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Best Dreams Books You Should Read

While there are many courses and tutorials online, learning from a book is still one of the best ways to greatly improve your skills. Below I have selected top Dreams books.

1. Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams (2018)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadWith two appearances on CBS This Morning and Fresh Air’s most popular interview of 2017, Matthew Walker has made abundantly clear that sleep is one of the most important but least understood aspects of our life. Until very recently, science had no answer to the question of why we sleep, or what good it served, or why we suffer such devastating health consequences when it is absent. Compared to the other basic drives in life—eating, drinking, and reproducing—the purpose of sleep remains more elusive. Within the brain, sleep enriches a…
Author(s): Walker PhD, Matthew

2. The Interpretation of Dreams: The Complete and Definitive Text (2010)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadWhat are the most common dreams and why do we have them? What does a dream about death mean? What do dreams of swimming, failing, or flying symbolize? First published in 1899, Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking book, The Interpretation of Dreams, explores why we dream and why dreams matter in our psychological lives. Delving into theories of manifest and latent dream content, the special language of dreams, dreams as wish fulfillments, the significance of childhood experiences, and much more, Freud offers an incisive and enduringly relevant examination of dream psychology….
Author(s): Sigmund Freud, James Strachey

3. The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings (2017)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadWhat do reoccurring dreams reveal? What’s the purpose of nightmares—and can they be stopped? Why do some people show up in dreams? Are some dreams actually warnings? Going beyond superficial explanations, The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs and Meanings brings a deep and rich understanding to a variety of images, signs, and symbols. It considers the context to help anyone complete their own personal jigsaw puzzle. It provides the tools to allow anyone to sort through possible connections and to make sense of their dreams.From entries ranging from “Abandonment” to…
Author(s): J.M. DeBord

4. 12,000 Dreams Interpreted: A New Edition for the 21st Century (2011)

 Best Dreams Books You Should Read Nearly a century ago, Gustavus Hindman Miller published his groundbreaking masterwork, 10,000 Dreams Interpreted, the most compelling and thorough study of all the symbols that appear in our dreamscape. Miller offered an enlightening introduction to dream history and types, and organized his symbols into eminently logical categories. Now, popular psychic and medium Linda Shields has updated this classic, featuring revisions and additions to more than 2,000 of his original interpretations as well as 2,000 entirely new entries. This brings the book up to speed with our modern life, including objects unknown in Miller’s time, such…
Author(s): Linda Shields , Gustavus Hindman Miller, et al.

5. Dreamer’s Dictionary (1986)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadThis backlist favorite, selling over 1 million copies since its first publication, has been repackaged for a dynamic new look. The result of years of research, this easy-to-use guide tells how to distinguish the four types of dreams, identify dream symbols, and understand meanings. “Admirable”.–New York Times. #8,814 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #9 in Dreams (Books) Would you like to ?If you are a seller for this product, would you like to ?…
Author(s): Stearn Robinson, Tom Corbett

6. No Place Like Known: A Journey Of Self-Discovery, Chasing Dreams, And Finding Home Right Where You Are (2019)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadIf we were sitting down to coffee and you were to be totally honest with me, and with yourself, would you be willing to admit that maybe there’s a bit of restlessness in your soul? It’s as if you know there’s more out there than what you are currently living, but you can’t quite figure out what that looks like or even how to get there. Maybe the idea of change scares you, but you are starting to fear the thought of everything staying the same even more than the change. Maybe you fear giving it all you’ve got, only to be let down. Maybe the approval…
Author(s): Megan Valentine

7. The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary: How to Interpret Dream Symbol Meaning for Personal Growth (2018)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadOne dream symbol can reveal the meaning of an entire life-transforming dream. This dream dictionary unlocks the power of dream symbols with tips, tools, and 1500 symbols defined for personal growth by the author of The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation. Dream symbols divulge insights about yourself and your life: your hopes, fears, opportunities, clues to life direction and what’s holding you back. This book teaches you to master the art of dream symbol translation and discover hidden pointers to a better life. You’ll learn: This comprehensive dictionary…
Author(s): Nancy Wagaman

8. The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions (2011)

 Best Dreams Books You Should Read  Stop wondering what your dreams and visions mean—and start living the meanings! The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions is a Bible-based guide to dream interpretation that reveals the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.With this set of Master keys, you can unlock the unseen realm! Led by the Holy Spirit, you can manifest God’s Kingdom on earth through Jesus Christ by knowing what your dreams and visions mean.   The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams and Visions contains: Embrace your supernatural communications with God and go deeper into the things of the…
Author(s): Adam Thompson, Adrian Beale, et al.

