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Best Love Story Books You Must Read

Here is a list of the best Love Story books, some I have read myself, some that I did research on, and all have great reviews!

1. A Reason To Live: An Inspirational Romance (A Reason To Love) (2018)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadJonathan Dunken is no stranger to heartache. After losing his wife, he submerged himself in his work as an architect and pushed everyone away, including God. Four years after his world crumbled, a surprise visitor in the middle of the night changes his life forever.Kylie wants a change in her life, especially a new job. One night, her wish becomes possible when a stranger in the restaurant where she works offers her a job. There’s only one problem. He’s attractive.He’s a man who has been broken from his past hurts. She’s a girl who has a heart for her son and God. Can these two hearts find love with one…
Author(s): T.K. Chapin

2. Love Story: A Novel (2018)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadFrom #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes a new romantic story featuring everyone’s favorite family—the Baxters—which tells the story of how John and Elizabeth first fell in love.From the day they met, John and Elizabeth were destined to fall in love. Their whirlwind romance started when they were young college students and lasted nearly thirty years. So when John Baxter is asked to relive his long-ago love story with Elizabeth for his grandson Cole’s heritage project, he’s not sure he can do it. The sadness might…
Author(s): Karen Kingsbury

3. Plastic: A Toxic Love Story (2011)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadPlastic built the modern world. Where would we be without bike helmets, baggies, toothbrushes, and pacemakers? But a century into our love affair with plastic, we?re starting to realize it?s not such a healthy relationship. Plastics draw on dwindling fossil fuels, leach harmful chemicals, litter landscapes, and destroy marine life. As journalist Susan Freinkel points out in this engaging and eye-opening book, we?re nearing a crisis point. We?ve produced as much plastic in the past decade as we did in the entire twentieth century. We?re drowning in the stuff, and we need to start…
Author(s): Susan Freinkel

4. My Love Story (2019)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadFrom her early years in Nutbush, Tennessee to her rise to fame alongside Ike Turner to her phenomenal success in the 1980s and beyond, Tina candidly examines her personal history, from her darkest hours to her happiest moments and everything in between. My Love Story is an explosive and inspiring story of a woman who dared to break any barriers put in her way. Emphatically showcasing Tina’s signature blend of strength, energy, heart, and soul, this is a gorgeously wrought memoir as enthralling and moving as any of her greatest hits. #50,774 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #22 in Dancer Biographies #169…
Author(s): Tina Turner

5. Perfect Love Story (2018)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadHailey What do you do when you find out your whole life was a lie? That your husband really wasn’t your husband but someone else’s. That the vows you made to each other were simply empty promises. You pick up and move to the country to start fresh. When life hands you limes, you make sure you have tequila because your life is about to get stirred up. Jensen Married to my high school sweetheart, the best thing she gave me was my baby girl. But we weren’t enough for her. I wasn’t enough for her. The last thing I expected on my birthday was a Dear John…
Author(s): Natasha Madison

6. Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood (2017)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadFrom birth, the Savage brothers were taught by their father, Deuce, that life is like a sandwich; any way you flip it, the bread comes first. They were taught to get money, not fall in love, so they left a wreckage of broken hearts on their road to getting money. Yet, now, as mature men, they realize that you’re not rich until you have something that money can’t buy. And money certainly cannot buy the women that have stolen these brothers’ hard and stubborn hearts. Taye “City” Savage and Akira White’s love story started in the projects. Ten years ago, they met when Akira…
Author(s): Jessica N. Watkins

7. I Love You, More: Short Stories of Addiction, Recovery, and Loss From the Family’s Perspective (2019)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadThe compulsion to use substances tends to drain every ounce of life from an individual, but this is often equally as true for their family.Most family members do not know where to turn for support and guidance when a child, parent or spouse becomes ill.  Society offers little to educate the public or de-stigmatize the problem of addiction.I Love You More is distinct and unique from other books on the market on addiction as it is meant to be an emotional education on the family systems affected by addiction using three, fictional short stories, all with very different endings.These three powerful stories have common threads of hope,…
Author(s): Blake E. Cohen

8. Modern Love, Revised and Updated: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Redemption (2019)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadA young woman goes through the five stages of ghosting grief. A man’s promising fourth date ends in the emergency room. A female lawyer with bipolar disorder experiences the highs and lows of dating. A widower hesitates about introducing his children to his new girlfriend. A divorcée in her seventies looks back at the beauty and rubble of past relationships. These are just a few of the people who tell their stories in Modern Love, Revised and Updated, featuring dozens of the most memorable essays to run in The New York Times “Modern…
Author(s): Daniel Jones , Andrew Rannells, et al.

