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Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate List

Looking for the best Donald Westlake books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

Jimmy the Kid (The Dortmunder Novels) (2012)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate List  When his “friend” Andy Kelp has a plan, career criminal John Dortmunder knows that means trouble. Kelp’s schemes, no matter how well intentioned, tend to spiral quickly out of control. But this one, Kelp swears, is airtight. He read it in a book!   The novel featured a kidnapping so brilliant there’s no way it wouldn’t work in real life.
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

Brothers Keepers (Hard Case Crime) (2019)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate ListWhat will a group of monks do when their two-century-old monastery in New York City is threatened with demolition to make room for a new high-rise? Anything they have to.
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

Help I Am Being Held Prisoner (Hard Case Crime) (2018)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate ListJAILED FOR A JOKEIt isn’t easy going to jail for a practical joke. Of course, this particular joke left 20 cars wrecked on the highway and two politicians’ careers in tatters – so jail is where Harold Künt landed. Now he’s just trying to keep a low profile in the Big House. He wants no part of his fellow inmates’ plan to use an escape tunnel to rob two banks. But it’s too late; he’s in it up to his neck. And that neck may just wind up in a nooseHELP I AM BEING HELD PRISONER is Donald E.
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

Baby, Would I Lie: A Romance of the Ozarks (1994)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate ListWishing to escape tabloid journalism, Sara Joslyn is disgusted when her new editor gives her a story involving a gory sex-murder trial, until she learns that a country singer, known to her, may be involved #5,778,552 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #250779 in Mysteries (Books) #131488 in Contemporary Literature & Fiction Would you like to ?If you are a seller for this product, would you like to ?
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

Forever and a Death (Hard Case Crime) (2018)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate ListA formerly rich businessman thrown out of Hong Kong when the Chinese took over from the British decides to fix his dire financial problems and take revenge on the Chinese by tunneling under Hong Kong’s bank vaults and stealing all their gold, then using a doomsday device to set off a “soliton wave” that will turn the ground to sludge, c…
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

Double Feature (2020)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate ListWHAT’S HIDDEN BEHIND THE SILVER SCREEN?In New York City, a movie critic has just murdered his girlfriend – well, one of his girlfriends (not to be confused with his wife).
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

361 (Hard Case Crime Novels) (2011)

 Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate ListThe men in the tan-and-cream Chrysler came with guns blazing. When Ray woke up in the hospital a month later, he was missing an eye, and his father was dead. Then things started to get bad From the incomparable Donald E. Westlake comes a devastating story of betrayal and revenge, exploring the limits of family loyalty and how far a man will go when everything he loves is taken from him.
Author(s): Donald E. Westlake

Best Donald Westlake Books: The Ultimate List

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The Getaway Car: Nonfiction Miscellany

Author(s): Westlake, Donald E
ID: 2089113, Publisher: University of Chicago Press, Year: 2014, Size: 295 Kb, Format: epub

Get Real

Author(s): Donald E. Westlake
ID: 625370, Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, Year: 2009, Size: 821 Kb, Format: pdf

What's So Funny?

Author(s): Donald E. Westlake
ID: 506838, Publisher: , Year: 2008, Size: 382 Kb, Format: pdf

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