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Best Books to Help You Learn React Native

In this post, we have prepared a curated top list of reading recommendations for beginners and experienced. This hand-picked list of the best React Native books and tutorials can help fill your brain this October and ensure you’re getting smarter. We have also mentioned the brief introduction of each book based on the relevant Amazon or Reddit descriptions.

1. Learning React Native (2016)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeGet a practical introduction to React Native, the JavaScript framework for writing and deploying fully featured mobile apps that look and feel native. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to build applications that target iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms instead of browsers. You’ll also discover how to access platform features such as the camera, user location, and local storage. With code examples and step-by-step instructions, author Bonnie Eisenman shows web developers and frontend engineers how to build…
Author(s): Bonnie Eisenman

2. React Native Blueprints (2017)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeConsidering the success of the React framework, Facebook recently introduced a new mobile development framework called React Native. With React Native’s game-changing approach to hybrid mobile development, you can build native mobile applications that are much more powerful, interactive, and faster by using JavaScript. This project-based guide takes you through eight projects to help you gain a sound understanding of the framework and helps you build mobile apps …
Author(s): Emilio Rodriguez Martinez

3. Learning React (2016)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeA hands-on guide to building maintainable, high-performing web application user interfaces using the React JavaScript library. As far as new web frameworks and libraries go, React is quite the runaway success. It not only deals with the most common problems developers face when building complex apps, it throws in a few additional tricks that make building the visuals for such apps much, much easier. What React isn’t, though, is beginner-friendly and approachable. Until now. In Learning React, author…
Author(s): Kirupa Chinnathambi

4. Mastering React Native (2017)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeReact Native has completely revolutionized mobile development by empowering JavaScript developers to build world-class mobile apps that run natively on mobile platforms. This book will show you how to apply JavaScript and other front-end skills to build cross-platform React Native applications for iOS and Android using a single codebase. This book will provide you with all the React Native building blocks necessary to become an expert. We’ll give you a brief explanation of the numerous …
Author(s): Eric Masiello, Jacob Friedmann

5. React: Up & Running (2016)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeHit the ground running with React, the open-source technology from Facebook for building rich web applications fast. With this practical guide, Facebook web developer Stoyan Stefanov teaches you how to build components–React’s basic building blocks–and organize them into maintainable, large-scale apps. If you’re familiar with basic JavaScript syntax, you’re ready to get started. Once you understand how React works, you’ll build a complete custom Whinepad app that helps users rate wines and keep notes. You’ll quickly learn why some…
Author(s): Stoyan Stefanov

6. React Native Cookbook (2016)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeReact has taken the web development world by storm, and it is only natural that the unique architecture and its ecosystem of third-party support be applied to native application development. This book will take you through the basics of React Native development all the way through to some more advanced components.This book covers topics in React Native ranging from adding basic UI components to successfully deploying for multiple target platforms.
Author(s): Stan Bershadskiy, Crysfel Villa

7. React Native – Building Mobile Apps (2017)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeYour go-to guide to creating truly native iOS and Android mobile applications using React and JavaScript.Build cross-platform best seller native mobile applications in JavaScript with React-Native framework.Learn about real world examples like Whatsapp, Instagram or Twitter.Learn all steps in React Native application development workflow from prototyping to deployment.Get familiar with various mobile APIs covered in React Native framework and learn how to extend…
Author(s): Vladimir Novick

8. React and React Native (2017)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeReact and React Native allow you to build cross-platform desktop and mobile applications using Facebook’s innovative UI libraries. Combined with the Flux data architecture and Relay, you can now create powerful and feature-complete applications from just one code base!This book is split into three parts. The first part shows you how to start crafting composable UIs using React, from rendering with JSX and creating reusable components through to routing and creating isomorphic applications…
Author(s): Adam Boduch

