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Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf

There are countless Graham Greene courses, tutorials, articles available online, but for some, having a book is still a necessity to learn. This is an up-to-date list of recommended books.

The End of the Affair (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (2004)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses a moment of experience from which to look ahead” ”This is a record of hate far more than of love,” writes Maurice Bendrix in the opening passages of , and it is a strange hate indeed that compels him to set down the retrospective account of his adulterous affair with Sarah
Author(s): Graham Greene, Michael Gorra

Our Man in Havana (2007)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfMI6’s man in Havana is Wormold, a former vacuum-cleaner salesman turned reluctant secret agent out of economic necessity. To keep his job, he files bogus reports based on Charles Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare and dreams up military installations from vacuum-cleaner designs.
Author(s): Graham Greene, Christopher Hitchens

The Heart of the Matter: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (2004)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf“Wilson sat on the balcony of the Bedford Hotel with his bald pink knees thrust against the ironwork” Graham Greene’s masterpiece, tells the story of a good man enmeshed in love, intrigue, and evil in a West African coastal town.
Author(s): Graham Greene, James Wood

The Human Factor (Penguin Classics) (2008)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfMaurice Castle is a high-level operative in the British secret service during the Cold War. He is deeply in love with his African wife, who escaped apartheid South Africa with the help of his communist friend. Despite his misgivings, Castle decides to act as a double agent, passing information to the Soviets to help his in-laws in South Africa. In order to evade detection, he allows his assistant to be wrongly identified as the source of the leaks.
Author(s): Graham Greene, Colm Toibin

The Power and the Glory (1978)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIn one of the southern states of Mexico, during an anti-clerical purge, the last priest, like a hunted hare, is on the run. Too human for heroism, too humble for martyrdom, the little worldly ‘whiskey priest’ is nevertheless impelled towards his squalid Calvary as much by his own compassion for humanity as by the efforts of his pursuers. A baleful vulture of doom hovers over this modern crucifixion story, but above the vulture soars an eagle — the inevitability of the Church’s triumph.
Author(s): Graham Greene

Brighton Rock (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) (2004)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf“Hale knew, before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him” Graham Greene’s chilling exposé of violence and gang warfare in the pre-war underworld is a classic of its kind. Pinkie, a teenage gangster on the rise, is devoid of compassion or human feeling, despising weakness of both the spirit and the flesh.
Author(s): Graham Greene, J. M. Coetzee

Complete Short Stories (Penguin Classics) (2005)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfAffairs, obsessions, ardors, fantasy, myth, legends, dreams, fear, pity, and violence—this magnificent collection of stories illuminates all corners of the human experience. Including four previously uncollected stories, this new complete edition reveals Graham Greene in a range of contrasting moods, sometimes cynical and witty, sometimes searching and philosophical. Each of these forty-nine stories confirms V. S.
Author(s): Graham Greene, Pico Iyer

The Ministry of Fear: An Entertainment (Penguin Classics) (2005)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your Bookshelf  For Arthur Rowe, the trip to the charity fête was a joyful step back into adolescence, a chance to forget the nightmare of the Blitz and the aching guilt of having mercifully murdered his sick wife. He was surviving alone, outside the war, until he happened to win a cake at the fête. From that moment, he is ruthlessly hunted by Nazi agents and finds himself the prey of malign and shadowy forces.
Author(s): Graham Greene, Alan Furst

Twenty-One Stories (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics) (1993)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfIn ’The Basement Room’ a small boy witnesses an event that blights his whole life. Like the other stories in this book (written between 1929 and 1954), it hinges on the themes that dominate Graham Greene’s novels—fear, pity and violence, pursuit, betrayal and man’s restless search for salvation.
Author(s): Graham Greene

The Comedians (Penguin Classics) (2005)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfThree men meet on a ship bound for Haiti, a world in the grip of the corrupt “Papa Doc” and the Tontons Macoute, his sinister secret police. Brown the hotelier, Smith the innocent American, and Jones the confidence man—these are the “comedians” of Greene’s title. Hiding behind their actors’ masks, they hesitate on the edge of life.
Author(s): Graham Greene, Paul Theroux

Monsignor Quixote (Penguin Classics) (2008)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfWhen Father Quixote, a local priest of the Spanish village of El Toboso who claims ancestry to Cervantes’ fictional Don Quixote, is elevated to the rank of monsignor through a clerical error, he sets out on a journey to Madrid to purchase purple socks appropriate to his new station.
Author(s): Graham Greene, John Auchard

The Third Man (1999)

 Best Graham Greene Books That Should Be On Your BookshelfRollo Martins’ usual line is the writing of cheap paperback Westerns under the name of Buck Dexter. But when his old friend Harry Lime invites him to Vienna, he jumps at the chance. With exactly five pounds in his pocket, he arrives only just in time to make it to his friend’s funeral. The victim of an apparently banal street accident, the late Mr.
Author(s): Graham Greene

Best Graham Greene Books that Should be on Your Bookshelf

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some graham greene books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

The Unquiet Englishman: A Life of Graham Greene

Author(s): Richard Greene
ID: 2876524, Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, Year: 2020, Size: 14 Mb, Format: epub

Graham Greene: the last interview and other conversations

Author(s): Greene, Graham;MacArthur, John R
ID: 2594105, Publisher: Melville House, Year: 2019, Size: 2 Mb, Format: epub

Our man down in Havana: the story behind Graham Greene's Cold War spy novel

Author(s): Greene, Graham; Hull, Christopher
ID: 2865337, Publisher: Pegasus Books, Year: 2019, Size: 27 Mb, Format: epub

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