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Best Historiography Books Reviewed & Ranked

Looking for the best Historiography books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

1. Historiography: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern, Third Edition (2007)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedIn this pioneering work, Ernst Breisach presents an effective, well-organized, and concise account of the development of historiography in Western culture. Neither a handbook nor an encyclopedia, this up-to-date third edition narrates and interprets the development of historiography from its origins in Greek poetry to the present, with compelling sections on postmodernism, deconstructionism, African-American history, women’s history, microhistory, the Historikerstreit, cultural history, and more. The definitive look at the writing of history by a historian,…
Author(s): Ernst Breisach

2. Historiography: An Introductory Guide (2012)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & Ranked“What is historiography?” asked the American historian Carl Becker in 1938. Professional historians continue to argue over the meaning of the term. This book challenges the view of historiography as an esoteric subject by presenting an accessible and concise overview of the history of historical writing from the Renaissance to the present. Historiography plays an integral role in aiding undergraduate students to better understand the nature and purpose of historical analysis more generally by examining the many conflicting ways that historians have defined and approached history. By demonstrating how…
Author(s): Eileen Ka-May Cheng

3. Modern Historiography Reader (Routledge Readers in History) (2008)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedIn The Modern Historiography Reader, Adam Budd guides readers through European and North American developments in history-writing since the eighteenth century. Starting with Enlightenment history and moving through subjects such as moral history, national history, the emergence of history as a profession, and the impact of scientific principles on history, he then looks at some of the most important developments in twentieth-century historiography such as social history, traumatic memory, postcolonialism, gender history, postmodernism, and the history of material objects. This is the only book that brings…
Author(s): Adam Budd

4. The Essential Historiography Reader (2010)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedThe Essential Historiography Reader, not only details the history of historical practice and explains historical theories and philosophies in language that is accessible to college undergraduates, it also provides excerpts to illustrate these historical approaches and help students to identify them in their own writing and in the writings of contemporary historians     The book is organized into two main parts. The first part traces the origins of contemporary American historical traditions to their roots in ancient Greece and explains how the profession of…
Author(s): Caroline Hoefferle

5. A Concise History of History: Global Historiography from Antiquity to the Present (Cambridge Concise Histories) (2019)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedThis short history of history is an ideal introduction for those studying or teaching the subject as part of courses on the historian’s craft, historical theory and method, and historiography. Spanning the earliest known forms of historical writing in the ancient Near East right through to the present and covering developments in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, it also touches on the latest topics and debates in the field, such as ‘Big History’, ‘Deep History’ and the impact of the electronic age. It features timelines listing major dynasties or regimes throughout the world alongside historiographical…
Author(s): Daniel Woolf

6. From Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography (2015)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedFrom Herodotus to H-Net: The Story of Historiography offers a concise yet comprehensive and up-to-date account of the many ways in which history has been studied and recounted, from the ancient world to the new universe of the Internet. It shows how the same issues that historians debate today were already recognized in past centuries, and how the efforts of historians in the past remain relevant today. Balanced and fair-minded, the book covers the development of modern academic scholarship, but also helps students appreciate the contributions of popular historians and public history….
Author(s): Jeremy D. Popkin

7. Modern Historiography (1999)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedModern Historiography is the essential introduction to the history of historical writing. It explains the broad philosophical background to the different historians and historical schools of the modern era, from James Boswell and Thomas Carlyle through to Lucien Febure and Eric Hobsbawm and surveys: Modern Historiography provides a clear and concise account of this modern period of historical writing….
Author(s): Michael Bentley

8. Historiography in the Twentieth Century: From Scientific Objectivity to the Postmodern Challenge (2005)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedIn this book, now published in 10 languages, a preeminent intellectual historian examines the profound changes in ideas about the nature of history and historiography. Georg G. Iggers traces the basic assumptions upon which historical research and writing have been based, and describes how the newly emerging social sciences transformed historiography following World War II. The discipline’s greatest challenge may have come in the last two decades, when postmodern ideas forced a reevaluation of the relationship of historians to their subject and questioned the very…
Author(s): Georg G. Iggers

9. Christian Historiography: Five Rival Versions (2015)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedChristian faith complicates the task of historical writing. It does so because Christianity is at once deeply historical and profoundly transhistorical. Christian historians taking up the challenge of writing about the past have thus struggled to craft a single, identifiable Christian historiography. Overlapping, and even contradictory, Christian models for thinking and writing about the past abound―from accountings empathetic toward past religious expressions, to history imbued with Christian moral concern, to narratives tracing God’s movement through the ages….
Author(s): Jay D. Green

10. The Methods and Skills of History: A Practical Guide (2015)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedWidely acclaimed for its accessibility and engaging approach to the subject, the fourth edition of The Methods and Skills of History combines theory and instruction with hands-on practice, making it a comprehensive guide to historical research and writing….
Author(s): Michael J. Salevouris, Conal Furay

11. A Century of American Historiography (2009)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedCentury of American Historiography features a collection of 15 historiographical essays, by respected scholars, which provide an up-to-date overview of major topics in American History….
Author(s): Banner Jr., James M.

12. The Classical Foundations of Modern Historiography (Sather Classical Lectures) (1992)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedHere, at last, are the long-awaited Sather Classical Lectures of the great historian Arnaldo Momigliano, In a masterly survey of the origins of ancient historiography, Momigliano captures those features of an ancient historian's work that not only gave it importance in its own day but also encouraged imitation and exploitation in later centuries. He reveals the extent to which Greek, Persian, and Jewish historians influenced the Western historiographic tradition, and then goes on to examine the first Roman historians and the emergence of national history. In the course of his exposition, he traces the development of…
Author(s): Arnaldo Momigliano

13. A Global History of Modern Historiography (2016)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedThe first book on historiography to adopt a global and comparative perspective on the topic, A Global History of Modern Historiography looks not just at developments in the West but also at the other great historiographical traditions in Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere around the world over the course of the past two and a half centuries. This second edition contains fully updated sections on Latin American and African historiography, discussion of the development of global history, environmental history, and feminist and gender history in recent years, and new…
Author(s): Georg Iggers, Q. Edward Wang , et al.

14. The Historiography of Genocide (2010)

 Best Historiography Books Reviewed & RankedThe Historiography of Genocide is an indispensable guide to the development of the emerging discipline of genocide studies and the only available assessment of the historical literature pertaining to genocides….
Author(s): Anton Weiss-Wendt, Robert van Krieken, et al.

Best Historiography Books Reviewed & Ranked

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Author(s): Gerrish, Jennifer
ID: 2591058, Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2020;2019, Size: 2 Mb, Format: epub

Apollonius Rhodius, Herodotus and Historiography

Author(s): A D Morrison
ID: 2465038, Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Year: 2020, Size: 1 Mb, Format: pdf

Arab Conquests and Early Islamic Historiography: The Futuh al-Buldan of al-Baladhuri

Author(s): Ryan J. Lynch
ID: 2507543, Publisher: I.B. Tauris, Year: 2020, Size: 6 Mb, Format: pdf

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