlock your secret potential. It’s an inspirational and well-designed journal with a new self-discovery question every day.
Author(s): 21 Exercises

Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out: A Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists (Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Guides for Psychotherapists) (2015)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadEngaging and authoritative, this unique workbook enables therapists and students to build technical savvy in contemporary CBT interventions while deepening their self-awareness and therapeutic relationship skills. Self-practice/self-reflection (SP/SR), an evidence-based training strategy, is presented in 12 carefully sequenced modules.
Author(s): James Bennett-Levy , Richard Thwaites , et al.

The Mindfulness Journal: Daily Practices, Writing Prompts, and Reflections for Living in the Present Moment (2017)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should Read: It’s easy to feel worried when you’re surrounded by negativity and headlines full of bad news. With The Mindfulness Journal, you can build a stress-reducing habit that makes you appreciate every single day. : The Mindfulness Journal provides 365 daily writing prompts divided into 52 weekly mindfulness topics. This gives you seven days to fully immerse yourself in each topic. Also the prompts are unique enough so you’ll never feel bored while journaling.
Author(s): Barrie Davenport, S.J. Scott

Naikan: Gratitude, Grace, and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection (2001)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadDrawing on Eastern tradition, Naikan (“nye-kahn”) is a structured method for intensely meditating on our lives, our interconnections, our missteps. Through Naikan we develop a natural and profound sense of gratitude for blessings bestowed on us by others, blessings that were always there but went unnoticed. This collection of introductory essays, parables, and inspirations explains what Naikan is and how it can be applied to life and celebrations throughout the year.
Author(s): Gregg Krech

Being Present: A Book of Daily Reflections (2015)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadThis is a simple book, meant to make your life more peaceful, more rewarding, and more awakened. It has one purpose: to give readers an opportunity to be in the moment once a day, every day.Being Present is: Longtime therapist and meditator David Kundtz gives you permission not to fret about whether you’re getting your meditation practice right or not. It’s right. The whole purpose of your meditation is to show up as awake and aware as possible to your everyday life.
Author(s): David Kundtz

Experiencing ACT from the Inside Out: A Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Workbook for Therapists (Self-Practice/Self-Reflection Guides for Psychotherapists) (2019)

 Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should ReadFrom leading acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) practitioners, this experiential training workbook invites therapists to broaden and strengthen their ACT skills through deep engagement with ACT theory and techniques. Through a systematic process, readers learn how to effectively apply ACT to a personal or professional challenge and reflect on the experience.
Author(s): Dennis Tirch, Laura R. Silberstein-Tirch, et al.

Best Self Reflection Books Everyone Should Read

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some self reflection books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Mirror Meditation: The Power of Neuroscience and Self-Reflection to Overcome Self-Criticism, Gain Confidence

Author(s): Tara Well
ID: 3331717, Publisher: , Year: 2022, Size: 987 Kb, Format: epub

Developing Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: International Students’ Stories and Self-Reflection

Author(s): Lily A. Arasaratnam-Smith, Darla K. Deardorff
ID: 3349738, Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2022, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

Maximizing Self-Reflections in the Classroom: Enhancing Learning for Students, Teachers, and Parents

Author(s): Ellen Richard
ID: 3418586, Publisher: Routledge/Eye on Education, Year: 2022, Size: 6 Mb, Format: pdf

Please note that this booklist is not absolute. Some books are really chart-busters according to USA Today, others are composed by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant resources you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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