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Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate Collection

Our list of some of the best Property Investment books & series in recent years. Get inspired by one or more of the following books.

The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Intelligent Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing! (2015)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionIn The Book on Rental Property Investing, real estate investor and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast Brandon Turner has one goal in mind: to give you every strategy, tool, tip, and technique needed to become a millionaire rental property investor―while he…
Author(s): Brandon Turner

Build a Rental Property Empire: The no-nonsense book on finding deals, financing the right way, and managing wisely. (2016)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate Collection“I finally got a chance to purchase and read your book (Build a Rental Property Empire). It was easy to read and practical and pragmatic – and I liked it enough to give a copy to my son who is just starting out with his real estate investing and also to two of my investor clients as closing gifts.”-SharonLearn the best way to invest in rental properties in this 300 plus page book written by real estate investor Mark Ferguson (owns more than 100,000 sqft of rentals).
Author(s): Mark Ferguson, Lynda Pelissier

The Book on Managing Rental Properties: A Proven System for Finding, Screening, and Managing Tenants with Fewer Headaches and Maximum Profits (2015)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionNo matter how great you are at finding good rental property deals, you could lose everything if you don’t manage your properties correctly!But being a landlord doesn’t have to mean middle-of-the-night phone calls, costly evictions, or daily frustrations with ungrateful tenants. Being a landlord can actually be fun IF you do it right.
Author(s): Brandon Turner, Heather Turner

Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make It Big (2017)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionBrian Murray was not an investment pro when he bought his first commercial property. He was a teacher looking to build some side income. Armed with his passion for business and a lot of common sense, he developed a simple yet highly effective approach to investing that he still uses today at his multimillion-dollar real estate company.
Author(s): Brian H Murray

The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down: Real Life Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Using Other People’s Money (2014)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionNEW AUDIOBOOK with the author as the narrator.Is your lack of cash holding you back from your real estate dreams?Don’t let the contents of your wallet define your future. Discover the real-life strategies that smart investors are using in today’s market to invest in real estate with creativity!
Author(s): Brandon Turner

Real Estate Investing For Dummies (2015)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionDo you want to get involved in real estate investing, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Real Estate Investing For Dummies is your go-to resource for making sense of the subject, offering plain-English, step-by-step explanations of everything you need to know to keep yourself one step ahead of the competition.
Author(s): Eric Tyson, Robert S. Griswold

Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners: Buy Low, Rent High (2018)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionDo you have a dream of being a wealthy real estate investor but absolutely don’t want to be a stressed out landlord dealing with an array of bad tenants, repair calls in the middle of the night, and empty units?What if I told you rental property investing can be easy, stress free, and effortless?What if you could purchase a rental property for less than the cost of a souped-up Lexus?What if financial freedom was only 2…
Author(s): Lisa Phillips

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat: The BRRRR Rental Property Investment Strategy Made Simple (2019)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionOver 30,000 units sold of David Greene’s first bestseller, Long-Distance Real Estate Investing! Invest in real estate and never run out of money―using the hottest strategy in the real estate world! For years, investors have built wealth through real estate the hard way: saving money slowly and sacrificing their current happiness for a future reward.
Author(s): David M Greene

How to Invest in Real Estate: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started (2018)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionIt’s time to stop just thinking, talking, or dreaming about the future real estate investing can give you. It’s time to start doing And this book will show you exactly where to start! “How to Invest in Real Estate will catapult you 5-10 years ahead of where you are now. The content-rich chapters and corresponding stories of real estate investors give you guidance from the top real estate pros.
Author(s): Brandon Turner, Joshua Dorkin

Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing: The Blueprint To Quitting Your Job With Real Estate – Even Without Experience Or Cash (2018)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate Collection“Michael has written a must-read book for anyone who wants to quit their job with real estate investing.
Author(s): Michael Blank

Real Estate Investing Gone Bad: 21 true stories of what NOT to do when investing in real estate and flipping houses (2016)

 Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate CollectionDiscover 21 true stories of real estate investing deals that went terribly wrong and the lessons you can learn from them. The cost of these “deals gone bad” total millions of dollars in losses, years of unproductive activity and incalculable emotional stress. However, you’ll obtain the enormous benefits of the powerful and profitable learning lessons from these 21 mishaps without the costs!
Author(s): Phil Pustejovsky

Best Property Investment Books: The Ultimate Collection

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some property investment books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

The Good Retirement Guide 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Health, Property, Investment, Leisure, Work, Pensions and Tax

Author(s): Jonquil Lowe (editor)
ID: 3596836, Publisher: Kogan Page, Year: 2023, Size: 3 Mb, Format: pdf

Making the World Safe for Investment: The Protection of Foreign Property 1922–1959

Author(s): Andrea Leiter
ID: 3678150, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2023, Size: 1 Mb, Format: pdf

The Cambridge Handbook of Investment-Driven Intellectual Property

Author(s): Enrico Bonadio, Patrick Goold
ID: 3684470, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2023, Size: 3 Mb, Format: pdf

Please note that this booklist is not errorless. Some books are really hot items according to Washington Post, others are written by unknown writers. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant resources you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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