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Best Piano Method Books to Master Your Skills

Below I’ll give you my selections for the best Piano Method books by a few categories. I will cover these and other great books more in depth later.

1. Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method (2015)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your Skills(Piano Instruction). The Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide designed for anyone interested in playing jazz piano from the complete novice just learning the basics to the more advanced player who wishes to enhance their keyboard vocabulary. There are lots of fun progressions and licks for you to play and absorb. The accompanying audio includes demonstrations of all the examples in the book. Topics include essential theory, chords and voicings, improvisation ideas, structure and forms, scales and modes, rhythm basics, interpreting a lead sheet, playing solos, and much more!…
Author(s): Mark Davis

2. Elementary Method for the Piano, Op. 101 (Alfred Masterwork Edition) (2015)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsVorschule Im Klavierspiel, Op. 101, by Ferdinand Beyer (1803–1863) was first published in 1860. Since that time, it has been used by piano students throughout the world, especially in Asian countries. When compared with piano methods written in the 20th and 21st centuries, it appears more like a technique book than a piano method. This edition has been edited to be useful for today’s piano students, either as a method (with teacher guidance) or as a supplementary book….
Author(s): Ferdinand Beyer, Gayle Kowalchyk, et al.

3. Piano Adventures: A Basic Piano Method, Level 3A (1998)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsSave BIG when you buy today!. Level 3A introduces 3/8 and 6/8 time signatures and the triplet. Students learn the chromatic scale, the 7th, one-octave arpeggios, and explore the key of D major. Contents include: Amazing Grace · Campbells are Coming · Cool Walkin’ Bass · Cossak Ride · Echoes of the Harp · Eine Kleine Nachtmusik · Ice Dancing · Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho · Land of the Silver Birch · Looking-Glass River · Lunar Eclipse · March Slav · and more….
Author(s): Nancy Faber, Randall Faber

4. Adult Piano Method – Book 1: Lessons, Solos, Technique, & Theory (Student Piano Library) (2005)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your Skills(Educational Piano Library). The Hal Leonard Student Piano Library’s Adult Piano Method takes an all-in-one approach by combining lessons, solos, technique, and theory into a single volume. The authors have taken a logical step-by-step approach, always keeping the adult learning process in mind. The book is well-paced, moving quickly but comfortably through new concepts and material. Beginning adult students will find this book challenging enough to be interesting, yet easy enough to experience a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Richly orchestrated accompaniments are available online for…
Author(s): Fred Kern , Barbara Kreader , et al.

5. Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method – Book 2: The Player’s Guide to Authentic Stylings (2019)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your Skills(Piano Instruction). The Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method Book 2 is a detailed, easy-to-use guide for anyone interested in furthering their jazz piano skills. There are many harmonic concepts, useful licks, and comping techniques for you to absorb. The accompanying audio includes demonstrations of all the examples in the book. Includes: harmonic exercises; melodic vocabulary; chord progressions and substitutions; melodic minor scale theory; locked-hands style; drop-two voicings; stride; walking bass lines; Latin styles; modern sounds; and much more!…
Author(s): Mark Davis

6. Practical Method for Beginners, Op. 599: Schirmer Library of Classics Volume 146 Piano Technique (1986)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsPractical Method for Beginners on the Pianoforte , Op. 599:…
Author(s): Giuseppe Buonamici, Carl Czerny

7. WunderKeys Intermediate Pop Studies For Piano 1: A Pop-Infused Lesson Companion To Reinforce Scales, Chords, Triads, And Left-Hand Patterns (2019)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your Skillsis jam-packed with pop-infused piano studies. Get ready for a cool workout in the keys of C Major, A Minor, G Major, E Minor, F Major, and D Minor as your students turn technical exercises into powerful pop music.As piano students get older, traditional method books become less and less appealing. Teenagers are eager to skip skill-building exercises to get to the music. After all, technical exercises rarely appeal to the musical tastes of teens. But skipping over scale practice, rhythm work, improvisation, and sight reading hampers their musical development, slows their progress and, ultimately, leaves…
Author(s): Andrea Dow, Trevor Dow

8. Piano For Kids: Teach complete beginners how to play instantly with the Musicolor Method – for preschoolers, grade schoolers and beyond! (Musicolor Method Piano Songbook) (2018)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsWHY EVERY PARENT & MUSIC TEACHER SHOULD USE THIS SONGBOOK!In numerous studies, music education has been scientifically proven to provide benefits to brain development for all children. Learning to make music provides an excellent path for personal development. Plus it is joyful. But learning has not always been easy. Traditional methods start with abstract symbols and concepts. The author began searching for a simpler, more intuitive way to teach music to his then three-year-old son. In his search, he began combining ideas from the worlds of design, early childhood education, film scoring and even storytelling. Thus, the…
Author(s): Andrew Ingkavet

