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Best CIA Books That Will Hook You

Here is a list of the best Cia books, some I have read myself, some that I did research on, and all have great reviews!

The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception (2010)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouMagic or spycraft? In 1953, against the backdrop of the Cold War, the CIA initiated a top-secret program, code-named MKULTRA, to counter Soviet mind-control and interrogation techniques.
Author(s): H. Keith Melton, Robert Wallace

The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World (2017)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouAuthor of three books on CIA operations, Valentine’s research into CIA activities began when CIA Director William Colby gave him free access to interview CIA officials who had been involved in various aspects of the Phoenix program in South Vietnam. It was a permission Colby was to regret.
Author(s): Douglas Valentine

The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government (2016)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouAn explosive, headline-making portrait of Allen Dulles, the man who transformed the CIA into the most powerful—and secretive—colossus in Washington, from the founder of Salon.com and author of the New York Times bestseller Brothers.America’s greatest untold story: the United States’ rise to world dominance under the guile of Allen Welsh Dulles, the longest-serving director of the CIA. Drawing on revelatory new materials—including newly discovered U.S.
Author(s): David Talbot

Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officers Teach You How to Detect Deception (2013)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouThree former CIA officers–among the world’s foremost authorities on recognizing deceptive behavior–share their proven techniques for uncovering a lieImagine how different your life would be if you could tell whether someone was lying or telling you the truth.
Author(s): Philip Houston , Michael Floyd , et al.

The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIA’s Clandestine Service (2013)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouRevelatory and groundbreaking, The Art of Intelligence will change the way people view the CIA, domestic and foreign intelligence, and international terrorism. Henry A. “Hank” Crumpton, a twenty-four-year veteran of the CIA’s Clandestine Service, offers a thrilling account that delivers profound lessons about what it means to serve as an honorable spy.
Author(s): Henry A. Crumpton

The CIA World Factbook Volume 1: Full-Size 2019 Edition: Giant Format, 600+ Pages: The #1 Global Reference, Complete & Unabridged – Vol. 1 of 3, … ~ Gabon (Carlile Intelligence Library) (2019)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouTHE , , GLOBAL REFERENCE WORK – FULLY UPDATED FOR 2019VOLUME – CONTAINS: For Volume 2, search for “1792997396”.For Volume 3, search for “1792997418”. The World Factbook provides information on the , , , , , , , , and for .
Author(s): Central Intelligence Agency, Carlile Media

The CIA UFO Papers: 50 Years of Government Secrets and Cover-Ups (MUFON) (2019)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouIn autumn 2016 the CIA sent to its website (www.cia.gov/library/readingroom) a cache of electronic files previously released under the Freedom of Information Act but housed at the National Archives.
Author(s): Dan Wright, Jan Harzan

The Book of Honor : The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives (2001)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouIn the entrance of the CIA headquarters looms a huge marble wall into which seventy-one stars are carved-each representing an agent who has died in the line of duty. Official CIA records only name thirty-five of them, however. Undeterred by claims that revealing the identities of these “nameless stars” might compromise national security, Ted Gup sorted through thousands of documents and interviewed over 400 CIA officers in his attempt to bring their long-hidden stories to light.
Author(s): Ted Gup

The CIA World Factbook 2019-2020 (2019)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouFrom Afghanistan to Zimbabwe,  offers complete and up-to-date information on the world's nations. This comprehensive guide is packed with data on the politics, populations, military expenditures, and economics of 2019. For each country,  includes: Also included are appendixes with useful abbreviations, international environmental agreements, international organizations and groups, weight and measure conversions, and more.
Author(s): Central Intelligence Agency

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life: A Former CIA Officer Reveals Safety and Survival Techniques to Keep You and Your Family Protected (2016)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouWhen Jason Hanson joined the CIA in 2003, he never imagined that the same tactics he used as a CIA officer for counter intelligence, surveillance, and protecting agency personnel would prove to be essential in every day civilian life.
Author(s): Jason Hanson

Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA (Random House Large Print) (2019)

 Best CIA Books That Will Hook YouAmaryllis Fox was in her last year as an undergraduate at Oxford studying theology and international law when her writing mentor Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded. Galvanized by this brutality, Fox applied to a master’s program in conflict and terrorism at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, where she created an algorithm that predicted, with uncanny certainty, the likelihood of a terrorist cell arising in any village around the world. At twenty-one, she was recruited by the CIA.
Author(s): Amaryllis Fox

Best Cia Books That Will Hook You

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some cia books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Black Site: The CIA in the Post-9/11 World

Author(s): Philip Mudd
ID: 2393832, Publisher: Liveright, Year: 30 July 2019, Size: 431 Kb, Format: epub

Transitional (in)Justice and Enforcing the Peace on Palestine

Author(s): Brendan Ciarán Browne
ID: 3654170, Publisher: Palgrave Pivot, Year: 2023, Size: 2 Mb, Format: pdf

Active Inference: Third International Workshop, IWAI 2022, Grenoble, France, September 19, 2022, Revised Selected Papers

Author(s): Christopher L. Buckley, Daniela Cialfi, Pablo Lanillos, Maxwell Ramstead, Noor Sajid, Hideaki Shimazaki, Tim Verbelen
ID: 3682962, Publisher: Springer, Year: 2023, Size: 22 Mb, Format: pdf

Please note that this booklist is not final. Some books are truly record-breakers according to Washington Post, others are drafted by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant links you could recommend? Leave a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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