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Best Kant Books You Should Enjoy

Our list of some of the best Kant books & series in recent years. Get inspired by one or more of the following books.

1. Critique of Pure Reason (Penguin Classics) (2008)

 Best Kant Books You Should Enjoy A seminal text of modern philosophy, Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (1781) made history by bringing together two opposing schools of thought: rationalism, which grounds all our knowledge in reason, and empiricism, which traces all our knowledge to experience. Published here in a lucid reworking of Max Müller’s classic translation, the Critique is a profound investigation into the nature of human reason, establishing its truth, falsities, illusions, and reality.For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700…
Author(s): Immanuel Kant , Marcus Weigelt, et al.

2. Three Critiques, 3-volume Set: Vol. 1: Critique of Pure Reason; Vol. 2: Critique of Practical Reason; Vol. 3: Critique of Judgment (Hackett Classics) (2002)

 Best Kant Books You Should Enjoy"On Critique of Pure Reason: The text rendered by Pluhar is the work of an expert translator. . . the virtues of his text are manifold; his translation exhibits an incontrovertible mastery of both English and German. Equally important is the fact that Pluhar has given the original a very close read during the act of translating. . . . Pluhar consistently resists the tendency to translate woodenly word-for-word. . . . In point of fact, accuracy of translation stands in no direct relation to literalness; it is much more a product of meticulous textual reading…
Author(s): Immanuel Kant, Werner S. Pluhar

3. Kant: Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy) (2012)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyPublished in 1785, Immanuel Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals ranks alongside Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics as one of the most profound and influential works in moral philosophy ever written. In Kant’s own words, its aim is to identify and corroborate the supreme principle of morality, the categorical imperative. He argues that human beings are ends in themselves, never to be used by anyone merely as a means, and that universal and unconditional obligations must be understood as an expression of the human capacity for autonomy and…
Author(s): Christine M. Korsgaard

4. Critique of Pure Reason (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant) (1999)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyThis entirely new translation of Critique of Pure Reason is the most accurate and informative English translation ever produced of this epochal philosophical text. Though its simple, direct style will make it suitable for all new readers of Kant, the translation displays a philosophical and textual sophistication that will enlighten Kant scholars as well. This translation recreates as far as possible a text with the same interpretative nuances and richness as the original….
Author(s): Immanuel Kant , Paul Guyer, et al.

5. Kant: A Very Short Introduction (2001)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyImmanuel Kant is arguably the most influential modern philosopher, but is also one of the most difficult. In this illuminating Very Short Introduction, Roger Scruton–a well-known and controversial philosopher in his own right–tackles his exceptionally complex subject with a strong hand, exploring the background to Kant’s work and showing why Critique of Pure Reason has proved so enduring.About the Series: Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life’s most interesting topics. Written by experts…
Author(s): Roger Scruton

6. Practical Philosophy (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant) (1999)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyThis is the first English translation of all of Kant’s writings on moral and political philosophy collected in a single volume. No other collection competes with the comprehensiveness of this one. As well as Kant’s most famous moral and political writings, the Groundwork to the Metaphysics of Morals, the Critique of Practical Reason, the Metaphysics of Morals, and Toward Perpetual Peace, the volume includes shorter essays and reviews, some of which have never been translated before. There is also an English-German and German-English glossary of key terms….
Author(s): Mary J. Gregor

7. Basic Writings of Kant (Modern Library Classics) (2001)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyThe writings of Immanuel Kant became the cornerstone of all subsequent philosophical inquiry. They articulate the relationship between the human mind and all that it encounters and remain the most important influence on our concept of knowledge. As renowned Kant scholar Allen W. Wood writes in his Introduction, Kant “virtually laid the foundation for the way people in the last two centuries have confronted such widely differing subjects as the experience of beauty and the meaning of human history.” Edited and compiled by Dr. Wood, Basic Writings of Kant stands as a comprehensive…
Author(s): Immanuel Kant , Allen W. Wood , et al.

8. Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals: with On a Supposed Right to Lie because of Philanthropic Concerns (Hackett Classics) by Immanuel Kant James W. Ellington 3 edition (Textbook ONLY, Paperback) (1940)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyPaperback ASIN: B0727MS3PL Average Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5 stars 61 customer reviews Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #22,580,292 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?…
Author(s): Immanuel Kant

9. Kant: A Complete Introduction (Teach Yourself: Philosophy & Religion) (2013)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyWritten by Robert Wicks, a recognised Kant specialist who teaches at the University of Auckland, Kant: A Complete Introduction is designed to give you everything you need to succeed, all in one place. It covers the key areas that students are expected to be confident in, outlining the basics in clear jargon-free English, and then providing added-value features like summaries of key books, and even lists of questions you might be asked in your seminar or exam.The book uses a structure that mirrors many university courses on Freud and psychoanalysis – explaining and contextualising Kant’s theories,…
Author(s): Robert Wicks

10. Kant: Political Writings (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought) (1991)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyThe original edition of Kant: Political Writings was first published in 1970, and has long been established as the principal English-language edition of this important body of writing. In this new, expanded edition two important texts illustrating Kant’s view of history are included for the first time, his reviews of Herder’s Ideas on the Philosophy of the History of Mankind and Conjectures on the Beginning of Human History, as well as the essay What is Orientation in Thinking?. In addition to a general introduction assessing Kant’s political thought in terms of his…
Author(s): Immanuel Kant , H. S. Reiss, et al.

11. Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals (1959)

 Best Kant Books You Should EnjoyThe Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals or Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Immanuel Kant’s first contribution to moral philosophy, argues for an a priori basis for morality. Where the Critique of Pure Reason laid out Kant’s metaphysical and epistemological ideas, this relatively short, primarily meta-ethical, work was intended to outline and define the concepts and arguments shaping his future work The Metaphysics of Morals. However, the latter work is much less read than the Groundwork….
Author(s): Immanuel Kant, Lewis White Beck

Best Kant Books You Should Enjoy

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some kant books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Kant On Morality, Humanity, And Legality: Practical Dimensions Of Normativity

Author(s): Ansgar Lyssy, Christopher Yeomans
ID: 2799615, Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan, Year: 2021, Size: 3 Mb, Format: pdf

Kant's critical epistemology why epistemology must consider judgment first

Author(s): Kenneth R. Westphal
ID: 2807166, Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2021, Size: 6 Mb, Format: pdf

Kant’s Cosmology: From the Pre-Critical System to the Antinomy of Pure Reason

Author(s): Brigitte Falkenburg
ID: 2855909, Publisher: Springer, Year: 2021, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

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