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Best Neuro Icu Books You Should Read

Looking for the best Neuro Icu books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

Mayo Clinic Critical and Neurocritical Care Board Review (Mayo Clinic Scientific Press) (2019)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadMayo Clinic Critical and Neurocritical Care Board Review is an all-inclusive review of the pathophysiology and care of the neurocritically ill and critically ill patient. The book reviews the core major critical care and neurocritical care disorders, underlying pathophysiology, treatment decisions with questions and answers for self-directed study and board review purposes.
Author(s): Eelco F.M. Wijdicks, William D. Freeman, et al.

The NeuroICU Board Review (2017)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadThe best Q&A, the best clinical cases, the best review for neurocritical care board certification!The NeuroICU Board Review offers the ultimate preparation for neurocritical care board certification.
Author(s): Saef Izzy, David P. Lerner, et al.

Clinical Neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple (2014)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadExcellent USMLE Board Review. This now-classic text (approaching 500,000 copies sold) presents the most relevant points while traversing the daunting waters of clinical neuroanatomy with mnemonics, humor, illustrations and case presentations.
Author(s): Stephen Goldberg M.D

Neurocritical Care (What Do I Do Now) (2016)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadPatients in the neurointensive care unit pose many clinical challenges for the attending physician. Even experienced clinicians occasionally arrive at the point where diagnostic, work-up, treatment, or prognostic thinking becomes stymied.
Author(s): Eelco FM Wijdicks, Alejandro A. Rabinstein, et al.

The NeuroICU Book (2012)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadThe goal of neurological critical care is to rapidly deliver acute medical therapies and appropriate interventions through effective monitoring of both neurological and end organ function. The NeuroICU Book puts that goal within the reach of every neurologist and critical care specialist.
Author(s): Kiwon Lee

Fast Facts About Neurocritical Care: What Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Need to Know (2018)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should Read“This practical and common-sense approach is an excellent companion to the care you provide to your patient.” — Grace H. BryanPresident, Association of Neurosurgical Physician Assistants[From the Foreword]This pocket-sized guide distills complicated neurological conditions to deliver the essentials of best care for the neurocritical patient.
Author(s): McLaughlin DNP AGACNP-BC, Diane C.

Neurocritical Care (Pittsburgh Critical Care Medicine) (2018)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadIn recent years, neurocritical care has grown and matured as a subspecialty of Critical Care Medicine with the advent of new monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic capabilities. The goal of neurocritical care is to rapidly deliver acute medical therapies and appropriate interventions through effective monitoring of both neurological and end organ function.
Author(s): Lori Shutter, Bradley Molyneaux, et al.

Neurocritical Care Pharmacotherapy: A Clinician’s Manual (2018)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadNeurocritical Care Pharmacotherapy: A Clinican’s Guide is a practical, succinct but comprehensive pharmacy handbook provides up-to-date clinical guidance on the effective selection, prescription, and usage of neurocritical care drugs for patients with acute neurologic illnesses.
Author(s): Eelco F.M. Wijdicks, Sarah L. Clark

Neurocritical Care Practice Questions, Includes Digital eBook Access (2018)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadUpdated and expanded, the second edition of Neurocritical Care Board Review contains multiple-choice questions that cover the breadth of topics tested on the neurocritical care boards with answers and rationales for self-study.
Author(s): Zakaria MD, Asma, Tahsili-Fahadan MD, Pouya

RN Expert Guides: Neurologic Care (RN Expert Guide Series) (2007)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadThis quick-reference handbook presents the principles and practices of neurologic care in a clear, concise, easy-to-follow bulleted format enhanced by abundant illustrations and tables. Coverage begins with anatomy and physiology, assessment, diagnostic test results, and specific treatments. Subsequent chapters cover congenital disorders, paroxysmal disorders, brain and spinal cord disorders, neuromuscular disorders, peripheral nerve and pain disorders, and emergencies and complications.
Author(s): Springhouse

Decision Making in Neurocritical Care (2009)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadA concise guide to evidence-based approaches in neurocritical careFrom important aspects of the physical examination to imaging studies to treatment options and dosage guidelines, Decision Making in Neurocritical Care provides a solid introduction to the evidence-based management of patients in the neurological intensive care unit.
Author(s): Jennifer A Frontera

Handbook of Neuroscience Nursing: Care of the Adult Neurosurgical Patient (2018)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should ReadWritten by advanced practice nurses in collaboration with physician experts from one of the world’s most renowned neurosurgical institutions, this is the first point-of-care book designed to enhance patient care at the bedside.
Author(s): Denita Ryan

Fast Facts for Stroke Care Nursing: An Expert Guide in a Nutshell (2014)

 Best Neuro Icu Books You Should Read“[P]rovides a succinct yet comprehensive review of the evolution of stroke patient management. The text starts with a brief overview of the anatomy and physiology, tying it to the types of strokes, the assessment, and diagnostic tools. Acute measures and prevention of secondary injury are outlined and lead us to review the potential complications and finally the rehabilitation and patient/family education.
Author(s): Morrison MSN RN CNRN SCRN, Kathy

Best Neuro Icu Books You Should Read

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The Acute Neurology Survival Guide: A Practical Resource for Inpatient and ICU Neurology

Author(s): Catherine S.W. Albin (editor), Sahar F. Zafar (editor)
ID: 3293808, Publisher: Springer, Year: 2022, Size: 28 Mb, Format: pdf

The Acute Neurology Survival Guide-A Practical Resource for Inpatient and ICU Neurology

Author(s): Catherine S. W. Albin; Sahar F. Zafar
ID: 3294438, Publisher: , Year: 2022, Size: 21 Mb, Format: pdf

Neuro ICU Procedure Atlas

Author(s): Jack I. Jallo, David F. Slottje
ID: 2900671, Publisher: Thieme, Year: 2021, Size: 6 Mb, Format: pdf

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