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Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate List

Looking for the best Dragon Fantasy books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

1. Fueled by Dragon’s Fire (Return of the Dragonborn) (2018)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate List” through an urban fantasy that brings the ancient past to the distant future.” ★★★★★ The ancient dragonborn people have returned to Shaeyara, and with them came the dragons. But the celebration of their return is short lived as they soon discover they are not welcome. The world is at war.After living underground for eight months, Andie and her followers have had enough. It is time to return to the surface to find her people, and together they must stop the lies and prove to the world who the true monsters are: The University that has had the world in…
Author(s): N.M. Howell

2. Reign of Dragons: a dragon fantasy romance adventure series (Dragon Dojo Brotherhood) (2019)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListMy sister and I are human orphans raised by the world’s best assassin, taught to steal and kill our way through the dragonlands under her watchful eye. Grown men fear us, and no one knows we’re coming until it’s too late to run. Irena is missing. My mentor is gone. And as for me… the man responsible for this mess thought he killed me. He kicked me into a pit, and he left me to die. In the darkness, facing death itself, I fused with dragons. I had no choice. This is ancient magic, and dangerous people want it. They want me, dead or alive, and they’ll start a war if that’s what it…
Author(s): Olivia Ash

3. Dragons & Fantasy (Drawing Made Easy) (2009)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListDrawing fire-breathing beasts and mysterious, magical creatures has never been so much fun—or so easy! In this 64-page how-to-draw book, fantasy artist Kythera of Anevern demonstrates how to draw dragons, fairies, ogres, merfolk, and everything in between! Readers will discover in-depth tips and techniques for drawing textures such as fur, hair, scales, and teeth, as well as features like tails, wings, talons, hooves, and horns. With a wealth of fanciful drawings and in-depth instruction on re-creating extraordinary creatures in graphite, this book is ideal for anyone who is fascinated by the fantastic….
Author(s): Kythera of Anevern

4. The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King (2015)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate List Arrogant. Scornful. Full of pride. Darnuir, Prince of Dragons, cares nothing for the damage he's doing to the faltering alliance against the Shadow. He thinks himself invincible – right up till a mortal wound forces him to undergo a dangerous rebirthing spell, leaving him a helpless babe in human hands. Twenty years pass and demonic forces are poised to sweep across the land. With the alliance between humanity, dragons, and fairies fracturing, Darnuir will have to uncover the secrets of his past, seek redemption for his sins, and rally…
Author(s): Michael R. Miller

5. Age of Dragons: a dragon fantasy romance adventure series (Dragon Dojo Brotherhood) (2019)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListAn assassin. A ghost in the night. The sort of phantom that gives grown men nightmares. Determined to undo all of this, Zurie is now at war.With me. This will be a gruesome end for one of us—and I don’t care if she’s the best assassin in the world. Because I’m not the same little girl she trained to murder and steal from dragons.I’m a warrior, something neither human nor dragon. There’s more power brewing within me than even I realize, and it’s about to break free. Age of Dragons is a full-length novel with a badass heroine, a riveting storyline, and an alternative relationship dynamic. Get ready for a heart-pounding…
Author(s): Olivia Ash

6. The Dragon’s Blade: The Last Guardian (Volume 3) (2018)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListAs winter wanes, the fragile bonds of the Three Races begin to break. With Darnuir recovering from his addiction, and Blaine reclusive in the hallways of his Order, it falls to Lira to manage the mounting tension between the humans and zealous dragons before catastrophe strikes from within the city walls. In Brevia, King Arkus unveils his new weapons to the Assembly of Lords, but is it a gift to his people or a threat? Cassandra fears it the latter and vows to curb her father’s new unchecked power that she herself helped to create. And beneath the burned mountain of Kar’drun, Dukoona suffers at the hands of his…
Author(s): Michael R. Miller

7. Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers–Book 1) (2017)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate List“If you thought that there was no reason left for living after the end of the Sorcerer’s Ring series, you were wrong. In RISE OF THE DRAGONS Morgan Rice has come up with what promises to be another brilliant series, immersing us in a fantasy of trolls and dragons, of valor, honor, courage, magic and faith in your destiny. Morgan has managed again to produce a strong set of characters that make us cheer for them on every page.…Recommended for the permanent library of all readers that love a well-written fantasy.”–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto MattosThe #1 Bestseller!From #1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice…
Author(s): Morgan Rice

8. Stargate SG-1: Four Dragons (2010)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListShortly after Daniel Jackson returns from his time among the ascended Ancients, he volunteers to join an archaeological survey of Chinese ruins on P3Y-702. But after accidentally activating a Goa’uld transport ring, Daniel finds himself the prisoner of the Goa’uld Lord Yu. Blaming himself for Daniel’s capture, Jack O’Neill vows to go to any lengths to get him back – even if it means taking matters into his own hands. #1,957,718 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #7973 in TV, Movie & Game Tie-In Fiction #172958 in American Literature (Books) #26190…
Author(s): Diana Dru Botsford

