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Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate Collection

Looking for the best Romance Thriller books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

1. A Dark Lure (2015)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionTwelve years ago, Sarah Baker was abducted by the Watt Lake Killer and sexually assaulted for months before managing to escape. The killer was caught, but Sarah lost everything: her marriage, her child, and the life she loved.Struggling with PTSD, Sarah changes her name to Olivia West and finds sanctuary working on Broken Bar Ranch. But as her scars finally begin to heal, a cop involved with her horrific case remains convinced the Watt Lake Killer is still out there. He sets a lure for the murderer, and a fresh body is discovered. Now Olivia must face the…
Author(s): Loreth Anne White

2. Pitch Black (Blackwood Security) (Volume 1) (2015)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionEven a Diamond can be shattered…After the owner of a security company is murdered, his sharp-edged wife goes on the run. Forced to abandon everything she holds dear – her home, her friends, her job in special ops – she builds a new life for herself in England. As Ashlyn Hale, she meets Luke, a handsome local who makes her realise just how lonely she is.Yet, even in the sleepy village of Lower Foxford, the dark side of life dogs Diamond's trail when the unthinkable strikes. Forced out of hiding, she races against time to save those she cares about. But is it too little, too late? If you want…
Author(s): Elise Noble

3. Erased: A Dark Romantic Thriller (2017)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionAlone at a bar, recently fired from my job and about to move, no one will notice that I’ve gone missing, and my abductors know it. Smuggled to a secluded facility in the mountains, locked in a cell and stripped of my dignity, they’ve threatened me with a fate worse than death. They aim to break my will. They plan to erase me. My captors are vicious monsters, except for one: the doctor, Gabriel. He urges me to accept their control and spare myself months, or even years, of pain and torment. Yet his merciful demeanor hides a dark, burning secret. Smoldering and…
Author(s): Sansa Rayne

4. The Big Lead: A Stella Reynolds Cozy Mystery (Stella Reynolds Mystery) (Volume 1) (2015)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionStella Reynolds is new to the job, new to the state, and new to making mistakes in front of thousands of people, but that’s exactly what she signs up for when she takes a reporting job in Bozeman, Montana. Being on live TV in a small town has never been so funny, until Stella covers the town’s first murders in years. When the prime suspect’s girlfriend enlists Stella to help clear his name, she uncovers another shocking crime that could expose a handful of powerful insiders. Who is honest, who can’t be trusted, and who committed the murders? Stella is on a tight deadline to find out. Can she free an innocent…
Author(s): LibKirsch

5. The Dark Bones (2019)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionWhen Detective Rebecca North left her rural hometown, she vowed never to return. Her father’s apparent suicide has changed that. The official report is that retired cop Noah North shot himself, knocked over a lantern, and set his isolated cabin ablaze. But Rebecca cannot believe he killed himself.To prove it, she needs the help of Ash Haugen, the man she left behind. But Rebecca and Ash share more than broken hearts. Something darker lies between them, and the investigation is stirring it back to life. Clues lead them to the home of Olivia West and her deeply troubled twelve-year-old daughter, Tori. The child…
Author(s): Loreth Anne White

6. Forgotten Secrets (Singing River) (2016)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionAt age ten, Riley Lambert watched helplessly as her sister was abducted from her bedroom. Fifteen years later, she’s channeled the pain of her past into a career as an FBI profiler. Riley devotes her life to bringing violent criminals to justice…and secretly uses government resources to search for her sister, who was never found.When Riley gets a call from the only man who’s ever swept her off her feet with a killer two-step and dangerous smile—ex-Navy SEAL Thayne Blackwood of Singing River, Wyoming—it stirs up dark memories. Thayne’s sister, Cheyenne, has been kidnapped. There…
Author(s): Robin Perini

7. Control: A Dark Mafia Captive Romance (Cherish Series) (2018)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionThis dark and twisted tale of ownership will make your blood run hot. Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood writes dark romance as OLIVIA RYANN.I wake up terrified, humiliated, and chained to a wall.The shackles around my wrists mean only one thing.He owns me now. With his dark glares and barked orders, he is dangerous.He is my tormentor, my captor, a threat to my very existence. Not to be toyed with.Even if my frightened mind whispers maybe…Even if I am very curious how such a man came to be.I am still his dark and twisted…
Author(s): Olivia Ryann

8. The Fireproof Girl (2016)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionSophie was abandoned at birth and grew up neglected and abused. Her only friends were computers, until she met Cole Hunter. He became her everything: brother, protector, and partner in crime.  She believed that nothing could ever tear them apart. Until it did. Years later, when news of Cole's murder reaches Sophie, she completely snaps. She will tear down heaven and earth to find his killer, even enlisting the help of her ex-military ex-boyfriend. But the more she gets involved with the investigation, the more she digs up events she would rather forget, and puts…
Author(s): Loretta Lost