9. Hailey: A Dream of Hope (2019)

 Best Dreams Books You Should Read***A portion of the royalty proceeds will be donated to the Hope & Heroes Foundation which helps fund research and programs for children with cancer. Thank you for your purchase.Life changes in an instant when you hear, “your child has cancer.” At that moment, you know life will never, ever be the same…This is the story of an amazing little girl who changed and inspired so many people with her brave fight with leukemia. Hailey was just over a year old when she was diagnosed with AML, the most aggressive form of leukemia. She was too young to have any idea what was happening, but she handled all that came at…
Author(s): Kristen Niclaus

10. Dream journal: Notebook for your dreams and their interpretations – Magical moon cover (2018)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadDreams are precious gifts. They are windows to your innermost self and through them you can learn more about your subconscious feelings, increase your self-awareness, access your creativity and be guided by your inner wisdom. This dream journal helps you record your dreams and guides you in interpreting their significance with the help of prompting questions and checkboxes. Size: 7” x 10” (17.8 x 25.4 cm) – plenty of space to record your dreams and their interpretations Cover: perfect-bound paperback so the pages don’t fall out Interior: – white…
Author(s): Keep Track Books

11. The Dream of You: Let Go of Broken Identities and Live the Life You Were Made For (2018)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadLet’s be honest, the life you lead isn’t what you’ve always dreamt. And maybe the person you’ve become isn’t who you’ve always imagined. Sure, you can clean it up. You can work longer, love harder, and eat better. You can scrub the surface of your life until it gleams and still never address the fact that somehow you lost sight of who you really are and what you’re living for.            As the child of Nigerian immigrants in the UK, author and speaker Jo Saxton knows firsthand how quickly the world…
Author(s): Jo Saxton, Ann Voskamp

12. Understanding the Dreams You Dream Revised and Expanded (2010)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadUnderstanding The Dreams You Dream is written from a Christian perspective to help Christians understand the symbolic language of dreams. Deliberately written without technical jargon, this book can be easily understood and used by everyone. It is the only complete, one volume reference book for interpreting dreams on the market today #53,198 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #920 in Christian Self Help #1804 in Christian Spiritual Growth (Books) #52 in Dreams (Books) Would you like to ?If you are a seller for this product, would you like to ?…
Author(s): Ira Milligan

13. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: The inspiration for the films Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 (1996)

 Best Dreams Books You Should ReadBy 2021, the World War has killed millions, driving entire species into extinction and sending mankind off-planet. Those who remain covet any living creature, and for people who can’t afford one, companies built incredibly realistic simulacra: horses, birds, cats, sheep. They’ve even built humans. Immigrants to Mars receive androids so sophisticated they are indistinguishable from true men or women. Fearful of the havoc these artificial humans can wreak, the government bans them from Earth. Driven into hiding, unauthorized androids…
Author(s): Philip K. Dick

Best Dreams Books You Should Read

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some dreams books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Toward An Anthropological Theory of Value: The False Coin of Our Own Dreams

Author(s): Graeber, David
ID: 2417879, Publisher: Macmillan distributor, Palgrave Macmillan, Year: Dec. 2001, Size: 437 Kb, Format: epub

Make It Happen: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Author(s): Jordanna Levin
ID: 2394423, Publisher: Murdoch Books, Year: 6 May 2019, Size: 2 Mb, Format: epub

I Heart My Life: Discover Your Purpose, Transform Your Mindset, and Create Success Beyond Your Dreams

Author(s): Emily Williams
ID: 2375092, Publisher: Hay House UK, Year: 4 Jun 2019, Size: 3 Mb, Format: epub

Please note that this booklist is not absolute. Some books are absolutely record-breakers according to The Wall Street Journal, others are drafted by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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