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Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your Attention

While there are many courses and tutorials online, learning from a book is still one of the best ways to greatly improve your skills. Below I have selected top Marijuana Grow books.

1. Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible (2006)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionWith 512 full color pages and 1120 full color photographs and illustrations, Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible is the most complete cultivation book available. The Fifth Edition of the former Indoor Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor Bible was originally published in 1983, when it immediately became a best seller. More than 500,000 copies of the Indoor Bible are in print in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. New greenhouse and outdoor growing chapters make this a book both indoor and outdoor growers will keep under thumb. The other 15 chapters (17 total) are all updated with the most…
Author(s): Jorge Cervantes

2. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use (2017)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionThe most comprehensive guide to marijuana gardening ever written is back with all new information and updated advice for cannabis enthusiasts. Over 200 additional pages of all new information are included in this book, from all new lighting equipment and techniques, to highly advanced cannabinoid extraction techniques and detailed, step-by-step gardening guides for novice and professional growers alike.This book contains over 700 pages, with all new photos and step-by-step guides to every aspect of marijuana horticulture, plant breeding, and hash production. Featuring a handy quick start guide at the beginning to allow growers to get…
Author(s): Greg Green

3. Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation (2010)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionThe all new Marijuana Grower’s Handbook shows both beginners and advanced growers how to grow the biggest most resinous, potent buds! This book contains the latest knowledge, tools, and methods to grow great marijuana –indoors and out. Use the most efficient technology and save time, labor, and energy. Ed Rosenthal has been teaching people how to grow marijuana for more than 30 years. Let him help you cultivate bountiful buds and lots of them. With 500 pages of full color photos and illustrations, the book delivers all the basics that a novice grower needs, as well…
Author(s): Ed Rosenthal, Tommy Chong

4. The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana (2015)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionThe award winning Cannabis Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to medical marijuana cultivation and consumption. It explains all the essential techniques to grow indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. All gardening practices are well-researched and illustrated with easy step-by-step examples and instructions. More than 2,000 beautiful color images illustrate this 596-page book. The large 8.5 x 11-inch format, three-column pages are easy to read and packed with up-to-date information that make this book essential for all cannabis gardeners and patients….
Author(s): Jorge Cervantes , Foreword Vicente Fox Quesada, et al.

5. Cannabis: Step-By-Step Guide on How to Grow Marijuana for Beginners (2019)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your Attention**Buy the Paperback version of this book and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE**Master the art and science of growing high-quality marijuana for personal and medicinal uses with this comprehensive guide to cannabis horticultureAre you tired of wasting money on marijuana that is low-quality and brittle? Are you wary and afraid of winding up dead because you bought fentanyl-laced weed from shady dealers and pharmacists?Would you like to learn how to grow your own marijuana, but can’t seem to get the hang of it?If this sounds like you, then your search ends here.In this insightful guide,…
Author(s): Joseph Bosner

6. Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana (2018)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionThis is the most accessible, attractive, and easy-to-use beginner’s guide to growing marijuana. In only 144 illustrated pages, High Times editor, Danny Danko, covers the basics of successful pot cultivation. This book is a primer that covers: This is the novice marijuana grower’s handbook that guides readers through the absolute essentials of cannabis horticulture to produce the most potent buds. From where to buy seeds to sowing, nurturing, and maintaining a crop, this handy “Pot Bible” is essential for the perfect harvest….
Author(s): Danny Danko, Jorge Cervantes

7. Marijuana Grow Basics: The Easy Guide for Cannabis Aficionados (2009)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionThis practical, informative guide is packed with more than 700 full-color illustrations and photographs detailing more than 150 affordable marijuana grow setups. Become an expert on grow rooms, feminized seeds, seedlings, cloning, mother plants, singling out male and female plants early, peak sinsemilla harvest, as well as manicuring, drying and curing your crop for highest potency. Buy only the grow gear you need hydroponics and soil, lights, CO2, meters, fans and filters to maximize your harvest. Design and set up your grow room with supplies from your…
Author(s): Jorge Cervantes

