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Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should Read

Looking for the best Empty Nest books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God’s Best for Your Next (2019)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadIT’S HAPPENING! You weren’t always sure you’d get here, but the kids grew up and are surviving—more or less successfully. But what now?! If you’re like most moms, you’re caught between grief and delight, and full of questions, loose ends, hopes, and regrets. Empty nesting can be a disorienting time, but it can also be the best time of your life. Jill Savage, an empty-nest veteran, offers youWISDOM for the murky waters ahead.
Author(s): Jill Savage

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Empty Nesters: 101 Stories about Surviving and Thriving When the Kids Leave Home (2008)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadThis book provides support during a very emotional but exciting time for parents – sending their children off to college, new homes, or careers.  It’s a must-read for empty nesters or soon-to-be empty nesters grappling with their own bittersweet new freedom.This is Chicken Soup for the Soul’s first book on a very emotional but exciting time for parents – sending their children off to college or new homes and careers. This terrific book is a must read for empty nesters or soon-to-be emp…
Author(s): Jack Canfield , Mark Victor Hansen, et al.

From Mom to Me Again: How I Survived My First Empty-Nest Year and Reinvented the Rest of My Life (2016)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadDiscover your own identity after your kids leave home!When her children left for college, Melissa Shultz was certain that she had prepared them for their new lives―but her own life was a different matter entirely. Her house was empty, her purpose unclear. If her life was no longer dominated by the day-to-day demands of being “Mom,” then who exactly was she? And how would she ever move forward?From Mom to Me Again is the story of one woman’s reinvention.
Author(s): Melissa Shultz

The Empty Nest Companion: A little book of love and encouragement for when your child leaves the nest (2018)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadWhat exactly is the Empty Nest? It is typically the time when our children graduate from high school and either leave for college, join the military, or just move out to start their adult lives. Yes, they leave us! But it’s all good, and we just need to know how to better navigate the mixed bag of emotions that this transition creates for us.Our goal for this book was to gather stories about how we as parents are dealing with, or have dealt with, the emotions of our Empty Nest experience.
Author(s): Susan Gross, Briget Bishop

Empty Nest: What’s Next?: Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind (2015)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadThe purpose of Empty Nest, What’s Next? is to help parents adjust to their changing roles as parents of adult children. Unlike the first eighteen years of parenting, moms and dads now take on more of an advisory role and step out of the daily hands-on instructional role. In theory, this stepping to the sidelines parenting style should lead to a simpler, less stress-free life for the parents.
Author(s): Michele Howe

Healing the Empty Nester’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas for Parents After the Kids Move Out, Go Off to College, or Start Taking Flight (Healing Your Grieving Heart series) (2017)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadYou've spent most of your adult life focused on the care and raising of your children, and now they're leaving. For you and for them, this major transition is often challenging in many ways. You may feel surprised at the power of your grief—a confusing mixture of sadness, hope, emptiness, fear, excitement, and other emotions all at once. This book by one of the world's most beloved grief counselors helps parents understand their normal and necessary empty nester grief.
Author(s): Wolfelt Ph.D, Alan D.

Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest (2017)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadMany women approaching their empty-nest years do so with mixed emotions–feeling grief for what is no more but also excitement for what lies ahead. Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates are seasoned empty nesters, and they know firsthand the ups and downs, the uncertainty and challenges that accompany this new stage of life.Although Mom is a lifelong role, the job description changes significantly when the kids are grown. Questions abound: Who am I now? How do I relate to my kids?
Author(s): Barbara Rainey, Susan Yates, Barbara

Empty Nest, Full Life Journal (2019)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadThis inspiring journal is the perfect companion to the book, “Empty Nest, Full Life”, by Jill Savage. Designed with ample space for writing or drawing, this journal will help you slow down, reflect, and record your thoughts as you work through the book. Questions posed in the book are carried over in the journal for you to ponder and write your thoughts, dreams, and plans.
Author(s): Jill Savage

The Empty Nest Chronicles: How to Have Fun (and Stop Annoying Your Spouse) After the Kids Move Out (2013)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadHumorist Jerry Zezima has always had an empty head. Now that his two daughters have flown the coop, he and his wife have an empty nest. The girls aren’t completely out of the house, of course, because a lot of their stuff is still there.
Author(s): Jerry Zezima

Empty Nesting Sucks: 12 Steps for dealing with it (2019)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadParenting is quite the adventure, but what happens when your kids fly the coup? Your full hands are all of a sudden empty. This is a playful look at how to survive the years following high school and somehow keep your sanity. The advice you’ll need and the advice you’ll ponder as you find your own path on this journey through parenting – the adult years.
Author(s): Gina Berry

Fledge: Launching Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind (2018)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadYour kids are spreading their wings. Are you ready? In Fledge, counselor, educator, and mother Brenda L. Yoder helps Christian parents navigate the many transitions of the launching years. How do you parent tweens at home and young adults away from home at the same time? What’s a good balance between boundaries and freedom? How can you pray for your fledgling youth? And what do you do with all that mom grief? Your job as a parent isn’t over; it’s just changing.
Author(s): Brenda L. Yoder

My Nest Isn’t Empty, It Just Has More Closet Space: The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman (2011)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadThe incomparable Lisa Scottoline, along with Daughter Francesca, is back with more wild and wonderful wit and wisdom.New York Times bestselling author Lisa Scottoline struck a chord with readers, book clubs, and critics with her smash-hit essay collection, Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog.
Author(s): Lisa Scottoline, Francesca Serritella

The Power of Praying® for Your Adult Children Book of Prayers (2014)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadStormie Omartian’s bestselling The Power of a Praying® series (more than 28 million copies sold) is rereleased with fresh new covers and new material to reach a still-growing market of readers eager to discover the power of prayer for their lives.Just because your children are grown up doesn’t mean they don’t need your prayers.
Author(s): Stormie Omartian

Your Amazing Itty Bitty Empty-Nester Survival Book: 15 Critical Tips To Thrive When Your Kids Leave Home (2017)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadAs Dr. Dorine says: “When your kids leave the nest, it’s your time to soar!” Your children are gone. Now what? In this powerful Itty Bitty Book, Dr. Dorine Kramer shares 15 Essential Tips and Tools she discovered when she was in your shoes. Discover how to be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live now that the kids are gone. Challenges you may be facing: • Have you lost your identity and don’t know who you are anymore?
Author(s): Dr Dorine Kramer

The Second Half of Marriage: : facing the eight challenges of the empty-nest years (1998)

 Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should ReadYour children are gone or leaving soon. It’s time to focus once again on your own future and especially on your marriage. What’s in store for the second half? David and Claudia Arp provide answers and practical help in this groundbreaking book. Drawing on their national survey of hundreds of “second-half” couples, the Arps reveal eight marital challenges every long-term marriage faces, and they offer strategies and exercises for meeting each of them.
Author(s): David, Claudia Arp

Best Empty Nest Books Everyone Should Read

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Preparing, Adjusting, and Loving the Empty Nest

Author(s): Michele Howe
ID: 3395041, Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Year: 2022, Size: 1 Mb, Format: epub

Empty Nest, What's Next?: Parenting Adult Children without Losing Your Mind

Author(s): Michele Howe
ID: 3395055, Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Year: 2022, Size: 2 Mb, Format: epub

Finding Joy in the Empty Nest: Discover Purpose and Passion in the Next Phase of Life

Author(s): Jim Burns, Ph.D
ID: 3410831, Publisher: Zondervan, Year: 2022, Size: 1 Mb, Format: epub

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