9. David Carr Glover Method for Piano Lessons: Primer (1988)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsA sound approach to learning the piano, with emphasis on reading music through interval and note recognition, clapping, singing and counting aloud for proper rhythmical performance, and on sight reading and ear training. Includes full-color illustrations….
Author(s): David Carr Glover, Jay Stewart

10. Treblemakers Piano Method: Book 1: Primer through Level 1 (Volume 1) (2017)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsA guided beginning to teaching music for parents and music instructors looking for a better way of teaching students to read music and understand music theory. The book begins with the first lesson, which introduces and leads teacher and student to basic piano concepts and the process of reading and playing music right away. Taking advantage of game theory and research into brain science, The Treblemakers Piano Method is designed to make learning easy and fun. 62-page, full color book with over 40 songs introduces the piano and note-reading in a clear and simple way then…
Author(s): Suzan Stroud

11. Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults Book: with Online Video & Audio Access (2018)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsThe Beginner Piano Lessons for Adults Book with Online Video & Audio Access by Lee Davis is designed to guide the beginner through learning how to play piano or keyboard. This beginning piano book teaches the absolute basics like proper technique and hand positions, scales, chords, note reading, and more. All music is written in standard music notation with fingerings and is fully explained. After covering the essentials, the course then moves on to the songbook section where the student will learn how to play basic and more advanced arrangements of 10 different songs. The…
Author(s): Lee Davis

12. Piano Book for Adult Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Famous Piano Songs, Read Music, Theory & Technique (Book & Streaming Video Lessons) (2017)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsPiano Professor, Damon Ferrante guides you through how to play the piano with step-by-step lessons for beginners and 20 streaming video lessons.This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of piano students and teachers, is designed to be interactive, engaging and fun. The lessons will greatly expand your repertoire of beloved piano songs and improve your piano technique, creativity, and understanding of music. Whether you are teaching yourself piano or learning with a music instructor, this book and streaming video course will take your piano playing to a whole new level!Ask yourself this:1. Have you always wanted to…
Author(s): Damon Ferrante

13. Faber Piano Adventures Primer Level Learning Library Pack – Lesson, Theory, Performance, and Technique & Artistry Books ()

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsThe Primer Level introduces the keyboard, note values, and the grand staff. Students play in Middle C Position and C Position through recognition of steps and skips, and learn letter names independent of finger number. Musicianship is built through the use of dynamics and coloristic experimentation with the pedal….
Author(s): More Buying Choices
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14. Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course: Adult All-in-One Course Books Set (3 Books) – Level 1, 2, 3 (2018)

Best Piano Method Books to Master Your SkillsAlfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course is designed for use with an instructor for the beginning student looking for a truly complete piano course. It is a greatly expanded version of Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course that will include lesson, theory, and technique in a convenient, “all-in-one” format. This Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course: Adult All-in-One Course Books Set includes 3 Books: 1. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, Level 1 9780882848181 2. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, Level 2 9780882849959 3. Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, Level 3 9780739000687…
Author(s): Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, et al.

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We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some piano method books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Fundamentals of Piano Technique - The Russian Method

Author(s): Olga Conus, Leon Conus; James McKeever,‎ Susan McKeever (eds.)
Publisher: Hal Leonard, Year: 2016, Size: 16 Mb, Download: mobi
ID: 2187136

Piano Tuning: a Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs

Author(s): J. Cree Fischer
Publisher: Dover Publications, Year: 2014, Size: 1 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2163672

Learning the Code. A Method for Piano Study

Author(s): James L. King III
Publisher: James L. King III, Year: 2003, Size: 6 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1688315

Jazz Piano - Level 1: The Complete Method Level 1

Author(s): Hal Leonard Corp.
Publisher: Hal Leonard in Association with ABRSM Publishing, Year: 2002, Size: 2 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1102664

Suzuki Violin School, Piano Accompaniments, Vol. 4

Author(s): Shinichi Suzuki
Publisher: Suzuki Method International, Year: 1995, Size: 2 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 813447

The Key To Music Making: Part 2. Piano Method For Beginners: A Comprehensive Approach

Author(s): Faina Bryanskaya
Publisher: , Year: 1989, Size: 2 Mb, Download: djvu
ID: 2319125

The Key To Music Making: Part 3. Piano Method For Beginners. A comprehensive approach

Author(s): Faina Bryanskaya
Publisher: White Lilac Press, Year: 1989, Size: 2 Mb, Download: djvu
ID: 2319126

The Key To Music Making, Part 1: Piano Method For Beginners: For Ages Five And Up

Author(s): Faina Bryansky
Publisher: , Year: 1988, Size: 1 Mb, Download: djvu
ID: 2319124

The John Brimhall piano method

Author(s): John Brimhall
Publisher: C. Hansen Music & Books , Year: 1970-72, Size: 2 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 909164

Please note that this booklist is not errorless. Some books are really record-breakers according to The Wall Street Journal, others are composed by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant books you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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