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Best Cook Books That Will Hook You

While there are many courses and tutorials online, learning from a book is still one of the best ways to greatly improve your skills. Below I have selected top Cook books.

1. Cook Once, Eat All Week: 26 Weeks of Gluten-Free, Affordable Meal Prep to Preserve Your Time & Sanity (2019)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouHave you ever tried a meal prep plan before and gotten so excited about having your cooking for the week done ahead of time, only to find yourself totally exhausted after a full day in the kitchen, shocked by your grocery bill, and tired of the same leftovers by Tuesday? Cassy Joy Garcia had been there, too. As a mom, business owner, and Nutrition Consultant, she needed to get a healthy, affordable, and tasty dinner on the table fast every night, and she knew there had to be a better way to do it.  She finally cracked the code when she discovered that by…
Author(s): Cassy Joy Garcia

2. Water Sleeps: A Novel of the Black Company (Chronicles of The Black Company) (2000)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouRegrouping in Taglios, the surviving members of the Black Company are determined to free their fellow warriors held in stasis beneath the glittering plain. Journeying there under terrible conditions, they arrive just in time for a magical conflagration in which the bones of the world will be revealed, the history of the Company unveiled, and new world gained and lost…all at a terrible price. One of the greatest fantasy epics of our age continues in this ninth installment of Glen Cook’s Chronicles of the Black Company. #1,299,049 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #2069 in Military Fantasy (Books) #8703 in Dark…
Author(s): Glen Cook

3. The Complete Cook’s Country TV Show Cookbook Season 12: Every Recipe and Every Review from all Twelve Seasons (2019)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouTake a recipe road trip across America with Cook’s Country at the wheel and cook along with the TV show. Discover recipes that are foolproof recreations of classic and regional favorites–from small towns to big cities. Season 12 recipes include American classics like Cast Iron Baked Chicken and Grilled Bacon Burgers with Caramelized Onion as well as newly re-created recipes for Monroe County-Style Pork Chops and Drop Meatballs. And revel in 3 chapters of desserts, including Gooey Butter Cake Bars and Blueberry Jam Cake. In addition to more than 450 recipes for great American food,…
Author(s): America’s Test Kitchen

4. Orthopedic Physical Examination Tests: An Evidence-Based Approach (2007)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouThis book is the first to truly demonstrate benefit, by using a test and measure for screening or for diagnostic confirmation, which shows appropriate diagnostic accuracy, is free from bias, and should be reproducible and effective for the condition and clinical environment at hand. Since for some orthopedic clinicians, the statistical terminology may be unfamiliar, chapter one is essentially a user’s guide for the book.  Additional chapters include: Neurological and Structural Differentiation Testing , Special Clinical Tests of the…
Author(s): Chad Cook, Eric Hegedus

5. But It’s Not My Fault! (Responsible Me!) (2015)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouMy name is Norman David Edwards… but everybody calls me Noodle. Sometimes things happen to me that get me into trouble. But it’s not my fault! This first book in the new Responsible Me! Series, follows Noodle through a very rough day at school. It just isn’t his fault that his brother’s game ran late and he didn’t finish his homework. Or that his mom forgot to remind him to turn in his library book. Or that Mary Gold got in his airspace and hit his arm with her head… Join Noodle on his journey as he learns not to blame others or try to find fault; but instead practices accepting…
Author(s): Julia Cook, Anita DuFalla

6. Pandemic (A Medical Thriller) (2019)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouWhen a young, seemingly healthy woman collapses suddenly on a New York City subway car and dies upon reaching the hospital, her case is chalked up to a virulent strain of influenza. That is, until she ends up on veteran medical examiner Jack Stapleton’s autopsy table, where Jack discovers some striking anomalies: First, that the young woman has had a heart transplant, and second, that her DNA matches that of the transplanted heart. After two other victims succumb to a similar rapid death, Jack fears the city is facing an unprecedented pandemic. But the facts aren’t adding up, and now Jack must…
Author(s): Robin Cook

