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Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & Ranked

Here is a list of the best Family Devotional books, some I have read myself, some that I did research on, and all have great reviews!

1. One Year of Dinner Table Devotions and Discussion Starters: 365 Opportunities to Grow Closer to God as a Family (2008)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedGetting the kids to turn off the TV and video games is challenge enough―let alone gathering as a family to read and discuss the Bible! One Year of Dinner Table Devotions & Discussion Starters helps families start where they are already gathered together on a daily basis―around the dinner table. As the meal comes to a close, family members can take turns turning to the dinner-table devotion for that day, designed to be done together as a family in 10 to 15 minutes. The result is a meaningful daily discussion in which every family member can participate, drawing the whole family closer to…
Author(s): Nancy Guthrie

2. The Family Bible Devotional: Stories from the Bible to Help Kids and Parents Engage and Love Scripture (2018)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedDo you struggle to keep your kids interested in family devotions? Are you looking for something different, a book that engages, rather than preaches at them? Ready for authentic discussions about faith with your kids? Open this book and get started!    The Family Bible Devotional highlights 52 short Bible readings, pairing each with engaging background information and discussion questions. It’s a family devotional that cultivates conversations—one that avoids simplistic answers and instead pulls kids into God’s unfolding, mysterious,…
Author(s): Sarah M. Wells

3. Undivided: A Family Devotional: Living FOR And Not Just WITH One Another (2015)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedUndivided is a 12-week devotional that is truly for the ENTIRE family. From preschoolers to teenagers to parents, Undivided teaches each family member how to live FOR and not just WITH one another. Using 12 “one another” passages in the New Testament, each chapter breaks down into 4 easy and fun sections: Learn It, Live It, Ask It, and Give It. In the “Learn It” section, your family will read and examine the context of the “one another” passage. In the “Live It” section, your family will determine how to apply the “one another” passage through a practical and easy to understand devotional reading. In the…
Author(s): Rhonda Owens, Mitchell Owens

4. Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions (2019)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedAs parents hoping to raise godly children, we may understand the importance of regular family devotions. However, we may find it difficult to get our kids (or even ourselves) fully engaged. But what if devotions looked less like sitting in the living room listening to someone read and trying to pry answers out of reluctant kids and more like, say, electrocuting a pickle? Or converting a leaf blower into a toilet paper launcher? Or lighting toothpaste on fire?These hands-on, kinda dangerous, totally unforgettable object lessons (along with nearly fifty others) are not only more fun than other family…
Author(s): Shoemaker

5. All Together: The Family Devotional (2018)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedBring your family together… …over breakfast or dinner, on the sofa or at the table, to explore God’s Word. From Genesis, Moses and Esther, to the birth, life and resurrection of Jesus – discover something new each day. Bekah and Steve add a healthy dose of humour, insight and understanding to this down-to-earth and accessible, twelve-week devotional. Every day, read a short Bible passage, a thought to consider, questions to get you talking, and simple prayer. Each weekend entry also includes a suggestion for something to do together. Let this book…
Author(s): Steve Legg, Bekah Legg

6. NIV, Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional, Paperback: 365 Daily Readings and Conversation Starters for Your Family (2012)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & Ranked365 daily readings and conversation starters for your family.The NIV Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional helps you discuss the principles and promises in the Bible as you enjoy a meal together. With 365 daily readings to help you start conversations with your family around the dinner table, it’s perfect for the family who wants to make time to center their lives on God’s Word. This devotional book suggests topics for conversation and then gives you a brief Scripture passage and a devotion to read together.Features:…
Author(s): Christopher D. Hudson

7. The One Year Book of Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions: A Daily Devotional for Passing Biblical Values to the Next Generation (1997)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedThe One Year Book of Josh McDowell’s Family Devotions is a Right From Wrong devotional that reinforces the need for applying the Scriptures to everyday decisions. Each of the 365 readings includes a story situation that deals with a contemporary issue and helps families think through how to make the right choices in a particular situation. At the end of each reading is a helpful feature that encourages families to pray, invites them to discuss the issue further, or gives them a practical task to perform….
Author(s): Josh McDowell, Bob Hostetler

8. The One Year Classic Family Devotions (One Year Book of Family Devotions) (2015)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedMany parents are searching for ways to bond as a family while encouraging spiritual growth in their kids. The One Year Classic Family Devotions provides a full year of devotions and activities designed to strengthen family time and deepen spiritual awareness. Each devotion includes a story about children and other family members, fostering personal connection with the content. Lessons come from the child’s perspective at times and from the parents at other times. An activity page is included every seven days as an additional source of ideas…
Author(s): Keys for Kids

9. 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families: Choose The Level that Fits Your Life Style (2017)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedEnjoy having 52 weekly devotions packed with engaging stories, hands-on activities, memory verses, and relevant discussion questions. Flexibly designed for families with busy schedules, the easy-to-read 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families is the perfect way to get your whole family together for fun and memorable moments while building a personal connection with God! 5 Key Features of 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families Perfect for family ministry, personal use, church giveaways, and more. Softcover, 224 pages, 5.5"x7.5"…
Author(s): RoseKidz, Karen Whiting

10. Exploring Grace Together: 40 Devotionals for the Family (2014)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedIn this collection of 40 gospel-centered devotionals, Thompson helps parents teach their children about the grace of God through engaging stories, key memory verses, simple reflection questions, and suggestions for prayer. Suitable for children ages 6 to 10….
Author(s): Jessica Thompson, Elyse M Fitzpatrick

11. Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God (2010)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedTransform Your Family with Ten Minutes a Day in the Gospel Story Christian parents know the importance of passing the gospel story on to their children, yet we live in a busy world filled with distractions. Schedules collide, there is homework and yard work and dishes and laundry, the car’s oil should be changed, there are phone calls to make and before you know it, everyone is getting to bed late again. The Bible can seem like a long story for an active family to read, but when you break it down into short sections, as Marty Machowski does, family devotions are easy to do. Long Story Short will help busy parents share with their…
Author(s): Marty Machowski

12. Teach from Love: School Year Devotional for Families (2017)

 Best Family Devotional Books REVIEWED & RankedLearning and transformation happens when education goes beyond books into the heart.Teach from Love is an inspirational and educational devotional for families to explore and embrace the godly qualities we want for our kids (and for ourselves). It contains thirty-six pairs of weekly character themes designed to be read five days a week for the thirty-six weeks of a school year. Each day includes a Scripture, a short reading, a prayer, and two questions for family discussion. Your family will: Teach from Love is an encouraging, valuable resource to draw families together and closer to God. Gather for as few as ten minutes or enjoy extended…
Author(s): Sam Sorbo

Best Family Devotional Books Reviewed & Ranked

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Please note that this booklist is not definite. Some books are absolutely hot items according to Chicago Tribune, others are composed by unknown writers. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant resources you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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