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Best Road Trip Books Worth Your Attention

Our list of some of the best Road Trip books & series in recent years. Get inspired by one or more of the following books.

1. Mad Libs on the Road (1999)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionPack your bags and get ready to hit the road with this latest installment of family fun! You can help create car songs, spot some historical sights, even stop at a roadside diner–with a Mad Libs? twist, of course! Many have tried to imitate the world’s most popular word game, but they just can’t ___VERB___ the mustard! With Mad Libs? on the Road, traveling has never been so wacky!…
Author(s): Roger Price, Leonard Stern

2. Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways (2018)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionRoad Trip USA is so full of the beauty of the American highway, why wait to start your next adventure?…
Author(s): Jamie Jensen

3. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do (2017)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionThis richly illustrated book from the travel experts at National Geographic showcases the best travel experiences in every state, from the obvious to the unexpected. Sites include national parks, beaches, hotels, Civil War battlefields, dude ranches, out-of-the-way museums, and more. You’ll discover the world’s longest yard sale in Tennessee, swamp tours in Louisiana, dinosaur trails in Colorado, America’s oldest street in NYC, and the best spot to watch for sea otters on the central California coast. Each entry provides detailed travel information as well as fascinating facts about each state that will help fuel your wanderlust and…
Author(s): National Geographic, Joe Yogerst

4. Lonely Planet USA’s Best Trips (Travel Guide) (2018)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionLonely Planet: The world’s leading travel guide publisher Whether exploring your own backyard or somewhere new, discover the freedom of the open road with Featuring 51 amazing road trips, from 2-day escapes to 2-week adventures, you can cruise the cliffs along California’s Big Sur coast or roll alongside Appalachian hills, all with your trusted travel companion. Jump in the car, turn up the tunes, and hit the road! is perfect for exploring the USA in the classic American way – by road trip! Since 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world’s leading travel media company with guidebooks to every destination, an…
Author(s): Lonely Planet , Simon Richmond, et al.

5. National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways, 5th Edition: The 300 Best Drives in the U.S. (2018)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionThe fifth and latest edition of National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways provides more than 300 possibilities for spectacular getaways in your local area and throughout the 50 states. Whether you’re looking for a short day trip close to home or a several-weeks-long vacation, you’ll find a host of ideas in this beautifully illustrated, detail-packed book, which celebrates America’s regional diversity, rich history, and jaw-dropping splendor. Suggested drives include Maine’s rocky coastline, the Southeast’s mystical swamplands, the Southwest’s striking red-rock plateaus, the West’s majestic mountains, and many more….
Author(s): National Geographic

6. Roadfood, 10th Edition: An Eater’s Guide to More Than 1,000 of the Best Local Hot Spots and Hidden Gems Across America (Roadfood: The Coast-To-Coast Guide to the Best Barbecue Join) (2017)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionFirst published in 1977, the original Roadfood became an instant classic. James Beard said, “This is a book that you should carry with you, no matter where you are going in these United States. It’s a treasure house of information.” The 40th anniversary edition of Roadfood includes 1,000 of America’s best local eateries along highways and back roads, with nearly 200 new listings, as well as a brand new design. Filled with enticing alternatives for chain-weary-travelers, Roadfood provides descriptions of and directions to (complete with regional maps) the best lobster shacks on the East Coast; the ultimate barbecue joints down…
Author(s): Jane Stern, Michael Stern

7. National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Atlas: Maps, Games, Activities, and More for Hours of Backseat Fun (2012)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionKeeping kids entertained while on a long drive can be a challenge, but the National Geographic Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Atlas can help. This book includes easy-to-read, simple road maps of each state and Washington, D.C., and a map of the United States. State symbols, cool things to do, boredom busters, fun facts, wacky roadside attractions, and games accompany the maps and provide engaging information with stunning photographs that will keep kids engaged for hours. In the back matter, a comprehensive index makes it easy for kids to look up names and places. To top it…
Author(s): Crispin Boyer