9. React Native Cookbook (2018)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeTackling an app development project on multiple platforms is no simple task. When time is in short supply and customers need access from the tap of a home screen, React Native can provide a lean development team with the tools needed to deliver a multi-platform native experience without juggling multiple programming languages and shifting code bases. React Native is an emerging technology and best practices are only beginning to bubble up.Fortunately, a growing user community—from tech giants such as Facebook, Yahoo…
Author(s): Jonathan Lebensold

10. React Native for iOS Development (2015)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeReact Native for iOS Development is your hands-on guide to developing native iOS apps with ease. React Native challenges the status quo of native iOS development with revolutionary components, asynchronous execution, unique methods for touch handling, and much more. React Native eliminates the need for Objective-C and instead uses the power of JavaScript and React to build excellent native apps.You will begin by understanding the path breaking concepts of React.js, which makes it distinctive. You will set up React Native and begin exploring the anatomy…
Author(s): Akshat Paul, Abhishek Nalwaya

11. Getting Started with React Native (2015)

Best Books to Help You Learn React NativeLearn to build modern native iOS and Android applications using JavaScript and the incredible power of React.This book is for web developers who want to learn to build fast, good-looking, native mobile applications using the skills they already have. If you already have some JavaScript knowledge or are using React on the web, then you will be able to quickly get up and running with React Native for iOS and Android.React Native is a game-changing approach to hybrid mobile development.
Author(s): Ethan Holmes, Tom Bray

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Looking for Courses? React Native Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript Get a practical introduction to React Native, the JavaScript framework for writing and deploying fully featured mobile apps that look and feel native. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to build applications that target React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Use a little—or a lot. You can use React Native today in your existing Android and iOS projects or you can create a whole new app from scratch. Written in About the book Programming React Native. In this book, we aim to build cross-platform mobile apps, for Android and iOS, using React Native. We’ll learn what it means to build a robust application architecture that will stay with you regardless of change in the tooling or ecosystem churn (i.e. by the time you finish your app, there might be new React Native by Example. Another great book on React Native, Richard Kho’s React Native by Example takes developers through three complete projects, each increasing in complexity and finesse. First, you will be walked through the process of putting together a simple to-do app. Second, you will learn how to create a chat client with Websockets React Native Books There is no way to learn something the easy way. You have to be patient. That applies for developers too. Personally, that’s why I like being a developer, because there will be always something new to learn.

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some React Native books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

React Native in Action

Author(s): Nader Dabit
Publisher: Manning Publications, Year: 2019, Size: 8 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2357278

React Native for Mobile Development: Harness the Power of React Native to Create Stunning iOS and Android Applications

Author(s): Akshat Paul, Abhishek Nalwaya
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2019, Size: 7 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2406606

React Native Cookbook: Bringing the Web to Native Platforms

Author(s): Jonathan Lebensold
Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Year: 2018, Size: 9 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2189220

React and React Native

Author(s): Adam Boduch
Publisher: Packt, Year: 2018, Size: 6 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2270707

Practical React Native: Build Two Full Projects and One Full Game using React Native

Author(s): Frank Zammetti
Publisher: Apress, Year: 2018, Size: 5 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2285820

React: Cross-Platform Application Development with React Native

Author(s): Emilio Rodriguez Martinez [Emilio Rodriguez Martinez]
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2018, Size: 1 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2289837

React and React Native - Second Edition

Author(s): Adam Boduch [Adam Boduch]
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2018, Size: 3 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2289842

Hands-On Design Patterns with React Native

Author(s): Mateusz Grzesiukiewicz [Mateusz Grzesiukiewicz]
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Year: 2018, Size: 3 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2289856

Cloud Native Go Building Web Applications and Microservices for the Cloud with Go and React

Author(s): Dan Nemeth, Kevin Hoffman
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional, Year: 2017, Size: 25 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1611799

Please note that this booklist is not absolute. Some books are absolutely record-breakers according to Los Angeles Times, others are written by unknown writers. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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