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Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook You

Until you’ve consumed all of the best Harry Turtledove books, can you even claim to be a true fan?

1. How Few Remain (Southern Victory) (1998)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouFrom the master of alternate history comes an epic of the second Civil War. It was an epoch of glory and success, of disaster and despair. . . .1881: A generation after the South won the Civil War, America writhed once more in the bloody throes of battle. Furious over the annexation of key Mexican territory, the United States declared total war against the Confederate States of America in 1881. But this was a new kind of war, fought on a lawless frontier where the blue and gray battled not only each other but the Apache, the outlaw, the French, and the English. As Confederate General Stonewall Jackson again demonstrated…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

2. Fallout: The Hot War (2017)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouThe novels of Harry Turtledove show history balancing on single moments: One act of folly. One poor decision. One moment of rage. In this astounding new series, the unthinkable has come to pass. The Cold War turns hot—and the United States and the Soviet Union unleash their nuclear arsenals upon each other. Millions die. Millions more are displaced. Germans battle side by side with Americans, Polish freedom fighters next to Russian fascists. The genie is out of the bottle. And there’s no telling what fresh hell will come next.   At the heart of Fallout are Harry Truman and Josef Stalin. Even as Joe McCarthy rises in…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

3. In the Balance: An Alternate History of the Second World War (Worldwar, Volume 1) (1994)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouNo one could top their power—not the Germans, not the Japanese, not the Russians, not the United States.From Pearl Harbor to panzers rolling through Paris to the Siege of Leningrad and the Battle of Midway, war seethed across the planet as flames of destruction rose higher and hotter.And then, suddenly, the real enemy came.The invaders seemed unstoppable, their technology far beyond human reach. And never before had men been more divided. For Jew to unite with Nazi, American with Japanese, and Russian with German was unthinkable.But the alternative was even…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

4. American Front (The Great War, Book 1) (1999)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouWhen the Great War engulfed Europe in 1914, the United States and the Confederate States of America, bitter enemies for five decades, entered the fray on opposite sides: the United States aligned with the newly strong Germany, while the Confederacy joined forces with their longtime allies, Britain and France. But it soon became clear to both sides that this fight would be different—that war itself would never be the same again. For this was to be a protracted, global conflict waged with new and chillingly efficient innovations—the machine gun, the airplane, poison gas, and trench warfare.Across the Americas, the fighting raged…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

5. Through Darkest Europe: A Novel (2019)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouSenior investigator Khalid al-Zarzisi is a modern man, a product of the unsurpassed educational systems of North Africa and the Middle East. Liberal, tolerant, and above all rich, the countries and cultures of North Africa and the Middle East have dominated the globe for centuries, from the Far East to the young nations of the Sunset Lands.But one region has festered for decades: Europe, whose despots and monarchs can barely contain the simmering anger of their people. From Ireland to Scandinavia, Italy to Spain, European fundamentalists have carried out assassinations, hijackings, and bombings on…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

6. Bombs Away: The Hot War (2016)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouIn his acclaimed novels of alternate history, Harry Turtledove has scrutinized the twisted soul of the twentieth century, from the forces that set World War I in motion to the rise of fascism in the decades that followed. Now, this masterly storyteller turns his eyes to the aftermath of World War II and asks: In an era of nuclear posturing, what if the Cold War had suddenly turned hot?   Bombs Away begins with President Harry Truman in desperate consultation with General Douglas MacArthur, whose control of the ground war in Korea has slipped…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

7. Agent of Byzantium (2018)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouIn another, very different timeline—one in which Mohammed embraced Christianity and Islam never came to be—the Byzantine Empire still flourishes in the fourteenth century, and wondrous technologies are emerging earlier than they did in our own. Having lost his family to the ravages of smallpox, Basil Argyros has decided to dedicate his life to Byzantium. A stalwart soldier and able secret agent, Basil serves his emperor courageously, going undercover to unearth Persia’s dastardly plots and disrupting the dark machinations of his beautiful archenemy, the Persian spy Mirrane, while defusing dire…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

8. Alternate Peace (2019)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouAlternate histories. Alternate realities.It’s said that every choice creates multiple timelines, each one exploring what could have happened if a different decision had been made. Most of these alternate histories stem from different outcomes to a pivotal battle, or to an assassination attempt, or to the ending or escalation of a war. All violent, all bloody, all brutal. But what about those choices made during peacetime, when there was no monumental, ongoing conflict? After all, everyone knows how significant the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can be, how far-reaching its effects can be felt.In these pages you will find fifteen…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, et al.

9. The Guns of the South: A Novel (1993)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook You"It is absolutely unique–without question the most fascinating Civil War novel I have ever read."Professor James M. McPhersonPultizer Prize-winning BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOMJanuary 1864–General Robert E. Lee faces defeat. The Army of Northern Virginia is ragged and ill-equpped. Gettysburg has broken the back of the Confederacy and decimated its manpower.Then, Andries Rhoodie, a strange man with an unplaceable accent, approaches Lee with an extraordinary offer. Rhoodie demonstrates an amazing rifle: Its rate of fire is incredible, its lethal…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

10. A Different Flesh (2018)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouWhat if mankind’s “missing link,” the apelike Homo erectus, had survived to dominate a North American continent where woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers still prowled, while the more advanced Homo sapiens built their civilizations elsewhere? Now imagine that the Europeans arriving in the New World had chanced on these primitive creatures and seized the opportunity to establish a hierarchy in which the sapiens were masters and the “sims” were their slaves.   This is the premise that drives the incomparable Harry…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

11. Armistice: The Hot War (2018)

 Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook YouIn 1952 American cities lie in ruins. President Harry Truman, in office since 1945, presides over a makeshift government in Philadelphia, suffering his own personal loss and fearing for the future of democracy. In the wake of Hitler’s reign, Germany and America have become allies, and Stalin’s vise hold on power in the USSR persists. Unwilling to trust the Soviet tyrant, Truman launches a long-planned nuclear strike on the city of Omsk—killing Stalin and plunging the Red Army into leaderless, destructive anarchy. Meanwhile, the Baltic…
Author(s): Harry Turtledove

Best Harry Turtledove Books That Will Hook You

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Bombs Away

Author(s): Harry Turtledove
ID: 1454827, Publisher: Del Rey, Year: 2015, Size: 2 Mb, Format: epub

The War That Came Early: West and East

Author(s): Harry Turtledove
ID: 797230, Publisher: Del Rey, Year: 2011, Size: 1 Mb, Format: epub

The Guns of the South

Author(s): Harry Turtledove
ID: 1403666, Publisher: Del Rey, Year: 2011, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

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