9. A Story Like Ours (Love Story Duet) (2019)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadEven when we were kids, the connection between us was overwhelming. I knew Sam and I were soulmates, destined to be together. Breaking that love would mean breaking us. And for a little while, that happened. I lost the man who had always been my other half. After too much heartache and too many years apart, we’ve finally found our way back to each other. But Sam’s professional boxing career is getting in the way of our happy ending. I don’t know how much longer I can watch him take another crushing punch, knowing each one knocks him closer to danger. He’s killing himself. For me. For us. And for one tiny other… Then the blow comes….
Author(s): Robin Huber

10. Pretend You’re Mine: A Small Town Love Story (2015)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadLuke Garrison is a hometown hero, a member of the National Guard ready to deploy again. Strong, sexy, broody, the last thing he’s looking for is a woman to ruin his solitude. When the wildly beautiful Harper stumbles into his life, though, he realizes that she’s the perfect decoy. A fake girlfriend to keep his family off his back until he’s deployed.So what if kissing her sends his mind to wicked places? He can control himself. Harper was on her way to starting a new life… again. But something about Luke makes her want to settle down in this small town and make his house a home. When…
Author(s): Lucy Score

11. Love, Life, and Elephants: An African Love Story (2013)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadThe first person to successfully raise newborn elephants, Dame Daphne Sheldrick has saved countless African animals from certain death. In this indelible and deeply heartfelt memoir, Daphne tells of her remarkable career as a conservationist and introduces us to a whole host of orphans―including Bushy, a liquid-eyed antelope, and the majestic elephant Eleanor. Yet she also shares the incredible human story of her relationship with David Sheldrick, the famous Tsavo National Park warden whose death inspired the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the orphans’ nursery, where Daphne…
Author(s): Daphne Sheldrick

12. Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is Hood 3: The Savage Brothers (2017)

 Best Love Story Books You Must ReadAfter serving a ten-year bid in prison, Taye ‘City’ Savage was finally freed. However, once he was released, there was no time to chill and enjoy the riches that his brothers had acquired at his left and right hand at the king’s throne of the Savage empire. No sooner than City was released, complete mayhem ensued. His brother, Shon, and his greed causes the Savage empire to be in debt with the Columbian cartel of over a million dollars. Yet, being the man that City is, he quickly handles that… just to be thrown in the middle of more mayhem when one of his family members fall victim to the streets. Now, City and his…
Author(s): Jessica N Watkins

Best Love Story Books You Must Read

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some love story books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Love & Courage: My Story of Family, Resilience, and Overcoming the Unexpected

Author(s): Jagmeet Singh
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Year: 23 Apr 2019, Size: 15 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2421374

Love as Always, Mum xxx: The true and terrible story of surviving a childhood with Fred and Rose West

Author(s): Mae West, Neil McKay
Publisher: Seven Dials, Year: 2020, Size: 452 Kb, Download: mobi
ID: 2325070

Why Fish Don't Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life

Author(s): Lulu Miller
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Year: 2020, Size: 25 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2503235

Love Behind Bars: The True Story of an American Prisoner's Wife

Author(s): Jodie Sinclair
Publisher: Arcade, Year: 2020, Size: 11 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2517260

Love's Blood: The Shocking True Story of a Teenager Who Would Do Anything for the Older Man She Loved :/ Even Kill Her Whole Family

Author(s): Clark Howard
Publisher: Road, Year: 2020, Size: 12 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2527663

The Milkman's Son: A Memoir of Family History, a DNA Mystery, and a Story of Paternal Love

Author(s): Randy Lindsay
Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing, Year: 2020, Size: 737 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 2533211

Attention: A love story

Author(s): Casey Schwartz
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, Year: 2020, Size: 947 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 2533377

The State of Disbelief: A Story of Death, Love and Forgetting

Author(s): Juliet Rosenfeld
Publisher: Short Books Ltd, Year: 2020, Size: 369 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 2535834

Dear Life: A Doctor’s Story of Love and Loss

Author(s): Rachel Clarke
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group, Year: 2020, Size: 345 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 2547096

American Princess: The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Author(s): Leslie Carroll
Publisher: , Year: 2020, Size: 712 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 2570143

Please note that this booklist is not definite. Some books are absolutely record-breakers according to Washington Post, others are drafted by unknown writers. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant books you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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