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Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf

Looking for the best Ruth Rendell books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

1. The Girl Next Door: A Novel (2015)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfINCLUDES AN EXCERPT OF RENDELL’S FINAL NOVEL, DARK CORNERS From crime legend Ruth Rendell, a psychologically intriguing novel about an old murder that sends shockwaves across a group of astonishingly carnal and appetiteful elderly friends: “Refined, probing, and intelligent…never less than a pleasure” (USA TODAY).In the waning months of the second World War, a group of children discover a tunnel in their neighborhood outside London. For that summer of 1944, the subterranean space becomes their “secret garden,” where the friends play games,…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

2. A Judgement in Stone (2000)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfWhat on earth could have provoked a modern day St. Valentine’s Day massacre?On Valentine’s Day, four members of the Coverdale family–George, Jacqueline, Melinda and Giles–were murdered in the space of 15 minutes. Their housekeeper, Eunice Parchman, shot them, one by one, in the blue light of a televised performance of . When Detective Chief Superintendent William Vetch arrests Miss Parchman two weeks later, he discovers a second tragedy: the key to the Valentine’s Day massacre hidden within a private humiliation Eunice Parchman has guarded all her life. A…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

3. The Tree of Hands: A Novel (1986)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfMopsa, driven by a past scarred by madness and violence. Benet, stricken by the most grievous loss any woman can bear. Carol, trapped in a life of crushing drabness no lover can change. Three mothers joined by a single thread of terror, whirled into a spiral of kidnapping, murder, and a final, reckless affirmation of love. “A consummate artist who commands style, plot and character . . . A storyteller of a high order.” “An excellent piece of suspense writing.” “Densely plotted, deeply emotional . . . The design of this book is brilliant. . . . It moves forward in a…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

4. Sins of the Fathers (Chief Inspector Wexford Mysteries, No. 2) (1986)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIt was a brutal, vicious crime — sixteen years old. A helpless old woman battered to death with an axe. Harry Painter hung for it, and Chief Inspector Wexford is certain they executed the right man. But Reverend Archery has doubts . . . because his son wants to marry the murderer’s beautiful, brilliant daughter. He begins unravelling the past, only to discover that murder breeds murder — and often conceals even deeper secrets . . ….
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

5. One Across, Two Down (2001)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf      Two things interest Stanley Manning: crossword puzzles, and the substantial sum his wife Vera stands to inherit when his mother-in-law dies. Otherwise, life at 61 Lanchester Road is a living hell. For Mrs. Kinaway lives with them now—and she will stop at nothing to tear their marriage apart. One afternoon, Stanley sets aside his crossword puzzles and changes all their lives forever…     In One Across, Two Down, master crime writer Ruth Rendell describes a man whose strained sanity and…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

6. From Doon with Death: The First Inspector Wexford Mystery (2007)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThere is nothing extraordinary about Margaret Parsons, a timid housewife in the quiet town of Kingsmarkham, a woman devoted to her garden, her kitchen, her husband. Except that Margaret Parsons is dead, brutally strangled, her body abandoned in the nearby woods. Who would kill someone with nothing to hide? Inspector Wexford, the formidable chief of police, feels baffled — until he discovers Margaret’s dark secret: a trove of rare books, each volume breathlessly inscribed by a passionate lover identified only as Doon. As Wexford delves deeper into both Mrs. Parsons’ past and the wary community…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

7. Shake Hands Forever (2000)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThe bed was neatly made, and the woman on top neatly strangled.According to all accounts, Angela Hathall was deeply in love with her husband and far too paranoid to invite an unknown person into their home. So who managed to gain entry and strangle her without a struggle? That is the problem facing Inspector Wexford in . Perhaps it was the mystery woman who left her fingerprints on the Hathall’s bathtub? Perhaps it was Angela’s husband who lied about a stolen library book? And why was the Hathall home, usually so unkempt, exqisitely clean the day of Angela’s death? Then a neighbor–friendly, knowing, disarmingly beautiful–offers Wexford…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

8. Dark Corners: A Novel (2016)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf“A spectacularly creepy and macabre tale” (Entertainment Weekly) of blackmail, murders both accidental and opportunistic, and of one life’s fateful unraveling—from Ruth Rendell, “one of the most remarkable novelists of her generation” (People), writing at her most mesmerizing. Rendell completed Dark Corners shortly before her death in 2015.When his father dies, Carl Martin inherits a house in an increasingly rich and trendy London neighborhood. Cash poor, Carl rents the upstairs room and kitchen to the first person he interviews, Dermot McKinnon. That is mistake number one. Mistake number…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

9. The Vault: An Inspector Wexford Novel (2012)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfINCLUDES AN EXCERPT OF RENDELL’S FINAL NOVEL, DARK CORNERS In the stunning climax to Rendell’s classic 1998 novel A Sight for Sore Eyes, three bodies—two dead, one living—are entombed in an underground chamber beneath a picturesque London house. Twelve years later, the house’s new owner pulls back a manhole cover, and discovers the vault—and its grisly contents. Only now, the number of bodies is four. How did somebody else end up in the chamber? And who knew of its existence?With their own detectives at an impasse, London police call on former Kingsmarkham Chief…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

10. A Sleeping Life (2000)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfRhoda Comfrey’s death seemed unremarkable; the real mystery was her life.In , master mystery writer Ruth Rendell unveils an elaborate web of lies and deception painstakingly maintained by a troubled soul. A wallet found in Comfrey’s handbag leads Inspector Wexford to Mr. Grenville West, a writer whose plots revel in the blood, thunder, and passion of dramas of old; whose current whereabouts are unclear; and whose curious secretary–the plain Polly Flinders–provides the Inspector with more questions than answers. And when a second Grenville West comes to light, Wexford faces a dizzying array of possible scenarios–and…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

11. Not in the Flesh (Inspector Wexford) (2009)

 Best Ruth Rendell Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfAfter a truffle-hunting dog unearths a human hand instead of a precious fungus, Chief Inspector Wexford and his team proceed to interrogate everyone who lives nearby to see if they can turn up a match for the errant appendage among the eighty-five people who have disappeared over the past decade in this part of England. Then, when a second body is discovered nearby, Wexford experiences a feeling that’s become a rarity for the veteran policeman: surprise. As Wexford painstakingly moves to resolve these multiple mysteries, long-buried secrets are…
Author(s): Ruth Rendell

Best Ruth Rendell Books that Should be on Your Bookshelf

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From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell: British Women Writers in Detective and Crime Fiction

Author(s): Susan Rowland
ID: 1475705, Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan UK, Year: 2001, Size: 981 Kb, Format: pdf

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