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Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate List

There are countless Mexican History courses, tutorials, articles available online, but for some, having a book is still a necessity to learn. This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

1. Fire And Blood: A History Of Mexico (1995)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListThere have been many Mexicos: the country of varied terrain, of Amerindian heritage, of the Spanish Conquest, of the Revolution, and of the modern era of elections and the rule of bankers. Mexico was forged in the fires of successive civilizations, and baptized with the blood of millions, all of whom added tragic dimensions to the modern Mexican identity. T. R. Fehrenbach brilliantly delineates the contrasts and conflicts between them, unraveling the history while weaving a fascinating tapestry of beauty and brutality: the Amerindians, who wrought from the…
Author(s): T. R. Fehrenbach

2. Mexican History: A Primary Source Reader (2009)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListMexican History is a comprehensive and innovative primary source reader in Mexican history from the pre-Columbian past to the neoliberal present. Chronologically organized chapters facilitate the book’s assimilation into most course syllabi. Its selection of documents thoughtfully conveys enduring themes of Mexican history (land and labor, indigenous people, religion, and state formation) while also incorporating recent advances in scholarly research on the frontier, urban life, popular culture, race and ethnicity, and gender. Student-friendly pedagogical features include contextual introductions to each chapter and each…
Author(s): E. Jaffary, Nora, Edward W. Osowski, et al.

3. The Course of Mexican History (2017)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListMexico’s political, social, and economic landscapes have shifted in very striking ways in recent years and the country now moves cautiously forward, in the twenty-first century. Revised to address these remarkable transformations, The Course of Mexican History, now in its eleventh edition, offers a completely up-to-date, lively, and engaging survey from the pre-Columbian times to the present….
Author(s): Susan M. Deeds, Michael C. Meyer , et al.

4. The Mexico Reader: History, Culture, Politics (The Latin America Readers) (2003)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListThe Mexico Reader is a vivid introduction to muchos Méxicos—the many Mexicos, or the many varied histories and cultures that comprise contemporary Mexico. Unparalleled in scope and written for the traveler, student, and expert alike, the collection offers a comprehensive guide to the history and culture of Mexico—including its difficult, uneven modernization; the ways the country has been profoundly shaped not only by Mexicans but also by those outside its borders; and the extraordinary economic, political, and ideological power of the…
Author(s): Gilbert M. Joseph, Timothy J. Henderson

5. A Concise History of Mexico (Cambridge Concise Histories) (2019)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListThis concise history looks at Mexico from political, economic, and cultural perspectives, portraying Mexico’s struggle to break out of the colonial past and assert its viability as a sovereign state in a competitive world. In this third edition, Hamnett adds new material on Mexico’s regional and international roles as they have emerged in the twenty-first century, including membership of supra-national organizations (including and moving beyond NAFTA), the Mexican drug war between government officials and gangs, and the immigration and border crises within the United States. He also discusses…
Author(s): Brian R. Hamnett

6. Mexicanos, Second Edition: A History of Mexicans in the United States (2009)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListNewly revised and updated, Mexicanos tells the rich and vibrant story of Mexicans in the United States. Emerging from the ruins of Aztec civilization and from centuries of Spanish contact with indigenous people, Mexican culture followed the Spanish colonial frontier northward and put its distinctive mark on what became the southwestern United States. Shaped by their Indian and Spanish ancestors, deeply influenced by Catholicism, and tempered by an often difficult existence, Mexicans continue to play an important role in U.S. society, even as the dominant Anglo culture…
Author(s): Manuel G. Gonzales

7. The Oxford History of Mexico (2010)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListThe Oxford History of Mexico is a narrative history of the events, institutions and characters that have shaped Mexican history from the reign of the Aztecs through the twenty-first century. When the hardcover edition released in 2000, it was praised for both its breadth and depth–all aspects of Mexican history, from religion to technology, ethnicity, ecology and mass media, are analyzed with insight and clarity. Available for the first time in paperback, the History covers every era in the nation’s history in chronological format, offering a…
Author(s): William Beezley, Michael Meyer

8. El Gran Pueblo: A History of Greater Mexico (3rd Edition) (2003)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListBased on the belief that people—not institutions—make history, this book looks at the challenges that the Mexican people have faced since independence, and tells the story of their resiliency and creative character during the years of political and economic change, resulting in a book that reveals the Mexican experience not only in Mexico, but in what is today the southwestern United States. Topically, this book examines national boundaries not as barriers, but as the setting of complex interactions resulting in the convergence of cultures. It discusses the Mexican experience according to the major…
Author(s): Colin M. MacLachlan, William H. Beezley