8. How to Grow Marijuana: 3 Books in 1 – The Complete Beginner’s Guide for Growing Top-Quality Weed Indoors and Outdoors (2018)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionHow to Grow Marijuana: 3 Books in 1 – The Complete Beginner’s Guide for Growing Top-Quality Weed Indoors and OutdoorsThis Compilation Book includes: Always wanted to grow Marijuana on your own but you can’t wrap your finger around the task?The “How to Grow Marijuana: Indoors – A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Growing Top-Quality Weed Indoors” book will be everything you need to turn yourself into a certified green-thumb with the fuzzy plant. Here, you will walk through each stage of Cannabis growing like a pro and end up with the best product you’ve…
Author(s): Tom Whistler

9. How to Grow Marijuana Indoors in a Small Space From Start to Finish: Simple and Easy – Anyone can do it! (2016)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionAre you tired of buying your cannabis for a huge markup? Then it’s time to grow your own cannabis! You can do so by following these simple steps to making your own cannabis from home. We will take a quick look at the contents of this book: Take a quick look at the contents of this book to get a grip on what kind of topics we will discuss. Click the buy now button to start saving on cannabis by growing your own!…
Author(s): Addison Edge, Gene Guzman

10. Homegrown Marijuana: Create a Hydroponic Growing System in Your Own Home (2015)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionWith marijuana laws changing rapidly, millions of gardeners with an interest in growing Cannabis can finally step out of their curtained basements and raise this unique and ancient plant without worry and in plain view. As with any other plant we grow, you'll find a wide range of strategies for growing marijuana. The variables between approaches are many, including success rates, security, and cost. Indoor, water-based hydroponic systems are the best option for just about any homeowner: they are clean, reliable, highly productive, and can be built for minimal cost. In Homegrown Marijuana, you'll find all the information…
Author(s): Joshua Sheets

11. Design And Build A Room To Grow: Money Can Grow On Trees (2018)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionThis never-done-before book provides step by step instructions for designing, building and effectively operating a grow room. There are hundreds of books available for growing the plants but…. there are no in depth guides available to help with the first step…. building the growroom.Whether you are planning a project or already operating a growroom this book will arm you with all of the necessary details for space selection, equipment selection, equipment costs, room construction, equipment locations, electrical requirements, operating guidelines, utility costs, supply costs and revenue estimates.Beginning growers can save…
Author(s): Bill Faulconer

12. How to grow Marijuana: A beginners guide for indoor and outdoor growing for medicinal use (2017)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionWell you can! And it gets even better!Growing your own marijuana is not expensive at all. You can get started for only $80 and be a pro at $350. Growing marijuana outdoors you can get by with only $50 (Yes, seeds included)!Learn marijuana growing at home with this book. Here is what the book will cover: Get this book now by pressing the buy now button and don’t miss out on the chance to make your own cannabis and save a ton of money!…
Author(s): Josh Newman

13. HOW TO GROW MARIJUANA INDOORS: Advanced Cannabis Growing Tips (2019)

 Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your AttentionDo you want to learn how to become an advanced indoor grower in the realm of Cannabis Cultivation?Are you ready to learn and implement the most sophisticated Cannabis training Techniques to maximize your yields?Do you want to learn how to grow bigger, denser buds, using advanced methods?If your answer is yes to the above questions, this book is for you!Frequently Asked Questions-Question:I don’t have any gardening experience; in fact, I am a complete beginner. Should I get this book?-Answer:This book is designed specifically for advanced Cannabis growing techniques;…

Best Marijuana Grow Books Worth Your Attention

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some marijuana grow books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

GROW MARIJUANA INDOORS: How to Have Personal Cultivation and Become an Expert on Horticulture, Access the Secrets to Grow Top-Shelf Buds, Marijuana Growing Secrets, Cannabis, CBD And THC

ID: 2789545, Publisher: , Year: 2020, Size: 4 Mb, Format: epub

FOOLPROOF GUIDE TO GROWING CANNABIS: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation for Personal and Medical Use, Grass Roots, Marijuana Growing Secrets

ID: 2789546, Publisher: , Year: 2020, Size: 6 Mb, Format: epub

How To Grow Marijuana: High-Quality Marijuana from your own Indoor and Outdoor growing system.

Author(s): Harold Peterson
ID: 2809864, Publisher: , Year: 2020, Size: 281 Kb, Format: epub

Please note that this booklist is not errorless. Some books are absolutely hot items according to The Wall Street Journal, others are drafted by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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