9. Piece of Dragon: A Fantasy Romance (Haret Chronicles: Qilin) (2018)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListThe Ringmaster is coming… to steal me away.For years, my odd ability to manipulate others kept me one step ahead of the Underbelly Circus – a place nobody like me lives through.Everything goes to hell when a gorgeous stranger dies right in front of me, resurrects himself as a dragon, and begs me to follow him straight into the Underbelly beast.He claims I’m the lost Qilin Queen – a magical freaking unicorn.I can smell the truth in his words, and he’s desperate. How can I help him, if he works for my greatest enemy?The answer comes barreling…
Author(s): Laurel Chase

10. The Dragon Kings (2018)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListAspen doesn’t know how to behave in front of the shifter dragon king…. And the consequences are deadly. But, Aspen, never one to fear much of anything, tells him to get lost. If she knew who he was, she might act differently. But to her, Sid is just a reminder of a past she’d rather forget. Sid won’t leave Aspen alone, because she’s the one girl that might be able to help save him and the rest of the dragons. He hadn’t planned on falling love… The complete 5 book series included in this box set! #782,376 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) Would you like to ?If you are a seller for this product, would you like to…
Author(s): Kimberly Loth

11. The Books of Caledan Trilogy: (An Epic Fantasy Collection: The Tainted Crown, The Brooding Crown, The Shattered Crown) (2018)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListOne queen’s assassination sparks a war between dragons, elves, humans and elementals. Discover the fast-paced epic fantasy series by USA Today Bestselling Author Meg Cowley that has readers raving.★★★★★ “The characters are believable, the action fast paced and the story engaging. You’ll have a hard time putting down this book.”★★★★★ “An amazing series full of Elves, Dragons, Magic, Gods, and Man.”★★★★★ “The best I have read in a very long time.”The Tainted Crown: The First Book of CaledanFramed for the murder of the Queen, her son, Prince Soren, must run for his life. Soren must discover whether the price…
Author(s): Meg Cowley

12. Trial by Fae (Dragon’s Gift: The Dark Fae) (2019)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate ListI lead a humble life slaughtering monsters. As long as no one learns that I'm descended from a line of forbidden Dragon Bloods, I can keep my job and my life.But when a fiercely sexy Fae king realizes I'm his fated mate, I've got problems. Especially since A), he hates me and B), he learns my secret. It puts my whole life at risk. I want to kill my mate.The stars align when my job sends me to the Fae Court as an undercover agent to investigate him. Did the king kill hundreds?Even when I'm in disguise, he only has eyes only for me. He senses that I'm his mate, and…
Author(s): Linsey Hall

13. Dragons: An Adult Coloring Book with Mythical Fantasy Creatures, Beautiful Warrior Women, and Epic Fantasy Scenes for Dragon Lovers (2017)

 Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate List2019 Gift IdeasEnter the surreal world of Dragons in this mystical coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer.Our Dragons coloring book takes you on a journey into a realm of fire breathing dragons and friendly dragons. Along the way you’ll meet beautiful princesses with their dragons, scary dragons in flight, and cute baby dragons. Bring each scene to life with your favorite colors and release your inner artist.Each page in our Dragons coloring book features an incredible drawing that is ready to be…
Author(s): Jade Summer

Best Dragon Fantasy Books: The Ultimate List

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some dragon fantasy books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

The Little Book of Drawing Dragons & Fantasy Characters

Author(s): Michael Dobrzycki
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing, Year: 2019, Size: 16 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2815817

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2: Tomb of the Dragon King

Author(s): Matt Riggsby, Nikola Vrtis
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games, Year: 2018, Size: 8 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2640279

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 4: Dragons

Author(s): Sean Punch
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games, Year: 2018, Size: 3 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2640282

Sew Fantasy Toys: 10 Sewing Patterns for Magical Creatures from Dragons to Mermaids

Author(s): Melanie McNeice
Publisher: David & Charles, Year: 2015, Size: 75 Mb, Download: cbz
ID: 2333285

Sew fantasy toys: easy sewing patterns for magical creatures from dragons to mermaids

Author(s): McNeice, Melanie
Publisher: F+W Media;David & Charles, Year: 2015, Size: 9 Mb, Download: azw3
ID: 2723179

Dragon Rampant: Fantasy Wargaming Rules

Author(s): Daniel Mersey; Craig Spearing(Illustrations)
Publisher: Osprey Games, Year: 2015, Size: 4 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2736844

Fantasy creatures in clay: techniques for sculpting dragons, griffins and more

Author(s): Coleman, Emily
Publisher: F+W Media;Impact, Year: 2014, Size: 57 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2582454

Magical Cross Stitch Designs: Over 60 Fantasy Cross Stitch Designs Featuring Fairies, Wizards, Witches and Dragons

Author(s): Contributors, Various
Publisher: F+W Media, Year: 2014, Size: 171 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2668210

Here be dragons: exploring fantasy maps and settings

Author(s): Ekman, Stefan
Publisher: Wesleyan Univ. Press, Year: 2013, Size: 18 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2673239

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