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Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook You

Looking for the best Nihilism books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

Nihilism (MIT Press Essential Knowledge series) (2019)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouWhen someone is labeled a nihilist, it’s not usually meant as a compliment. Most of us associate nihilism with destructiveness and violence. Nihilism means, literally, “an ideology of nothing. “ Is nihilism, then, believing in nothing? Or is it the belief that life is nothing? Or the belief that the beliefs we have amount to nothing? If we can learn to recognize the many varieties of nihilism, Nolen Gertz writes, then we can learn to distinguish what is meaningful from what is meaningless.
Author(s): Nolen Gertz

Nihilism: A Philosophy Based In Nothingness And Eternity (2016)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouMost people see the world in binary categories. They believe that there is either an inherent moral good that we must all obey, or there are no rules and life is pointless anarchy. Nihilism argues for a middle path: we lack inherent order, but are defined by our choices, which means that we must start making smarter choices by understanding the reality in which we live more than the human social reality which we have used to replace it in our minds.
Author(s): Brett Stevens

Beyond Good and Evil (2018)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouBeyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future is a book by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, first published in 1886. It draws on and expands the ideas of his previous work, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, but with a more critical and polemical approach. In Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche accuses past philosophers of lacking critical sense and blindly accepting dogmatic premises in their consideration of morality.
Author(s): Friedrich Nietzsche

Ontological Terror: Blackness, Nihilism, and Emancipation (2018)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouIn Ontological Terror Calvin L. Warren intervenes in Afro-pessimism, Heideggerian metaphysics, and black humanist philosophy by positing that the "Negro question" is intimately imbricated with questions of Being. Warren uses the figure of the antebellum free black as a philosophical paradigm for thinking through the tensions between blackness and Being.
Author(s): Calvin L. Warren

Nothing & Everything: How to stop fearing nihilism and embrace the void (2017)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouHelloWe’ve been told many things. That there is an objective morality to make our actions right and wrong. That there is an objective reason to make our statements true and false. That there is an objective reality to make our experiences real and unreal.
Author(s): Val N. Tine

The Way of Men (2012)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouWhat is masculinity? Ask ten men and you’ll get ten vague, conflicting answers. Unlike any book of its kind, The Way of Men offers a simple, straightforward answer-without getting bogged down in religion, morality, or politics. It’s a guide for understanding who men have been and the challenges men face today. The Way of Men captures the silent, stifling rage of men everywhere who find themselves at odds with the over-regulated, over-civilized, politically correct modern world.
Author(s): Jack Donovan

Nihilism and Technology (2018)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouHeidegger, Marcuse, and Ellul warned against the rise of a technological mass culture. Philosophy of technology has since turned away from such dystopic views, promoting instead the view that we shape technologies just as technologies shape us. Yet the rise of Big Data has exceeded our worst fears about Big Brother, leading us to again question whether technologies are empowering us or enslaving us.
Author(s): Nolen Gertz

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way (2014)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouIn this inspiring and humorous book, John C. Parkin suggests that saying F**k It is the perfect Western expression of the Eastern spiritual ideas of letting go, giving up, and finding real freedom by realizing that things don’t matter so much (if at all). It’s a spiritual way that doesn’t require chanting, meditating, or wearing sandals.
Author(s): John C. Parkin

Laughing at Nothing: Humor as a Response to Nihilism (2003)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouExplores the concept of nihilism and argues that it need not imply despair, but can be responded to positively.Disputing the common misconception that nihilism is wholly negative and necessarily damaging to the human spirit, John Marmysz offers a clear and complete definition to argue that it is compatible, and indeed preferably responded to, with an attitude of good humor.
Author(s): John Marmysz


 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouA continuation and finalization of the author’s prior writings in “An Existential Meta-Ethics” arguing that nihilism is a sound and the only existential morality in Technological Society. In these essays, the author argues a nihilist epistemology and ontology including a contemplation of the nihilist God.
Author(s): Valeriano Diviacchi

Optimistic Nihilism: A Psychologist’s Personal Story & (Biased) Professional Appraisal of Shedding Religion (2016)

 Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook YouThrough surprisingly good storytelling, David “Don’t Call Me Doctor” Landers takes us on a captivating spiritual adventure as he walks us through his personal evolution from dedicated Christian to devout atheist. But much more than autobiography, his story is woven with provocative psychological and philosophical commentary, including input from the likes of Lucretius, Freud, and the metal band Napalm Death.
Author(s): Landers Ph.D., David

Best Nihilism Books That Will Hook You

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Beyond Nihilism: The Turn in Heidegger’s Thought from Nietzsche to Hölderlin

Author(s): Dominic Kelly
ID: 3540241, Publisher: Bloomsbury, Year: 2022, Size: 1 Mb, Format: pdf

A Defence of Nihilism

Author(s): James Tartaglia, Tracy Llanera
ID: 2928997, Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2021, Size: 1 Mb, Format: pdf

Nikolai Chernyshevskii and Ayn Rand: Russian Nihilism Travels to America

Author(s): Aaron Weinacht
ID: 3195559, Publisher: Lexington Books, Year: 2021, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

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