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Best George Pelecanos Books That You Need

Our list of some of the best George Pelecanos books & series in recent years. Get inspired by one or more of the following books.

The Man Who Came Uptown (2019)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedIn bestselling and Emmy-nominated writer George Pelecanos’ “taut and suspenseful” new novel, an ex-offender must choose between the man who got him out and the woman who showed him another path (Booklist, Starred Review)Michael Hudson spends the long days in prison devouring books given to him by the prison’s librarian, a young woman named Anna who develops a soft spot for her best student.
Author(s): George Pelecanos

The Big Blowdown (1999)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedFor Joey Recevo and Pete Karras, two kids from one of Washington’s rougher neighborhoods, the easiest work to find after the War is all criminal—providing a little muscle for a local boss. But Karris is soft on his fellow immigrants, and the boss can’t let his mob get soft, so one of his boys gives Karras a painful lesson. Three years later, it’s the same mob that figures big Nick Stefanos’s grill needs protection—and this decision will once again bring Joey and Pete face-to-face.
Author(s): George Pelecanos

The Double (Spero Lucas) (2014)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You Need“THE DOUBLE is as good as it gets. The writing is taut, the violence is graphic, and the characters are so well-drawn that they step off the page and into your life.” – Associated PressEvery man has his dark side. Spero Lucas confronts his own in the most explosive thriller yet from one of America’s best-loved crime writers.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

A Firing Offense (2011)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedAs the advertising director of Nutty Nathan’s, Nick Stefanos knows all the tricks of the electronics business. Blow-out sales and shady deals were his life. When one of the stockboys disappears, it’s not news: just another metalhead who went off chasing some dream of big money and easy living. But the kid reminded Nick of himself twelve years ago: an angry punk hooked on speed metal and the fast life. So when the boy’s grandfather begs Nick to find the kid, Nick says he’ll try.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

The Way Home (Back Bay Readers’ Pick) (2011)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedChristopher Flynn is trying to get it right. After years of trouble and rebellion that enraged his father and nearly cost him his life, he has a steady job in his father’s company, he’s seriously dating a woman he respects, and, aside from the distrust that lingers in his father’s eyes, his mistakes are firmly in the past.One day on the job, Chris and his partner come across a temptation almost too big to resist.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

Hard Revolution: A Derek Strange Novel (Derek Strange Novels) (2011)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedIn this epic showdown from “one of the best crime novelists alive” (Dennis Lehane), police officer Derek Strange hunts his brother’s killer through a city erupting with rage.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

The Sweet Forever: A Novel (2013)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedA bold, brilliant tale of mystery, revenge, and survival in the 1980s, when cocaine and money ruled the city streets and even the good guys wanted a piece of the action. It’s March madness and the college boys are playing basketball on TV. But on the streets of D.C., the homeboys are dealing, dissing, dying. From behind plate glass, with an 80s backbeat pounding in his brain, Marcus Clay watches it all happen, and prays that he can make a go with his downtown record store.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

The Cut (Spero Lucas) (2012)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedSpero Lucas has a new line of work. Since he returned home to Washington, D.C. after serving in Iraq, he has been doing special investigations for a defense attorney. He’s good at it, and he has carved out a niche: recovering stolen property, no questions asked. His cut is forty percent. A high-profile crime boss who has heard of Lucas’s specialty hires him to find out who has been stealing from his operation.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

Right As Rain: A Derek Strange Novel (Derek Strange Novels) (2011)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedDerek Strange is black and successful. Terry Quinn is white and barely holding on. Now Strange has been hired to investigate a police shooting in which Quinn played a major role. For Strange, a savvy and careful man, the investigation goes against his style and instinct. For Terry Quinn, Strange’s questions are a chance to absolve his conscience and shake out a little truth.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

Drama City (2013)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedLorenzo Brown loves his work. In his job as an officer for the Humane Society, he cruises the city streets, looking for dogs that are being mistreated – underfed, unclean, trained to kill. He takes pride in making their lives better. And that pride helps Lorenzo resist the pull of easier money doing the kind of work that got him a recent prison bid. Rachel Lopez loves her work, too.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

Nick’s Trip (2011)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedNick Stefanos has given up his job in sales to tend bar at the Spot, where drinks and women are both a bit too easily available, and the routine is starting to feel as dead-end as his last gig. But things are about to change. First, his high-school friend Billy Goodrich asks him to find his wife April, who he says left him for small-time crime boss Joey DiGeordano. In fact, April has taken off with hog farmer/bondage freak Tommy Crane and, it turns out, with $200,000 of DiGeordano family money.
Author(s): George Pelecanos

Shoedog (2013)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedLike the kind of cars they don’t make anymore and the kind of songs they don’t sing, the novels of George Pelecanos have the style, rhythm and muscle of classics. SHOEDOG is vintage Pelecanos: a tale that throbs with soul and pulsates with menace.Constantine was born in D.C., and has been traveling the world ever since-finding everything but a home.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

Soul Circus: A Derek Strange Novel (Derek Strange Novels) (2011)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedPrivate Investigator Derek Strange and his partner, Terry Quinn, are running a detective business in the seedy underbelly of Washington, DC when they are approached by a young man asking them to find his girlfriend who has gone missing. And so Strange and Quinn find her.Just another day? Not quite.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

The Turnaround (2009)

 Best George Pelecanos Books That You NeedOn a hot summer afternoon in 1972, three teenagers drove into an unfamiliar neighborhood and six lives were altered forever.Thirty five years later, one survivor of that day reaches out to another, opening a door that could lead to salvation.
Author(s): George P. Pelecanos

Best George Pelecanos Books That You Need

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The Cut

Author(s): George Pelecanos
ID: 799045, Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, Year: 2011, Size: 332 Kb, Format: epub

The Night Gardener

Author(s): George Pelecanos
ID: 755359, Publisher: Little, Brown and Company, Year: 2006, Size: 394 Kb, Format: epub

The wire. / The complete series. Season 1

Author(s): Nina Kostroff-Noble; David Simon; George P Pelecanos; Edward Burns; Clark Johnson; All authors
ID: 907218, Publisher: , Year: 1999, Size: 103 Kb, Format: pdf

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