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Best Angel Books Reviewed & Ranked

Our list of some of the best Angel books & series in recent years. Get inspired by one or more of the following books.

1. The House of Broken Angels (2019)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & Ranked“All we do, mija, is love. Love is the answer. Nothing stops it. Not borders. Not death.”In his final days, beloved and ailing patriarch Miguel Angel de La Cruz, affectionately called Big Angel, has summoned his entire clan for one last legendary birthday party. But as the party approaches, his mother, nearly one hundred, dies, transforming the weekend into a farewell doubleheader. Among the guests is Big Angel’s half brother, known as Little Angel, who must reckon with the truth that although he shares a father with his siblings, he has not, as a half gringo, shared a life.Across two bittersweet days in their San…
Author(s): Luis Alberto Urrea

2. Under Angel Wings: The True Story of a Young Girl and Her Guardian Angel (2001)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedUNDER ANGEL WINGS is the true story of a young girl in Brazil who saw and heard her Guardian Angel during most of her life. The book is filled with real-life anecdotes which are edifying, moving and often humorous. Cecy (See-see) Cony (1900-1937) tells story after story of how her Guardian Angel-whom she calls her "New Friend"-kept her from lying, stealing, revenge, immodesty, and from watching certain movies. She also describes how he protected her in moral dangers which she did not even understand, and how he aided her when she got into trouble because she was a "simpleton," as she puts it. Most…
Author(s): Maria Antonia, O’Leary O.F.M., Fr. Conall

3. Third Grade Angels (2014)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedThe long-awaited prequel to the bestseller FOURTH GRADE RATSGeorge, aka “Suds,” has just entered third grade, and he’s heard the rhyme about “first grade babies/second grade cats/third grade angels/fourth grade rats,” but what does this mean for his school year? It means that his teacher, Mrs. Simms, will hold a competition every month to see which student deserves to be awarded “the halo” – which student is best-behaved, kindest to others, and, in short, perfect. Suds is determined to be the first to earn the halo, but he’s finding the challenge of always being good to…
Author(s): Jerry Spinelli

4. Stolen Angels: Breathtaking Thriller Dealing with Human Trafficking (Jake Storm Series) (2019)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedA fictional story of child abduction by one of the foremost Criminal Investigators in the world. Jake was having a great morning on his secluded island off the coast of Florida when the phone rang and he learned the daughter of a friend had failed to arrive home the night before from a day at the beach. A true day-mare for for any parent. Jake was called to duty once again!…
Author(s): William J Taylor, KH Koehler, et al.

5. The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War (Civil War Trilogy) (1987)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedIn the four most bloody and courageous days of our nation’s history, two armies fought for two conflicting dreams. One dreamed of freedom, the other of a way of life. Far more than rifles and bullets were carried into battle. There were memories. There were promises. There was love. And far more than men fell on those Pennsylvania fields. Bright futures, untested innocence, and pristine beauty were also the casualties of war. Michael Shaara’s Pulitzer Prize–winning masterpiece is unique, sweeping, unforgettable—the dramatic…
Author(s): Michael Shaara

6. Where the Angels Lived (2019)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedThe moment she discovers the existence of Richard, a long-lost relative, at Israel’s Holocaust Museum, Margaret McMullan begins an unexpected journey of revelation and connectivity as she tirelessly researches the history of her ancestors, the Engel de Jánosis. Propelled by a Fulbright cultural exchange that sends her to teach at a Hungarian University, Margaret, her husband and teenage son all eagerly travel to Pécs, the land of her mother’s Jewish lineage. After reaching Pécs, a Hungarian town both small and primarily…
Author(s): Margaret McMullan

7. Angel Vol. 1: Being Human (1) (2019)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedBOOM! Studios, along with visionary writer and director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s The Avengers), presents an all-new re-telling of the pop culture phenomenon Angel!Angel walks the line between two worlds; a vampire cursed with a soul, he’s spent centuries battling back the forces that would destroy humanity, in an attempt to redeem himself for the crimes committed by the monster he was when he was first turned. But now, on the trail of the most recent demonic uprising, he realizes that the redemption he seeks can only come with a price. Torn between his self-sworn mission to protect…
Author(s): Bryan Hill, Joss Whedon, et al.

8. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined (2012)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedA provocative history of violence—from the New York Times bestselling author of The Stuff of Thought, The Blank Slate, and Enlightenment Now.Believe it or not, today we may be living in the most peaceful moment in our species’ existence. In his gripping and controversial new work, New York Times bestselling author Steven Pinker shows that despite the ceaseless news about war, crime, and terrorism, violence has actually been in decline over long stretches of history. Exploding myths about humankind’s inherent violence and the curse of…
Author(s): Steven Pinker

9. When Angels Speak: 22 Angel Communicators Connect You To The Guidance Of The Angels (2019)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedTap into the divine love and energy of the Archangels and guardian angels all around you. Your angels are here to help you develop in positive ways. The angel authors in this book teach you to discover your unique abilities when connecting to this divine source. If you have been struggling with stress, fear, self-doubt, or have been feeling stuck, this book will help connect you with a loving source: your angels.Learn from expert angel communicators how to:· Tap into the unique power of the angelic realm· Use unconditionally loving energy to…
Author(s): Kyra Schaefer

10. Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes: Revised and Complete Edition (2013)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & Ranked“Glorious. A monumental, subversive, altogether remarkable masterwork…Details of specific catastrophes may have changed since this Reagan-era AIDS epic won the Pulitzer and the Tony, but the real cosmic and human obsessions—power, religion, sex, responsibility, the future of the world—are as perilous, yet as falling-down funny, as ever.” –Linda Winer, Newsday”A vast, miraculous play… provocative, witty and deeply upsetting… a searching and radical rethinking of American political drama.” – Frank Rich, New York Times”A victory for theater, for the transforming power of the imagination…
Author(s): Tony Kushner

11. Of Beetles and Angels: A Boy’s Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard (2002)

 Best Angel Books Reviewed & RankedFollowing his father’s advice to “treat all people-even the most unsightly beetles-as though they were angels sent from heaven,” Mawi overcomes the challenges of language barriers, cultural differences, racial prejudice, and financial disadvantage to build a fulfilling, successful life for himself in his new home. Of Beetles and Angels is at once a harrowing survival story and a compelling examination of the refugee experience. With hundreds of thousands of copies sold since its initial publication, and as a frequent selection as one book/one school/one community reads, this unforgettable memoir…
Author(s): Mawi Asgedom

Best Angel Books Reviewed & Ranked

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