9. Skeletons (2002)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate Collection“Lee Donne feels like a misfit in a family of geniuses, an appendix in a family of brains. With no prospects and no job, she welcomes the opportunity to house-sit her grandfather’s isolated Oregon house while he is lecturing in Oxford, but her peace and quiet are shattered by strange noises at night. With the help of her best friend and computer genius, Casey, Lee realizes that an intruder is not stalking her but is after something in the house. Searching for that something begins a dangerous voyage of discovery into the mysteries of her family, a search that takes her from…
Author(s): Kate Wilhelm

10. Reborn: The Red Ledger Volume 1 (Parts 1,2 & 3) (2018)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionHe’s death for hire…Some people measure life in hours. Days. Weeks. I measure mine in kills. A covert military mission gone wrong robbed me of my memory and any link to my past. This is my existence now. I execute and survive. Nothing more, nothing less. I was ready to write Isabel Foster’s name in my ledger of unfortunate souls until she uttered the one word that could stop the bullet meant for her. My name.She knows my face. She knows me. She’s the key to the memories I’m not sure I want back. Now nothing is simple. I still have a job to do, and my soul isn’t worth saving. I’m…
Author(s): Meredith Wild

11. The Familiar (2019)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionIt’s just like any other day for Emily Green. She’s awaken by Edward, her perfect husband and well respected surgeon. She eats her usual breakfast and enjoys her coffee in the sun room of their perfect home. Then she makes a shopping trip into town to buy a dress for her loving husband’s dinner at his director’s home. But soon after Emily returns home, a strange man knocks on her door, and violently takes her away from her perfect life. Detective April Moore takes on the case, with the help of Emily’s best friend and neighbor, Mara. Her abductor, Dominick, claims that HE is her husband, and that Emily is his wife…
Author(s): D.N. Biehl

12. Frozen Footprints (2015)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionEighteen-year-old twins Charlene and Max Perigard have grown up under the wealthy but tyrannical rule of their oil-tycoon grandfather. When Max disappears and a ransom note shows up, Charlene's world is shattered. Fearing the worst, she determines to find her brother before it's too late. Her quest hurls her into a twisted, frigid world of snow and ice . . . and leads to terror in an isolated cabin. Together the twins struggle for survival while enduring fierce trials of mind, body, and spirit. Devoid of all worldly comfort and consolation, will faith and hope be enough to get them through this chilling…
Author(s): Therese Heckenkamp

13. Convenient Lies (Hidden Truth) (2016)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionWhat happens when a woman marries her greatest enemy?When investigative journalist Reagan McAdams discovers her new husband Julien is part of a powerful international crime family, she flees Paris with their newborn, returning to her childhood home in Nutfield, New Hampshire. She plans to gather her inheritance, collect her beloved grandmother, and disappear forever. She’ll do whatever it takes to protect her son from his criminal father. But when Reagan arrives home, her heart breaks at the news of her grandmother’s death. Finding her missing inheritance—hidden somewhere on the…
Author(s): Robin Patchen

14. The Girl Who Lived: A Thrilling Suspense Novel (2017)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionNo one believes her story. The police think she’s crazy. Her therapist thinks she’s suicidal. Everyone else thinks she’s a dangerous drunk. They’re all right—but did she see the killer?  — Independent Publisher Book Awards 2018  — National Indie Excellence Awards 2018  — Silver Falchion Award 2018  — Indie Book Awards 2018  — Reader’s Favorite Book Awards 2018  — NetGalley Readers As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital and yanked back to the last spot on earth she…
Author(s): Christopher Greyson

15. Someone Else’s Daughter: Book I (A Miranda’s Rights Mystery) (Volume 1) (2015)

 Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate CollectionA Miranda’s Rights Mystery – Book IBook I of the popular Miranda’s Rights Mystery series by Linsey Lanier.A woman can never make herself too tough, too strong, or too street smart.THE SEARCHING MOTHERMiranda Steele. Smart-talking, hot pepper-eating loner whose abusive ex-husband stole her baby and gave it up for adoption. She comes to Atlanta to hunt for her daughter.THE PIWade Parker. Wealthy owner of the Parker Investigative Agency and most eligible forty-four-year-old bachelor in Atlanta. He still mourns the death of his socialite wife but must now solve a disturbing murder case.THE…
Author(s): Linsey Lanier

Best Romance Thriller Books: The Ultimate Collection

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