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Best Charlemagne Books You Should Read

While there are many courses and tutorials online, learning from a book is still one of the best ways to greatly improve your skills. Below I have selected top Charlemagne books.

1. Charlemagne: A Biography (2007)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadCharlemagne was an extraordinary figure: an ingenious military strategist, a wise but ruthless leader, a cunning politician, and a devout believer who ensured the survival of Christianity in the West. He also believed himself above the rules of the church, siring bastards across Europe and coldly ordering the execution of 4,500 prisoners. Derek Wilson shows how this complicated, fascinating man married the military might of his army to the spiritual force of the Church in Rome, thereby forging Western Christendom. This is a remarkable portrait of Charlemagne and of the…
Author(s): Derek Wilson

2. Two Lives of Charlemagne (Penguin Classics) (2008)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadCharlemage, known as the father of Europe, was one of the most powerful and dynamic of all medieval rulers. The biographies brought together here provide a rich and varied portrait of the king from two perspectives: that of Einhard, a close friend and adviser, and of Notker, a monastic scholar and musician writing fifty years after Charlemagne’s death.For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines….
Author(s): Einhard , Notker the Stammerer, et al.

3. Son of Charlemagne (Living History Library) (1998)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadThe year is 781 A.D. King Charles of the Franks is crossing the Alps with his family and court on a journey to meet with Pope Hadrian. One frosty night he speaks to his young son Carl of his plans for the future: "When we come to Rome you will know that I am naming you my heir. One day you will rule over all my lands…" But the King already had an heir, Pepin the Hunchback, mockingly called Gobbo. Was he to be dispossessed? Yet Carl sees that Charlemagne is determined to do what he feels is best to serve God and Europe. The many-faceted story of the great Emperor…
Author(s): Barbara Willard, Emil Weiss

4. Charlemagne: The Formation of a European Identity (2008)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadCharlemagne is often claimed as the greatest ruler in Europe before Napoleon. This magisterial study re-examines Charlemagne the ruler and his reputation. It analyses the narrative representations of Charlemagne produced after his death, and thereafter focuses on the evidence from Charlemagne’s lifetime concerning the creation of the Carolingian dynasty and the growth of the kingdom, the court and the royal household, communications and identities in the Frankish realm in the context of government, and Charlemagne’s religious and cultural strategies. The book offers a critical examination of…
Author(s): Rosamond Mckitterick

5. Charlemagne (2016)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadFrom his father, Charlemagne inherited only a part of the Frankish kingdom – little more than half of modern France and the Low Countries. Before his astonishing career had ended, he had conquered half of Europe and his armies had marched through Italy, Germany, and Spain. In a glittering Christmas Day ceremony in Rome, in the year 800, he was crowned the new Holy Roman Emperor. More than the heroic conqueror of Western Europe, Charlemagne was an intense and thoughtful human being. His succession of five wives brought him a palace full of children. So warm was his love for his daughters that he could never bear to see them…
Author(s): Richard Winston

6. Two Lives of Charlemagne (2019)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadThis work contains two separate biographical accounts of Charlemagne, or Charles the Great, the man considered to be the father of Europe. One account was penned by the French, medieval biographer, Eginhard, who in 791 joined the royal court to serve as an epic poet, grammarian, mathematician, architect, and ultimately a confidante to the King. Eginhard’s work is believed to be the most accurate portrayal of Charlemagne, and perhaps more importantly, as the finest biography of its time. This edition also contains the highly anecdotal “life” of Charlemagne, penned by the Monk of Saint Gall, who is now…
Author(s): Eginhard, The Monk of St. Gall

7. Charlemagne (2005)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadCharlemagne—ruler of the vast Frankish kingdom from 768 to his death in 814 and Holy Roman emperor from the year 800—is considered the father of Europe. He founded the first empire in western Europe after the fall of Rome, and his court at Aix-la-Chapelle was a center of classical learning and a focus of the Carolingian Renaissance. This book is a splendid introduction to Charlemagne’s life and legend. Matthias Becher describes Charlemagne’s rise to emperor and traces his political and military maneuvering against the Saxons, the Lombards, and…
Author(s): Matthias Becher

8. Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It (2018)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadAn instant New York Times bestseller! Charlamagne Tha God—the self-proclaimed “Prince of Pissing People Off,” cohost of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, and “the most important voice in hip-hop”—shares his eight principles for unlocking your God-given privilege.In Black Privilege, Charlamagne presents his often controversial and always brutally honest insights on how living an authentic life is the quickest path to success. This journey to truth begins in the small town of Moncks Corner, South Carolina,…
Author(s): Tha God, Charlamagne

9. The Magic Runes: A Tale of the Times of Charlemagne (2009)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadLate one day, in the summer of 782 A.D., young Adalinda is startled to come upon a Saxon family in the forest where she lives with her father. Their tribe had been captured by Charlemagne’s soldiers and brought to France after they refused to convert to Christianity, but when Godrith’s wife and children grew too weak to continue marching, the family had been abandoned. Godrith is suspicious of Adalinda’s kindness, remembering how the “Christian” soldiers had burned his village and killed or captured so many of his people, but as she and her father offer shelter to…
Author(s): Emma Leslie , J W D, et al.

