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Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & Ranked

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Mma Romance books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

1. Fighting Solitude (On The Ropes) (Volume 3) (2016)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedI was born a fighter. Abandoned by my parents, I spent my life forging my own path—one guided by my fists and paved with pain. Untouchable in the ring, I destroyed everyone who faced me, but that’s where my victories ended. Outside the ropes, I repeatedly failed the few people who loved me. Including my best friend, Liv James—the one person I’d die to protect. Even though I didn’t deserve her, Liv never stopped believing in me. Never gave up. Never let go. After all, she understood what I’d lost, because she’d lost it too. Liv was…
Author(s): Aly Martinez

2. Dirty Fighter: A Bad Boy MMA Romance (2017)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedFrom the bestselling authors of Tempting Me comes another bad boy romance. I know what it’s like growing up in a house like that. I had to do some things I’m not proud for. But it was all for her. I would do anything to protect her. But then we had to go our own ways, and I ended up taking part in underground MMA fights to live while on the run from the cops. She’s back in town. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Brooklyn. I want her so bad. I wonder if she feels the same, after all this time? I still haven’t told her my deadly secret… Yea we were…
Author(s): Roxy Sinclaire , Natasha Tanner , et al.

3. Naked Choke: A Stepbrother MMA Romance (2015)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedMy 18th birthday gift was moving in with two of the hottest, cockiest guys I’d ever met. Austen and Logan Riggens, my new stepbrothers, my walking nightmares. They’re both older than me, they’re both MMA fighters, and to describe them in a few words…they’re charming, assertive, know-it-all, a**holes. It’s like an unwritten rule in their house that they walk around without shirts on. Teasing me, mocking me, trying their best to make me squirm. They don’t care that our parents are practically married, or that it’s totally unacceptable to steal a kiss from me as we pass in the hallways, leave the door open as they get out of…
Author(s): Celia Loren

4. Hammer’s Fall (Breakers’ Bad Boys) (2019)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedJared "Hammer" Caufield is a former Army Ranger and retired professional MMA champion that had to give up his fighting career due to a knee injury. He is a bad boy through and through, but that doesn't stop him from craving the sweet little bakery owner, even though he knows she is too good for him… Kalista Redford has always struggled with her self-esteem, and her last breakup hasn't done anything to help improve her opinion of herself. When she finds herself pursued by the dark and dangerous man she has secretly dreamed about, will she be able to follow her heart, or will past insecurities…
Author(s): Laurie Roma

5. Cruz (Diablo’s Throne MMA) (2018)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedShe hates fighting. He lives for it.Layla’s vicious past drove her away from her hometown. She couldn’t live with all the reminders surrounding her—so she ran.Cruz Felix found a new home, a place where he could get his head on straight, train, and fight match after match toward the end goal—the championship in Las Vegas. It’s the one thing in his life he wants more than anything, and it’s all in the name of his deceased father.Until Layla returns home. Her dad owns the gym, and he’s the sole reason Cruz is fighting again.The attraction is immediate, even though both of them are drowning in their…
Author(s): HJ Bellus

6. Alpha’s Bane: A Shifter MMA Romance (2018)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedI never thought I'd have a girl like Sheridan. A pack princess–beautiful, smart, one of the elite. She picked me. She gave me her heart, her innocence. Hurting her was my biggest regret. But then she betrayed us all.Now she's back–sent to spy on our pack. She wants revenge. But my wolf…he just wants her.  He crushed my heart and broke my trust. I ruined his life. Now we have to work together, and it's killing me. I want to hate him. But more than that…I want his mark. Alpha's Bane is a stand-alone second-chance shifter romance. No cheating or cliff-hangers….
Author(s): Renee Rose, Lee Savino

7. Alpha’s Secret: A Bear Shifter MMA Romance (2019)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedGrizz: I’m the ultimate predator. I live by a code. Hunt or be hunted. Kill or be killed.Then I meet her. The second I catch her scent, I know she was meant for me. She was born to wear my mark and I was born to protect her.She belonged to my enemy until I took her. He wants her back. He’ll wage war to get her, but no one’s taking her from me.She’s mine, and I’m not letting her go.*This steamy stand-alone bad boy romance contains a grumpy grizzly shifter, a beautiful fox and a whole lot of paranormal intrigue. No cheating, happily ever after guaranteed….
Author(s): Renee Rose, Lee Savino

8. Beneath Your Beautiful (The Beautiful Series) (2018)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedEDEN All I wanted was a fresh start in a new city…and a bartending job. I never intended to fall for the sexy, tattooed bar owner. Dark. Brooding. Emotionally unavailable. But Killian Vincent is a challenge I can’t seem to walk away from. He’s afraid that if I dig too deep, I won’t like what I find. But he’s wrong, and I’m determined to prove it. KILLIAN Love can destroy a man. Bring him to his knees. That’s why I never let anyone get too close. Until Eden. Feisty. Stubborn. Irresistible. She’s on a mission to knock down my walls. Dig…
Author(s): Emery Rose

9. Bad Ink (2019)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedAn inked fighter with a debt to pay off. A mother to his child with a huge decision to make.IsaacSeven years ago, I swore not to do anything stupid and return the same man.My heart-felt promise soon forgotten as I strived to survive the hell-hole of a Mexican prison.And now I’m back. An inked fighter with a debt to pay.But, there’s a complication.Even though it was obvious I would see her, I never planned for it to be like this.Or for her to look the way she does.A beautiful woman with curves in all the right places.Nor did I expect an immediate spark between us. And from thirty feet away, it…
Author(s): Megan Hetherington

10. Smash: A Stepbrother MMA Romance (2015)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedIt all started with a mistake. He was a stranger back then. Arrogant, cocky, and sexy as hell, I couldn’t resist falling into his orbit. And then one night, we made the dumbest decision of our lives. We got married. We thought it was just a game but we were oh-so-wrong. Cole Redson is an MMA fighter. His whole life is fast and hard, violent and dirty. He’s the complete opposite of me, and everything I shouldn’t want. I never thought I’d see him after that. But when our high powered CEO parents get hitched, suddenly we’re stuck living in the…
Author(s): B. B. Hamel

11. Brave: A Contemporary MMA Romance (Oni Fighters) (Volume 1) (2015)

 Best MMA Romance Books Reviewed & RankedA moment in time, that’s all it took. Beauty, pain and tragedy. Xander “Pretty Boy” Todd was a demon in the ring. A professional MMA fighter with a career that had the world a buzz—but now it’s gone. Or is it? Eden Sommers had her dreams of an international modelling career within her grasp—and lost it. Gone within a few seconds, leaving nothing but pain. How do you go on, when the one thing that defines you is suddenly ripped away—only to leave scars and a hollow shell in its place? Has the beauty gone forever? Or has it just retreated—to now be hidden, and dormant; guarded by the inner demons?…
Author(s): Natalie Gayle

Best Mma Romance Books Reviewed & Ranked

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