9. The Mexican Revolution: A History From Beginning to End (2018)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListMexican RevolutionOver a period of more than ten years, following the overthrow of the government in 1910, Mexico experienced a period of intense and bloody warfare as a bewildering array of factions in ever-changing alliances took power and then lost it. Presidents were elected (or elected themselves) and were then deposed or assassinated. New factions appeared with impressive sounding slogans, took to the field, and were either wiped out and never heard of again or became the next government.Inside you will read about…✓ The Porfiriato✓ The Unlikely…
Author(s): Hourly History

10. Mexican Mosaic: A Brief History of Mexico (2012)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListOur new brief text highlights Mexico’s stunning geographical, ethnic, and social diversity. In the sixteenth century, diseases brought by the Spanish conquerors wiped out almost 90 per cent of the indigenous population. Since then, Mexico – first as a colony of Spain and, after 1821, as an independent nation – has exported thousands of tons of silver, affecting currencies and prices as far away as China and India. In the century following independence, Mexico was invaded six times by three different European nations (Britain, France, and Spain) as well as the United…
Author(s): Jürgen Buchenau

11. Mexicanos, Third Edition: A History of Mexicans in the United States (2019)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListResponding to shifts in the political and economic experiences of Mexicans in America, this newly revised and expanded edition of Mexicanos provides a relevant and contemporary consideration of this vibrant community. Emerging from the ruins of Aztec civilization and from centuries of Spanish contact with indigenous people, Mexican culture followed the Spanish colonial frontier northward and put its distinctive mark on what became the southwestern United States. Shaped by their Indian and Spanish ancestors, deeply influenced by Catholicism, and often struggling to…
Author(s): Manuel G Gonzales

12. The Mexican Revolution: A Brief History with Documents (Bedford Series in History and Culture) (2012)

Best Mexican History Books: The Ultimate ListFocused on the causes, conduct, and consequences of the revolution which ended General Porfirio Diaz’s thirty-five year rule as dictator-president, Mexican Revolution explores the unique combination of alliances of the participants that led to the revolution along with the result — radical new constitution that demanded education for all children, redistributed land and water resources, and established progressive labor laws….
Author(s): Mark Wasserman

Discover the best Mexico History in Best Sellers. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. The history of Mexico prior to the Spanish conquest is known through the work of archaeologists, epigraphers, and ethnohistorians (scholars who study Indigenous history, usually from the Indigenous point of view), who analyze Mesoamerican Indigenous manuscripts, particularly Aztec codices, Mayan codices, and Mixtec codices. Books shelved as mexican-history: The Conquest of New Spain by Bernal Díaz del Castillo, The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, A Wicked War: Polk, Clay, Linc A historical photo account of Revolutionary Mexican history from 1910 – 1920. The book contains unique historical photos of Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, Orozco, Huerta, Francisco Madero, and all the Revolutionarios of this fascinating time. Available in Spanish. As a historian, I naturally have a growing library of books about history. Some of these books are fun to read, some are well-researched and some are both. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my favorite titles concerning Mexican history.

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some mexican history books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Land of Nuclear Enchantment: A New Mexican History of the Nuclear Weapons Industry

Author(s): Lucie Genay
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press, Year: 2019, Size: 4 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2380300

From Santa Anna to Selena: Notable Mexicanos and Tejanos in Texas History since 1821

Author(s): Harriett Denise Joseph
Publisher: University of North Texas Press, Year: 2018, Size: 18 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2259938

The Mexican Crack Writers: History and Criticism

Author(s): Héctor Jaimes (eds.)
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2017, Size: 2 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2153192

The Mexican Heartland: How Communities Shaped Capitalism, a Nation, and World History, 1500-2000

Author(s): John Tutino
Publisher: Princeton University Press, Year: 2017, Size: 8 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2234556

The dead march: a history of the Mexican-American War

Author(s): Peter Guardino
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Year: 2017, Size: 38 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2243663

The Dead March: A History of the Mexican-American War

Author(s): Peter Guardino
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Year: 2017, Size: 6 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2243790

Crucible of Struggle: A History of Mexican Americans from Colonial Times to the Present Era

Author(s): Zaragosa Vargas
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Year: 2017, Size: 189 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2379836

The Mexican Expedition, 1916–1917

Author(s): Julie Irene Prieto
Publisher: Center of Military History, Year: 2016, Size: 12 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2136456

George I. Sánchez: The Long Fight for Mexican American Integration

Author(s): Carlos Kevin Blanton
Publisher: Yale University Press, Year: 2015, Size: 3 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 1383544

Yesterday's Train. A Rail Odyssey Through Mexican History

Author(s): Terry Pindell
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers;Henry Holt and Co., Year: 2014, Size: 698 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 1348523

Please note that this booklist is not final. Some books are really best-sellers according to Los Angeles Times, others are drafted by unknown writers. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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