8. Would You Rather Challenge Game Vacation Edition: Fun Family Game For Kids, Teens and Adults, Funny Questions Perfect For Classrooms, Road Trips and Parties (2019)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionWould you rather always have to walk in wet socks or have your shoes too tight when sightseeing?Would you rather hold a snake on vacation or get kissed by a camel?Looking for a activity for kids and adults alike? This book is packed with some great Would You Rather… questions all about vacations! This book is the perfect companion to long car rides, restaurant wait time, parties and family holidays.This fun game is perfect for the entire family, young and old and is a great way to get some conversations started. Open this book today and you might learn something you didn’t know about someone!The challenge part of the game…
Author(s): Christopher Bassett

9. The Complete Civil War Road Trip Guide: More than 500 Sites from Gettysburg to Vicksburg (Second Edition) (2016)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionThe definitive guidebook for Civil War tourists, from the novice historian to the die-hard buff For those who can’t resist trying to see it all, this indispensable book contains information on and reviews of almost 450 historical sites across the United States related to the Civil War, including all 384 of the principal battlefields listed by the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission. Every entry includes an in-depth overview of the history of the battle and its importance to the war, the must-see places at each site, as well as lodging and other…
Author(s): Michael Weeks

10. Lonely Planet Civil War Trail Road Trips (Travel Guide) (2016)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionLonely Planet: The world’s leading travel guide publisher Whether exploring your own backyard or somewhere new, discover the freedom of the open road with Featuring& four amazing road trips, plus up-to-date advice on the destinations you’ll visit along the way, you can visit Civil War battlefields where it all took place and immerse yourself in the lively music culture of the South, all with your trusted travel companion. Jump in the car, turn up the tunes, and hit the road! is perfect for exploring the Civil War Trail in the classic American way – by road trip! Planning a Civil War trip sans a car? guide, our most comprehensive guide to…
Author(s): Lonely Planet, Amy C Balfour , et al.

11. The Best Coast: A Road Trip Atlas: Illustrated Adventures along the West Coast’s Historic Highways (2019)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionWhat better place for a road trip than the West Coast (the best coast, by any measure)? From San Diego, California, all the way up to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, you’ll find off-the-beaten-path adventures up and down the coast. This charming illustrated book features both the coastal route via historic Highways 101 and 1 (the PCH) and an inland route up Highway 99, highlighting the natural beauty along the shore while also connecting the traveler to major cities and other attractions. Includes side trips to destinations such as Catalina…
Author(s): Chandler O’Leary

12. Moon Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip: California, Oregon & Washington (Travel Guide) (2018)

 Best Road Trip Books Worth Your AttentionLooking to explore more of America on wheels? Try Moon California Road Trip or Moon Pacific Northwest Road Trip! Doing more than driving through? Check out Moon California, Moon Oregon, or Moon Washington….
Author(s): Ian Anderson

Best Road Trip Books Worth Your Attention

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some road trip books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Great American Road Trips: Hit the Road and Explore Our Nation's Beautiful Scenic Byways

Author(s): Country Magazine
ID: 2903860, Publisher: Trusted Media Brands, Year: 2021, Size: 123 Mb, Format: epub

Moon Oregon Trail Road Trip: Historic Sites, Small Towns, and Scenic Landscapes Along the Legendary Westward Route (Travel Guide)

Author(s): Katrina Emery
ID: 2565174, Publisher: Avalon Publishing, Year: 2020, Size: 27 Mb, Format: epub

Quick Recipes for a Road Trip - in a Jar: For your Outdoor Events, Jar Recipes are Your Safest Bets

Author(s): Archer, Ava
ID: 2752051, Publisher: , Year: 2020, Size: 17 Mb, Format: epub

Please note that this booklist is not definite. Some books are truly hot items according to Washington Post, others are written by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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