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Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should Read

Here is a list of the best Grimdark books, some I have read myself, some that I did research on, and all have great reviews!

Brutal: An Epic Grimdark Fantasy (2017)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should Read The Sellsword knows an opportunity when he sees one. When herides into the border city of Aldreth, he can tell that the power strugglebetween two feuding wizards needs a solitary spark to ignite into all-out-war.As he sets the corrupt paladins and demonic adepts against each other, he's notsurprised when the blood begins to flow But after the alluring duchess catches his eye, theSellsword puts himself in harm's way to protect her and the innocent people ofAldreth.
Author(s): James Alderdice

Thief of the Night Guild: A Grimdark Epic Fantasy Thief Adventure (Queen of Thieves) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadA cunning thief of unrivaled ingenuity, Ilanna is determined to secure her freedom at any cost. No price is too high to break the shackles of the Night Guild’s callous cruelty.With her future on the line, nothing will stand in her way, not even the most powerful man in Praamis, Duke Phonnis.Commanding a crew of pickpockets, bounty hunters, poisoners, and assassins, Ilanna schemes to disgrace the Duke and empty his coffers.
Author(s): Andy Peloquin

Child of the Night Guild: A Grimdark Epic Fantasy Thief Adventure (Queen of Thieves) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadRobbed of everything she loves, Viola mourns the sudden loss of her mother. Now burdened with an impossible debt to the Night Guild, she’s forced to train as a cunning thief. Subjected to cruelty at every turn, the scrawny criminal apprentice vows to survive long enough to become the kingdom’s best.Thrown together with unlikely allies, her burgeoning skills draw the attention of sadistic bullies and jealous rivals with dark intentions.
Author(s): Andy Peloquin

Before the Crow: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadThe five provinces of Denoril are in peril. A dark force rots the realm from within, gathering strength and preparing for an assault that will topple it into chaos.Only a handful of people stand between Denoril's annihilation and salvation. Roman and his friend Dennah are accused of vicious crimes they did not commit.
Author(s): Aaron Bunce

Immortals’ Requiem (2018)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadThere are beings that live a shadow’s breadth from our realityThey are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition. These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever
Author(s): Vincent Bobbe

Queen of the Night Guild: A Grimdark Epic Fantasy Thief Adventure (Queen of Thieves) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadIlanna has lost everything: her friends, her home, her family, her dreams of freedom. All that remains is a burning desire to find the bastards who burned down her city and tried to kill her.But a traitor hides among the ranks of the Night Guild, poisoning her friends and allies with lies.
Author(s): Andy Peloquin

A Dark Path: Grimdark LitRPG (Forsaken Talents) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadFrom International Best-Selling Author Stuart Thaman:The Seven Portals to Wonder changed the world. The most advanced AI ever created powered the worlds, bringing infinite possibilities and endless adventure to everyone across the globe. War on Earth practically ceased as most of the planet’s population became addicted to the game.Ben Hales was no different.
Author(s): Stuart Thaman

A March of Woe: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadBan Turin, the heavily fortified and cosmopolitan capital of Denoril, has gone dark, its massive gates closed for the first time in an age. Only two people know why: a denil monk and his unlikely savior, a freed prostitute named Aida. They make a desperate March south, fighting the harsh winter to deliver a message of Woe – a message that lord Thatcher, the Earl of the lakes, will likely struggle to believe.
Author(s): Aaron Bunce

Shoreseeker (The Farshores Saga) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadFor six hundred years, Andrin’s Wall protected the remnants of humanity from a scourge that devastated them: beastly monsters called the sheggam. But centuries of relative peace have relegated the sheggam to myth and superstition.Tharadis, the Warden of the independent city Naruvieth, must protect his people and their homes from threats more immediate than ancient legends.
Author(s): Brandon M. Lindsay

Portal Zero (Apocalypse Gate Book 1): An EMP End of the World Survival Series about Americans Resisting Monsters, Weird Cosmic Horror, and Portals … Scifi Horror Surviving TEOTWAWKI)) (Volume 1) (2018)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadWhere were you when the lights went out and the monsters came? In the near future, a government experiment out of control opens gateways to other worlds and dimensions all over planet Earth, plunging everyday people into a nightmare of grim survival against the horrific and bizarre Portal Zero. The beginning of the end. – In Colorado Springs, CO, young family-man Arthur can’t find his wife and young sons when all electronics and vehicles in the city are disabled.
Author(s): Eddie Patin

Knee-Deep in Grit: Two Bloody Years of Grimdark Fiction (2018)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadGet knee-deep in grit with twenty-six grimdark fantasy and sci-fi short stories from the shadowy vaults of Grimdark Magazine.
Author(s): Mark Lawrence, Adrian Tchaikovsky, et al.

The Winter of Swords: A Grimdark Epic (Overthrown) (2019)

 Best Grimdark Books Everyone Should ReadAn intelligent, six-limbed beast snatches a girl away from her family.An orphan confronts the darkness in his past, while a menace stalks his small town.A young woman cast into servitude tries to forge her own path in an unforgiving world.And an inexperienced soldier following the path of honor and duty comes face to face with a foe born from his worst nightmares.Seemingly unconnected, this small group of normal folk will