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Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate Collection

Looking for the best Motorcycle Club books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

Lock & Key (2014)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionMy bitter past ruled my life. I was running on empty and didn’t give a damn. I wasn’t interested in redemption. Definitely not love.Until now. Sixteen years ago I barely survived my husband’s murder, and I promised myself that never again would I surrender my heart. I ran away from our hometown in South Dakota and never looked back. I wasn’t interested in second chances. I didn’t deserve any.But that all changed in one night.Forced to return home, I crashed into Lock, a brooding, sexy stranger.
Author(s): Cat Porter

Iron Order Motorcycle Club: The year that changed the motorcycle club scene (2018)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionThis book will look at the impact started in 2004 until now and sure to draw the ire of the members of the club. Expect many negative reviews from members of those in Iron Order. Iron Order M/C has been the subject of multiple confrontations with well established motorcycle clubs and is seen as starting the “Pop-Up Club” phenomenon.Before the Iron Order M/C, it was unheard of accepting Active or Retire Law Enforcement into a civilian motorcycle club.
Author(s): Mr James Macecari

Prospect’s Bible: “How to Prospect for a Traditional, Law Abiding Motorcycle Club (Motorcycle Club Bible) (Volume 1) (2014)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionDo you have what it takes to earn the full patch brotherhood of a Mighty Motorcycle Club Nation? Can you adhere to the strict codes, protocol, customs, discipline and traditions of the MC that are not obvious to casual observers and are not readily shared with strangers? Can you ride in the harsh elements side by side with your brothers, sleeping under the stars and loving the life of two-wheeled iron obsession?
Author(s): Bunch II, Mr. John E.

Axel (Ride Series) (2017)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionMore than a year ago, Sophie disappeared without a trace. When she turns up again, she’s a different woman with one big secret and Axel will stop at nothing to make her his. Sophie was once afraid of the world. In her time away she’s learned a hell of a lot except to rely on anyone other than herself. When Axel comes careening back into her life he demands just that and so much more. He won’t take no for an answer.
Author(s): Megan O’Brien

Uncover Me: Men of Inked, Book 4 (2015)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionI lost track of my life. Spiraling down the rabbit hole, I lost myself and became one of them. Living undercover within the MC, the days bled together as I became absorbed in a life of excess and violence. Becoming consumed was easy. Now there's a darkness that has settled deep in my soul, fusing with my heart and altering my reality forever. The road I've traveled has been paved with danger, death, and deception. Roxanne grew up as part of the MC, a victim of her birth.
Author(s): Chelle Bliss

Animal’s Reformation: Insurgents Motorcycle Club (Insurgents MC Romance) (2019)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionYears ago, he made a stupid mistake with a woman he barely knew, but he pays the child support every month and sends cards and presents to his out-of-state daughter on her birthday and on holidays. He doesn’t want a steady woman, and he certainly isn’t ready to settle down and have a family. Life is just too good now, and there are always so many women who want to come and play with this rugged biker.
Author(s): Chiah Wilder, Lisa Cullinan

Wicked Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance (Outlaw Love) (2014)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionEmma Galena thinks moonlighting as a medic for the Prairie Devils MC is tough, and then she meets Tank. No job is supposed to be this hard, this dangerous, this insane. Neither is her attraction to the tattooed giant who upends everything.John “Tank” Richmond has taken more beatings than anybody for his club. Bullets, knives, and brawls were never half as painful as the dagger Emma twists in his heart.
Author(s): Nicole Snow

Savage Angel: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Rough Jesters MC) (2019)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionFate may have given us a second chance together. But I don’t think I can ever forgive him for breaking my heart.Rex Harper had been my saving grace once upon a time, when I was very much just an innocent, naive girl who needed a savior.
Author(s): Brook Wilder

Savage Protector (Outlaw Justice Trilogy) (2019)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionWhat can I say? His piercing blue eyes not only see right through me, they promise the kind of night that will leave a mark.Finding the perfect stranger on the second worst day of my life might be crazy, but I had no where else to go. The moment I ran from my fake fairy tale life, I left everything behind. Except the danger. My world is soaked in it.
Author(s): E.M. Gayle

Joker (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club) (2019)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionHe’s a badass biker and single dad. She’s a straight-laced teacher on the rebound. Their explosive attraction crosses every line.Joker – There are two things in my life I’ll protect above all else. My son Toby, and my club. I thought they were all I ever needed. Then, I saw Tara, my son’s new teacher. She’s sweet, innocent, and untouchable for a guy like me. I knew I should keep my distance. Keep things professional.
Author(s): Jayne Blue

Broken Beauty: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Rough Jesters MC) (2019)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionFor six months, I was captive to a monster who nearly broke me.Now, I’m afraid that I’m trading one prison for another.Six months ago, I was abducted and made the personal prisoner of a monster who did everything he could to break me.I nearly gave up all thought of being rescued.Until Ironsides found me again–barely alive and clinging to the edge of my sanity.But little did I know, my ordeals have only just begun…
Author(s): Brook Wilder

Slow Burn: Lost Kings MC, Book 1 (Volume 1) (2014)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate Collection   President of the Lost Kings MC, Rochlan "Rock" North, hasn't managed to find a woman capable of making him want to curb his wild ways–until he meets sweet, innocent, married lawyer Hope Kendall. Forced to represent the outlaw biker, Hope is rattled by her immediate attraction to Rock. Hope is a good girl in a good marriage.
Author(s): Autumn Jones Lake

Reaper’s Property (Reapers Motorcycle Club) (Volume 1) (2016)

 Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate CollectionMarie doesn’t need a complication like Horse. The massive, tattooed badass biker who shows up at her brother’s house one afternoon doesn’t agree. He wants Marie on his bike and in his bed. Now. But Marie just left her abusive jerk of an ex-husband and she’s not looking for a new man. Especially one like Horse. She doesn’t know his real name or where he lives.
Author(s): Joanna Wylde

Best Motorcycle Club Books: The Ultimate Collection

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The one percenter encyclopedia: the world of outlaw motorcycle clubs from abyss ghosts to zombies elite

Author(s): Hayes, Bill
ID: 2706175, Publisher: MBI;Motorbooks, Year: 2018;2011, Size: 27 Mb, Format: epub

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and Street Gangs

Author(s): Tereza Kuldova, Martín Sánchez-Jankowski
ID: 2250719, Publisher: Springer International Publishing;Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2018, Size: 4 Mb, Format: pdf

Hard Road: Bernie Guindon and the Reign of the Satan’s Choice Motorcycle Club

Author(s): Peter Edwards
ID: 1682842, Publisher: Random House Canada, Year: 2017, Size: 27 Mb, Format: epub

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