7. Cook It in Cast Iron: Kitchen-Tested Recipes for the One Pan That Does It All (Cook’s Country) (2016)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouThe cast-iron skillet is a sturdy, versatile, traditional kitchen workhorse that 85% of us own but far fewer of us reach for daily, mostly because we have one or two recipes we use it for and otherwise it stays in the back of the cabinet. In this new cookbook, the editors of Cook’s Country will show you everything you need to know about cast-iron cookware and the many (and often surprising) dishes you can cook and bake in this multitasker of a pan, from the classic dishes everyone knows and loves like steak, perfect fried eggs, and cornbread, to innovative and inspiring recipes like skillet…
Author(s): Cook’s Country

8. A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption (2019)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouThe powerful, dramatic story of how a successful Hollywood set designer whose identity was deeply rooted in his homosexuality came to be suddenly and utterly transformed by the power of the gospel.When Becket Cook moved from Dallas to Los Angeles after college, he discovered a socially progressive, liberal town that embraced not only his creative side but also his homosexuality. He devoted his time to growing his career as a successful set designer and to finding “the one” man who would fill his heart. His life centered around celebrity-filled Hollywood parties…
Author(s): Becket Cook, Francis Chan

9. That Rule Doesn’t Apply to Me! (Responsible Me!) (2016)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouNoodle is having a rough couple of days. The rules keep getting in the way of his fun! Rules for this and rules for that. There are so many rules – too many rules! Rules stink! And Noodle struggles because he doesn’t think many of them actually apply to HIM! Can’t he just have a rule-free day? Author Julia Cook’s newest book in the Responsible Me! series will have readers in stitches as Noodle describes the variety of rules he deals with daily. Will Noodle’s mother and teacher convince him that rules are meant to help, not harm, him? #4,353 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #41 in Children’s…
Author(s): Julia Cook, Anita DuFalla

10. It’s My Way or the Highway: Turning Bossy Into Flexible and Assertive (Leader I’ll Be!) (The Leader I’ll Be) (2019)

Best Cook Books That Will Hook YouCora June is B-O-S-S-Y! She points out her teacher’s boring assignments. She dictates the games people plays at recess. She even objects to family dinners. If Cora June doesn’t get her way in the classroom, on the playground, or at home, she can make life miserable for those around her. Will anyone put the brakes on her outlandish demands? And will Cora June ever realize that she can be a leader, but still be flexible? Or that there’s a difference between being assertive and being bossy? See what lessons are learned in this eye-opening tale about the benefits of not always…
Author(s): Julia Cook, Kyle Merriman

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We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Genesis and download some cook books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Coaching for high performance : how to develop exceptional results through coaching

Author(s): Sarah Cook.
Publisher:, Year: [2005?], Size: 398 Kb, Download: pdf
ID: 1156318

Drupal 7 Cookbook

Author(s): James, Duncan Spencer
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited, Year: July 2012, Size: 15 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2415093

Node Cookbook

Author(s): Clements, David Mark
Publisher: Packt Publishing, Limited, Year: July 2012, Size: 2 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2416270

Hillside Farm

Publisher: Alf Cooke Ltd & Frederick Stokes Co, Year: c1890, Size: 4 Mb, Download: cbr
ID: 850882

The Healthy Electric Smoker Cookbook: 100 Recipes with All-Natural Ingredients and Fewer Carbs!

Author(s): Robyn Lindars
Publisher: Alpha, Year: 7 May 2019, Size: 59 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2368989

The Big Peruvian Cookbook: 100 Delicious Traditional Recipes from Peru

Author(s): Morena Cuadra, Morena Escardó
Publisher: Skyhorse, Year: 5 Feb 2019, Size: 31 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2325300

The Everything Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Author(s): Lindsay Boyers
Publisher: Everything, Year: 5 Dec 2017, Size: 3 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2366654

Indian Food Under Pressure: Indian Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker

Author(s): Ashley Singh Thomas
Publisher: My Heart Beets, Year: 31 Aug 2017, Size: 8 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2237584

The Blueberry Cookbook: Year-Round Recipes from Field to Table

Author(s): Sally Pasley Vargas
Publisher: Down East Books, Year: 29 May 2019, Size: 22 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2376024

If I Can Cook/You Know God Can: African American Food Memories, Meditations, and Recipes

Author(s): Ntozake Shange
Publisher: Beacon Press;, Year: 29 Jan 2019, Size: 3 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2321819

Please note that this booklist is not absolute. Some books are really chart-busters according to The New York Times, others are composed by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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