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Best Marine Biology Books To Read

Here is a list of the best Marine Biology books, some I have read myself, some that I did research on, and all have great reviews!

Marine Biology For The Non-Biologist (2017)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadAndrew Caine has managed to produce a highly readable masterpiece which takes the reader on a magical and sometimes scary journey into the world of the planet’s marine life, looking at the complex ecosystems with algae, plankton, shell fish, coral reefs and even whales.
Author(s): Andrew Caine

The Marine Biology Coloring Book, Second Edition (2000)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadEnter the delicate, complex world of underwater life through extraordinarily detailed, hand-drawn illustrations and newly updated text. The Marine Biology Coloring Book will serve as an excellent resource and guide. Enjoy the process of creating your own beautiful, full-color reference while you explore a fascinating hidden world.
Author(s): Thomas M. Niesen

Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology (2017)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadWith its clear and conversational writing style, comprehensive coverage, and sophisticated presentation, Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology, Fifth Edition, is regarded by many as the most authoritative marine biology text.
Author(s): Jeffrey Levinton

Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia (2015)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadAn engaging visual encyclopedia for kids, packed with stunning photography and amazing facts on every aspect of ocean life.From the Arctic to the Caribbean, tiny plankton to giant whales, sandy beaches to the deepest depths, our oceans are brought to life with astonishing images, simple, stylish graphics, and crystal-clear text explanations in Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia.DK’s Visual Encyclopedias are the first subst…
Author(s): DK

Marine Biology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) (2013)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadThe marine environment is the largest, most important, and yet most mysterious habitat on our planet. It contains more than 99 percent of the world’s living space, produces half of its oxygen, plays a critical role in regulating its climate, and supports a remarkably diverse and exquisitely adapted array of life forms, from microscopic viruses, bacteria, and plankton to the largest existing animals.
Author(s): Philip V. Mladenov

Marine Biologist (Cool Careers (Gareth Stevens)) (2009)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadAre you interested in ocean plants and animals? Have you ever wondered how pollution affects the underwater world? Do you enjoy being in the water? Do you like hands-on research and technology? Then you might have a future as a marine biologist! Swim along with real-life marine biologists and learn what its like to study life in the sea.
Author(s): William David Thomas

Marine Science for Kids: Exploring and Protecting Our Watery World, Includes Cool Careers and 21 Activities (For Kids series) (2017)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadDo you ever dream of being a marine explorer or adventurer? Are you a fan of cool, cute, or creepy creatures?
Author(s): Bethanie Hestermann, Josh Hestermann, et al.

National Audubon Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the World (National Audubon Society Field Guides) (2002)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadThe National Audubon Society Guide to Marine Mammals of the World describes in fascinating detail all 120 species of the world’s whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and sea lions, manatees, Marine and Sea Otters, and the Polar Bear.
Author(s): Brent S. Stewart, Phillip J. Clapham, et al.

Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology (2013)

 Best Marine Biology Books To ReadDISTINCTIVE FEATURES* Examines marine biology from a unique global and evolutionary perspective * Written in a clear, conversational style* Filled with full color photographs from the world’s finest marine biologists* Robust pedagogy includes “Key Concept” headings, “Basic Facts” summaries, “Going Deeper” boxes, end of chapter exercises, and more~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUPPLEMENTSCompanion Website (www.oup.com/us/levinton): Maintained by the author, this comprehensive