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Best Richard Laymon Books You Should Enjoy

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Richard Laymon books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

Blood Games (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyThey meet for one week every year, five young women, best friends since college, in search of fun and thrills. Each year they choose a different place for their reunion. This year it’s Helen’s choice, and she chose the Totem Pole Lodge. Bad choice.The Totem Pole Lodge is a deserted resort hotel deep in the woods with a gory, shocking past. Helen has a macabre streak and she can’t wait to tell her friends all about what happened at the lodge and why it’s now abandoned.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

The Woods Are Dark (2013)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyA group of deformed, Canibalistic, humanoid creatures live in the woods…as some unlucky travelers are about to find out.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Funland (2013)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyThe Funland Amusement Park provides more fear than fun these days. A vicious pack known as the Trolls are preying on anyone foolish enough to be alone at night. Folks in the area blame them for the recent mysterious disappearances, and a gang of local teenagers has decided to fight back. But nothing is ever what it seems in an amusement park. Behind the garish paint and bright lights waits a horror far worse than anything found in the freak show.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Body Rides (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyNeal has been carrying a gun in his car lately—just to be safe. And it looks like it’s a good thing he has. When he spots a woman tied naked to a tree and a man ready to kill her, he has no choice but to shoot the attacker. As a reward, the woman gives Neal something unimaginable.Neal’s reward is a bracelet. A very special bracelet. It enables its wearer to step inside other people, to see through their eyes, to feel whatever they feel. To take “body rides.” But Neal has a big problem.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Endless Night (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyJody is sleeping over at a friend’s when the killers break in. They slaughter the family but Jody escapes, killing a man on the way out. All rapist and murderer Simon Quist has to do now is dispose of the one eyewitness to the massacre. And he can’t wait to get his hands on Jodybut does he know her father is a cop?
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Island (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyWhen eight people go on a cruise in the Bahamas, they plan to swim, sunbathe and relax. Getting shipwrecked is definitely not in the script. But after the yacht blows up they’re stranded on a deserted island, and there’s a maniac on the loose.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Savage (2013)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyIf you’ve missed Laymon, you’ve missed a treat’ Stephen King. Whitechapel, November 1888: Jack the Ripper is committing his last known murder and beneath the bed on which he’s butchering his victim cowers a fifteen-year-old boy. So begin the adventures of Trevor Bentley: a boy who embarked on an errand of mercy and ended up on a quest for vengeance, a boy who will bring the horrors of the Ripper to the New World.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

No Sanctuary (2003)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyFrom Publishers Weekly Only three months after the posthumous release of Laymon’s Darkness, Tell Us and nine months after the publication of his Night in the Lonesome October comes another gripper. This one is a curiosity, because it reads like two novellas stuck together, and the two “novellas” read like sketches for the preceding two books.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

The Stake (1991)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyIn an abandoned hotel in a California ghost town, horror writer Larry and his friends make a chilling discovery. By chance they stumble across a naked woman in a coffin with a stake driven through her heart. Was she a vampire or the victim of a gruesome murder?
Author(s): Richard Laymon

The Cellar (2013)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyTourists flock to Beast House, but few ever return. Behind the cellar door lurks a creature of pure evil.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

The Traveling Vampire Show (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyWhen the one-night-only Traveling Vampire Show arrives in town, promising the only living vampire in captivity, beautiful Valeria, three local teenages venture where they do not belong, and discover much more than they bargained for.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

In the Dark (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyDonnerville librarian Jane Kerry receives an envelope containing a 50-dollar bill and a note instructing her to “look homeward, angel” and signed “MOG (Master of Games).” So begins The Game—pushing Jane into crazy, immoral, and criminal actions. When she tries to quit, MOG has other ideas.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

The Lake (2013)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyWhen a teenage girl is terrorized by a madman out for blood, could it have something to do with what happened to her mother so long ago at the abandoned house out on the lake?
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Darkness Tells Us (2014)

 Best Richard Laymon Books You Should EnjoyIt started as a game. Six college kids at a party. Then someone suggested they try the Ouija board. The board that Corie had hidden in the back of her closet and swore never to touch again. Not after what happened last time. Not after Jake’s death…They were only playing around, but the Ouija board worked, all right. Maybe too well.
Author(s): Richard Laymon

Best Richard Laymon Books You Should Enjoy

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One Rainy Night

Author(s): Richard Laymon
ID: 3202132, Publisher: Dark Lair Press, Year: 2012, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

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