10. Becoming Charlemagne: Europe, Baghdad, and the Empires of A.D. 800 (2007)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadOn Christmas morning in the year 800, Pope Leo III placed the crown of imperial Rome on the brow of a Germanic king named Karl—a gesture that enabled the man later hailed as Charlemagne to claim his empire and forever shape the destiny of Europe. Becoming Charlemagne tells the story of the international power struggle that led to this world-changing event, illuminating an era that has long been overshadowed by myth. For 1,200 years, the deeds of Charlemagne inspired kings and crusaders, the conquests of Napoléon and Hitler, and the optimistic architects of the European Union. In this engaging…
Author(s): Jeff Sypeck

11. Charlemagne’s Courtier: The Complete Einhard (Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures) (1998)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadAmong the readings included are several existing letters by Emma (Einhard’s wife), The Life of Charlemagne, and The History of His Relics. The latter work transports us into an almost unknown world as Einhard, the cool rationalist, arranges for a relic salesman, a veritable bone seller, to acquire saints’ relics from Italy for installation into his new church. The reader is taken on an intrigue-filled trip to Rome, where Einhard’s men creep into churches at night to steal bones and then spirit them away to Einhard in the north. The relics are received in town after town as if they were the living saints come to cure the infirm….
Author(s): Paul Edward Dutton

12. The Life of Charlemagne (1960)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadA vivid life of Charlemagne, written ca A.D. 830 by a member of his court #562,758 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #1561 in French History (Books) #9455 in History (Books) #4213 in Historical European Biographies (Books) Would you like to ?If you are a seller for this product, would you like to ?…
Author(s): Einhard, Sidney Painter

13. Charlemagne: Father of a Continent (2018)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadThe most important study of Charlemagne in a generation, this biography by distinguished medievalist Alessandro Barbero illuminates both the man and the world in which he lived. Charles the Great―Charlemagne―reigned from a.d. 768 to a.d. 814. At the time if his death, his empire stretched across Europe to include Bavaria, Saxony, parts of Spain, and Italy. With a remarkable grasp of detail and a sweeping knowledge of Carolingian institutions and economy, Barbero not only brings Charlemagne to life with accounts of his physical appearance, tastes and habits, family life, and ideas and actions but also conveys what it meant to be king of…
Author(s): Alessandro Barbero, Allan Cameron

14. Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me (2019)

 Best Charlemagne Books You Should ReadBeing “shook” is more than a rap lyric for Charlamagne, it’s his mission to overcome. While it may seem like he’s ahead of the game, he is actually plagued by anxieties, such as the fear of losing his roots, the fear of being a bad dad, and the fear of being a terrible husband. In the national bestseller Shook One, Charlamagne chronicles his journey to beat those fears and shows a path that you too can take to overcome the anxieties that may be holding you back. Ironically, Charlamagne’s fear of failure—of falling into the life of…
Author(s): Tha God, Charlamagne

Best Charlemagne Books You Should Read

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Charlemagne: A Captivating Guide to the Greatest Monarch of the Carolingian Empire and How He Ruled over the Franks, Lombards, and Romans

Author(s): Captivating History
Publisher: , Year: 2020, Size: 1 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2750404

King and Emperor: A New Life of Charlemagne

Author(s): Janet L. Nelson
Publisher: Penguin, Year: 2019, Size: 12 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2395234

King and emperor: a new life of Charlemagne

Author(s): Emperor Charlemagne;Nelson, Janet Laughland
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd;Allen Lane, Year: 2019, Size: 30 Mb, Download: epub
ID: 2657301

Bulfinch's Mythology The Age of Fable The Age of Chivalry; Legends of Charlemagne

Author(s): Bulfinch, Thomas
Publisher: Hansebooks GmbH, Year: 2018;2010, Size: 390 Kb, Download: epub
ID: 2576899


Author(s): Johannes Fried
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Year: 2016, Size: 10 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2263791

From Constantine to Charlemagne: an archaeology of Italy, AD 300-800

Author(s): Christie, Neil
Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2016, Size: 14 Mb, Download: pdf
ID: 2653132

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