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Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & Ranked

Looking for the best Fantasy Series books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

1. The Dragon’s Blade: The Last Guardian (Volume 3) (2018)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedAs winter wanes, the fragile bonds of the Three Races begin to break. With Darnuir recovering from his addiction, and Blaine reclusive in the hallways of his Order, it falls to Lira to manage the mounting tension between the humans and zealous dragons before catastrophe strikes from within the city walls. In Brevia, King Arkus unveils his new weapons to the Assembly of Lords, but is it a gift to his people or a threat? Cassandra fears it the latter and vows to curb her father’s new unchecked power that she herself helped to create. And beneath the burned mountain of Kar’drun, Dukoona suffers at the hands of his Master. His one…
Author(s): Michael R. Miller

2. The Life As We Knew It Collection (Life As We Knew It Series) (2015)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & Ranked"These books transcend their premises with terrifyingly well-imagined futures and superb characterization. . . . Riveting."—John Green, Printz Award-winning author of The Fault in Our Stars When a meteor hits the moon, teenage Miranda and her friends and family struggle to survive the unimaginable. Four gripping books that follow their ordeal are collected in this boxed set. Includes: LIFE AS WE KNEW IT THE DEAD AND THE GONE THIS WORLD WE LIVE IN THE SHADE OF THE MOON…
Author(s): Susan Beth Pfeffer

3. The Last Archide: Complete Series (2019)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedThe world is at war. Government titans use sports heroes known as Centauri for political influence. Meanwhile, warriors from another time known as Archides are backed into a corner. The man who brought down their galaxy-spanning empire is taking advantage of the turmoil and threatens to conquer this world as he did their ancient home.Oryan Jeckstadt is born a slave. His father, a disgraced general, raises him alone in the prison he doomed his son to. With the promise of securing his father’s freedom, Oryan is ripped from the Quarter and forced into the Centauri Games.Eleysa Celeste…
Author(s): Chad R. Odom, Chad Odom

4. The Inheritance Cycle Series 4 Book Set Collection Eragon, Eldest, Brisngr (2012)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedTitles in this set: Brisingr, Inheritance, Eragon, Eldest…
Author(s): Christopher Paolini

5. Defender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One (2011)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedThe world of Arkaria is a dangerous place, filled with dragons, titans, goblins and other dangers. Those who live in this world are faced with two choices: live an ordinary life or become an adventurer and seek the extraordinary. Cyrus Davidon leads a small guild in the human capital of Reikonos. Caught in an untenable situation, facing death in the den of a dragon, they are saved by the brave fighters of Sanctuary who offer an invitation filled with the promise of greater adventure. Soon Cyrus is embroiled in a mystery – someone is stealing weapons of…
Author(s): Robert J. Crane

6. Wolf Tales 12 (2011)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedGifted with exceptional strength and extraordinary sensuality, the shapeshifting Chanku have learned to survive on their own, far away from their one true home in the mountains of Montana. But as the years pass, the packs begin to long for one another, for the incredible passion they enjoy together and for the erotic pleasure they find only with their own kind. . .It is then they hear Anton’s call. He has learned even more about the fascinating past of the Chanku. And the young girl, Lily, has made the most astonishing discovery of all. . .The time has come for all Chanku to come together as one, to reclaim their…
Author(s): Kate Douglas

7. The Girl in the Box Series, Books 1-3: Alone, Untouched and Soulless (2018)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedFrom Million-Selling Author Robert J. Crane… AloneSienna Nealon was a 17 year-old girl who had been held prisoner in her own house by her mother for twelve years. Then one day her mother vanished, and Sienna woke up to find two strange men in her home. On the run, unsure of who to turn to and discovering she possesses mysterious powers, Sienna finds herself pursued by a shadowy agency known as the Directorate and hunted by a vicious, bloodthirsty psychopath named Wolfe, each of which is determined to capture her for their own purposes…UntouchedStill haunted by her last encounter with Wolfe and searching for…
Author(s): Robert J. Crane

8. Of Ash and Spirit: Piper Lancaster Series #1 (2019)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedThe first book in a Curse Keepers spinoff series by New York Times bestselling author Denise Grover Swank writing as D.G. Swank.Piper Lancaster might be Asheville’s most popular ghost whisperer, but she’s an unbeliever. While her clients believe she’s exorcising their ghosts, Piper knows she’s really helping them settle their inner demons—because any sane person knows ghosts aren’t real. After the astonishing reappearance of the ruins of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, belief in the supernatural is at an all-time high, and people are seeing ghosts in every shadow. Business is better than ever. But there’s one problem—the…
Author(s): D.G. Swank, Grover Swank, Denise

9. The Wolf of the North: Wolf of the North Book 1 (Volume 1) (2016)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedThe First Part of the Wolf of the North trilogy by bestselling fantasy author Duncan M. Hamilton. It has been generations since the Northlands have seen a hero worthy of the title. Many have made the claim, but few have lived to defend it. Timid, weak, and bullied, Wulfric is as unlikely a candidate as there could be. A chance encounter with an ancient and mysterious object awakens a latent gift, and Wulfric’s life changes course. Against a backdrop of war, tragedy, and an enemy whose hatred for him knows no bounds, Wulfric will be forged from a young boy, into the Wolf of the North. This is his tale….
Author(s): Duncan M Hamilton

10. UnEnchanted (Unfortunate Fairy Tale) (2019)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedMina Grime is unlucky, unpopular and uncoordinated; until she saves her crush's life on a field trip, changing her High School status from loser to hero overnight. But with her new found fame brings misfortune in the form of an old family curse come to light. For Mina is descended from the Brothers Grimm and has inherited all of their unfinished fairy tale business. Which includes trying to outwit a powerful Story from making her it's next fairytale victim. To break the fairy tale curse on her family and make these deadly occurrences stop, Mina must finish the tales until the very Grimm end….
Author(s): Chanda Hahn

11. The Dragon Kings (2018)

 Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & RankedAspen doesn’t know how to behave in front of the shifter dragon king…. And the consequences are deadly. But, Aspen, never one to fear much of anything, tells him to get lost. If she knew who he was, she might act differently. But to her, Sid is just a reminder of a past she’d rather forget. Sid won’t leave Aspen alone, because she’s the one girl that might be able to help save him and the rest of the dragons. He hadn’t planned on falling love… The complete 5 book series included in this box set!…
Author(s): Kimberly Loth

Best Fantasy Series Books Reviewed & Ranked

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Reverse design. Final Fantasy VII

Author(s): Holleman, Patrick
ID: 2351382, Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2019, Size: 10 Mb, Format: pdf

Horror Literature and Dark Fantasy: Challenging Genres

Author(s): Mark A. Fabrizi
ID: 2352835, Publisher: Brill - Sense, Year: 2018, Size: 4 Mb, Format: pdf

Fantasy Literature: Challenging Genres

Author(s): Mark A. Fabrizi (eds.)
ID: 1582138, Publisher: SensePublishers, Year: 2016, Size: 7 Mb, Format: pdf

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