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Best Baseball History Books You Must Read

Below I’ll give you my selections for the best Baseball History books by a few categories. I will cover these and other great books more in depth later.

The Lords of the Realm: The Real History of Baseball (1995)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadBaseball has always inspired rhapsodic elegies on the glory of man and golden memories of wonderful times.
Author(s): John Helyar

Baseball: A History of America’s Game (Sport and Society) (2018)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadIn this fourth edition, Benjamin G. Rader updates the text with a portrait of baseball’s new order. He charts an on-the-field game transformed by analytics, an influx of Latino and Asian players, and a generation of players groomed for brute power both on the mound and at the plate.
Author(s): Benjamin G. Rader

Baseball: An Illustrated History (2010)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadThe acclaimed nationwide best seller and companion volume to Ken Burns’s grand-slam PBS documentary—updated and expanded to coincide with the broadcast of a new, two-part Tenth Inning that looks back on the age of steroids, home-run records, the rise of Latino players, and so much more.With a narrative by Geoffrey C. Ward, a preface to the new edition by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, a new chapter by Kevin Baker, and an introduction by Roger AngellEssays by Thomas Boswell, Robert W.
Author(s): Geoffrey C. Ward , Ken Burns, et al.

Baseball: A History of America’s Favorite Game (Modern Library Chronicles) (2008)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadBaseball is a narrative of America’s can-do spirit, in which stalwart immigrants such as Henry Chadwick could transplant cricket and rounders into the fertile American culture and in which die-hard unionist baseballers such as Charles Comiskey and Connie Mack could eventually become the tightfisted avatars of the game’s…
Author(s): George Vecsey

Incredible Baseball Stats: The Coolest, Strangest Stats and Facts in Baseball History (2019)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadAs America’s pastime since the mid-1800s, baseball offers the sights, sounds, and even smells that are deeply entrenched in our culture. But for some, the experience can be less sensory. Some, such as Ryan Spaeder and Kevin Reavy, live for baseball statistics.
Author(s): Kevin Reavy, Ryan Spaeder, et al.

The Everything Kids’ Baseball Book: From Baseball’s History to Today’s Favorite Players–With Lots of Home Run Fun in Between! (2016)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadPlay ball! From the backyard to the ballpark, The Everything Kids' Baseball Book, 9th Edition captures all the action, fun, and excitement of America's favorite pastime! Sports reporter Greg Jacobs gives you all the know-how you need to bat a thousand–from learning how to keep score on a scorecard to tips on developing your fielding and hitting skills.
Author(s): Greg Jacobs

Baseball and America (2018)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadBaseball has been a part of America s history for 150 years; it s embedded in its toughest times and helped it heal when not much else would do. It s also responsible for uniting people of all ages, races, and religions across the nation to support a favorite team. Baseball and America is a celebration of those times.
Author(s): Jim Halloran

Baseball History: The History of Baseball Along With Fascinating Facts & Unbelievably True Stories (Best of Baseball History Stories Games) (2017)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadWould you love to know the incredible and exciting history of baseball?Whether you want to (1) learn incredible and interesting facts about baseball history, (2) discover some of baseball’s greatest events and stories, or (3) be thoroughly entertained as you learn how baseball has evolved over the years, this book will teach you everything you need to know.See what happens inside the game.This book is about what makes baseball the sport it is today.
Author(s): Ace McCloud

The Baseball Maniac’s Almanac: The Absolutely, Positively, and without Question Greatest Book of Facts, Figures, and Astonishing Lists Ever Compiled (2016)

 Best Baseball History Books You Must ReadAn addictive read that is sure to spark conversation wherever baseball is spoken, this updated edition of The Baseball Maniac’s Almanac is part reference, part trivia, part brain teaser, and absolutely the most unusual and thorough compendium of baseball stats and facts ever assembled—all verified for accuracy by the Baseball Hall of Fame. In its pages, renowned sportswriter Bert Randolph Sugar presents thousands of fascinating lists, tables, data, and stimulating facts.
Author(s): Stuart Shea, Ken Samelson, et al.

Best Baseball History Books You Must Read

We highly recommend you to buy all paper or e-books in a legal way, for example, on Amazon. But sometimes it might be a need to dig deeper beyond the shiny book cover. Before making a purchase, you can visit resources like Library Genesis and download some baseball history books mentioned below at your own risk. Once again, we do not host any illegal or copyrighted files, but simply give our visitors a choice and hope they will make a wise decision.

Canadian Minor League Baseball - A History Since World War II

Author(s): Jon C. Stott
ID: 3209827, Publisher: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Year: 2022, Size: 9 Mb, Format: epub

Baseball on the Prairie: How Seven Small-Town Teams Shaped Texas League History

Author(s): Kris Rutherford
ID: 3385981, Publisher: Arcadia Publishing, Year: 2021, Size: 7 Mb, Format: epub

Storied & Scandalous St. Louis: A History of Breweries, Baseball, Prejudice, and Protest

Author(s): Jo Allison
ID: 3405125, Publisher: Globe Pequot, Year: 2021, Size: 7 Mb, Format: epub

Please note that this booklist is not final. Some books are truly record-breakers according to The New York Times, others are written by unknown authors. On top of that, you can always find additional tutorials and courses on Coursera, Udemy or edX, for example. Are there any other relevant books you could recommend? Drop a comment if you have any feedback on the list.

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