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Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Modern Thriller books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

1. Deputy in the Crosshairs (A Henry Biggston Thriller) (2019)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfHe’s been trained to take out his enemies. But is he skilled enough to bring down a cop-killer? Henry “Biggs” Biggston has struggled to find his place in civilian life. The ex-Army Ranger is relieved when he’s offered work as a small-town deputy sheriff with guns and rules he knows far too well. But Biggs barely has time to ease into the job before he’s tasked with catching the man who paralyzed one deputy and killed the other…With his colleagues giving him an outsider welcome, Biggs must shake off his emotions and stay one step ahead of a killer. And when his pursuit of the truth goes against popular opinion, he…
Author(s): Jamie McFarlane

2. Necroscope: The Touch (2007)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfMalevolent aliens, the Mordri Three decide to become so evil that God himself will have to stop them. They can alter flesh with a simple touch, literally turning people inside out or seeding them with cancer. The Three have already destroyed an entire solar system and most of their own race. Their next targets: mankind and Earth! On Earth, Scott St. John is mourning his beloved wife when he is struck by a golden arrow of light―a fragment of the soul of Harry Keogh, the original Necroscope―and gains powers he does not understand. A mysterious, beautiful woman appears, desperately trying to warn…
Author(s): Brian Lumley

3. The Little Girl and the Cigarette (2011)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIn the over-legislated world of this outrageous black comedy, a death-row inmate becomes a darling of the media– and the tobacco conglomerates–after he demands his right to a final cigarette . . . in a smoke-free prison. Meanwhile, a little girl accuses a petty municipal bureaucrat of sexual perversion when she catches him sneaking a cigarette. Incredulously, he realizes that in this world where children are not just kings, but tyrants, a cigarette could lead him to the electric chair.At the cutting edge of European fiction, controversial author…
Author(s): Benoit Duteurtre, Charlotte Mandell

4. The Betrayers (2005)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfNick Cutter–starting with nothing–crosses oceans and continents as he conquers the world’s gambling and liquor markets, only to risk everything for the love of a woman.Luz had nightheat, the sensuous quality in a woman that makes men ache with desire. Nick loved and lusted for her the first time he saw her. But what he didn’t know was that Luz had secrets–that beneath the glamour and sex appeal was a woman determined to turn her back on wealth and challenge a corrupt political system. Even if it meant her life. Nick started out dirt poor–as a child, he survived the war-torn frozen hell of the Siege of Leningrad and…
Author(s): Harold Robbins, Junius Podrug

5. Contra el viento del norte / Love Virtually (Spanish Edition) (2013)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfEn la vida diaria¿hay lugar más seguro para los deseos secretos que el mundo virtual? Leo Leike recibe mensajes por error de una desconocida llamada Emmi. Como es educado, le contesta y como él la atrae, ella escribe de nuevo. Así, poco a poco, se entabla un diálogo en el que no hay marcha atrás. Parece solo una cuestión de tiempo que se conozcan en persona, pero la idea los altera tan profundamente que prefieren posponer el encuentro.¿Sobrevivirían las emociones enviadas, recibidas y guardadas un encuentro «real»? It begins by chance: Leo receives an email from…
Author(s): Daniel Glattauer

6. Roe’s Decisions: The Lost Soul of John Bennett (2008)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfFor Prosecuting Attorney Roe Wilson, life in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, means managing and balancing a professional career along with maintaining the everyday rising struggles as a strong, single Christian woman in a chaotic world of lost and forgotten souls. Working alongside her partner, Alex Carter, they’re assigned to their first case. That’s when all hell breaks loose! John Bennett is known as a quick-tempered, ill-mannered, manic-depressive individual who was arrested for the heinous murders of seven women. Evil and sin challenges Roe to seek…
Author(s): Carol L. Caudle

7. Just Before Sunrise (1997)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfCarla Neggers’ sizzling novels are loved for their deliciously funny dialogue, electrifying suspense, and heart-stopping romance. Here, the New York Times bestselling author presents a fast-paced, scintillating tale of love, art, and danger…. Annie Payne realizes her dream when she moves to San Francisco and opens an art gallery. But when she accepts a secret commission to bid for a painting going on the auction block, she finds herself thrown into a haunting swirl of events linked to a five-year-old unsolved murder. Who is this secret client? Marina owner Garvin MacCrae was determined to have the…
Author(s): Carla Neggers

8. The Awake in the Dark Series – Books 1-3 (The Awake in the Dark Series Box Set) (2015)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfA 27 year old slacker has seizures during which he may or may not be astral projecting. What he learns might have the power to change the world.One second JEFF GROBNAGGER is standing in line at the grocery store, and the next he’s in an alley where a hooded figure strangles him to death. So that sucks. This happens over and over again, every time Grobnagger has a seizure. Alley. Choking. Death. Repeat. What for? Why would anyone want to kill him repeatedly? Is it just a recurring seizure dream? When a sniper’s bullet shatters his apartment window, he realizes two things: he’s in serious danger, and there’s no way he’s getting his security…
Author(s): Tim McBain, L.T. Vargus

9. Heart of Darkness & Selections from The Congo Diary (1999)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIntroduction by Caryl PhillipsCommentary by H. L. Mencken, E. M. Forster, Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Bertrand Russell, Lionel Trilling, Chinua Achebe, and Philip GourevitchOriginally published in 1902, Heart of Darkness remains one of this century’s most enduring works of fiction. Written several years after Joseph Conrad’s grueling sojourn in the Belgian Congo, the novel is a complex meditation on colonialism, evil, and the thin line between civilization and barbarity. This edition contains selections from Conrad’s Congo Diary of 1890—the first notes, in effect, for the novel, which was…
Author(s): Joseph Conrad, Caryl Phillips

10. Great Modern European Short Stories (1996)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIncluded in this brilliant collection are twenty-five stories of twentieth-century Europe by some of the greatest writers of the era. Unique in their range of insights, these pieces reflect the vast upheavals of their time, etching o fascinating and very thorough spiritual record of Europe’s recent cultural evolution….
Author(s): Sylvia Angus, Douglas Angus

11. London Match (2015)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfLong-awaited reissue of the final part of the classic spy trilogy, GAME, SET and MATCH, when the Berlin Wall divided not just a city but a world.The spy who’s in the clear doesn’t exist…Bernard Samson hoped they’d put Elvira Miller behind bars. She said she had been stupid, but it didn’t cut any ice with Bernard. She was a KGB-trained agent and stupidity was no excuse.There was one troubling thing about Mrs Miller’s confession – something about two codewords where there should have been one. The finger of suspicion pointed straight back to London.And that was where defector Erich Stinnes was locked up,…
Author(s): Len Deighton

12. The Shahid’s Widow (2019)

 Best Modern Thriller Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfAmos the Israeli, and Khalil the restless Palestinian go up against Jamil, the merciless mastermind behind massive suicide bombings in Tel-Aviv.Caught in the middle is the Shahid’s widow, a beautiful, young Palestinian woman who breaks the rules and fights for her freedom in conservative Arab society.Taking place deep within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the story moves fast; from the colorful streets of Jerusalem, to the intimidating allies of Gaza, and back to the teeming streets of Tel Aviv.The writer has given us a glimpse into a clandestine…
Author(s): Danny Bar

Best Modern Thriller Books that Should be on Your Bookshelf

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