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Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your Attention

Looking for the best Alternative Fiction books? Browse our list to find excellent book recommendations on the subject.

2. The Oregon War (2019)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionIn our history, Mt. St. Helens erupted on November 22, 1842. The resulting ash plumed skyward, eventually falling into the Pacific Ocean. But what if the wind was different that day? In The Oregon War, the ash falls into the lush Willamette Valley, poisoning the area and causing hardship and famine for years to come. While the American settlers desperately cling to survival, the British Empire sends troops and ships from the north to protect their interests in the region. Sepoy’s from India land in Astoria, while the Royal Navy flaunts its might. Tensions rise as the great powers of the North American continent bare their…
Author(s): T.T. Drewett

3. Rome – An Alternate History (2019)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionDuring the early stages of the Roman Empire under the Princep Augustus, certain events established a destructive pattern which made inevitable the decline and fall of the empire. I chose one salient nexus point, the accidental death of the superb general Nero Claudius Drusus in the summer of 9 BCE as the point when the decline began to be inevitable. Drusus had already conquered western Germania to the Elbe River and planned to subjugate all of Germania, which at the time extended through Poland to the Vistula River. A civilized Germania would over time consist of fortified cities, and a stable population base. This Germania would add…
Author(s): Brian Boyington

4. Alternative Apocalypse (Alternatives) (2019)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionHow will the world end? With aliens or angels? Or a ground hog?Bleak despair? Martial fervor? Or a belly laugh?Whatever the Apocalypse, It will be borne by people and their families and their dogs and most of all, it will challange their notions of themselves.This anthology includes international award winning writers, poets, and thinkers that give you their version of the Apocalypse.Just remember, we’re all in this together.But there is more, the first short fiction by the wildly popular Blogger, Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station, a new story by Mike Resnick, poetry by Jane Yolen, This is an…
Author(s): Bob Brown, J.J. Steinfeld, et al.

5. Acts of War (Usurper’s War) (2014)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your Attention–Squadron Leader Adam Haynes, No. 303 (Polish) Squadron Heinrich Himmler’s Germany stands triumphant in the West, its “Most Dangerous Enemy” forced to the peace table by a hailstorm of nerve gas and incendiaries. With Adolf Hitler avenged and portions of the Royal Navy seized as war prizes, Nazi Germany casts its baleful gaze across the Atlantic towards an increasingly isolationist United States. With no causus belli, President Roosevelt must convince his fellow Americans that it is better to deal with a triumphant Germany now than to curse their children…
Author(s): James Young

6. Alternative 3: The 1978 Cult SciFi Classic Republished with New Material (2016)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionTruth, they say, is stranger than fiction and so it is with Alternative 3. Alternative 3 revealed a conspiracy so fantastic it was easy to refute. But four decades later facts the author exposed have proven to be true. Global warming is accepted as happening. Presidents Obama and Putin have met to discuss climate change. Scientists continue to disappear. In 2010 nearly 7000,000 people simply vanished in the USA but worse was to come. The number has increased to 900,000 in 2013. Today, Russian and American are sharing space technology at an ever increasing rate. Despite the huge advances, no manned moon landings have been made…
Author(s): Leslie Watkins

7. The Moscow Option: An Alternative Second World War (2013)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionThis provocative alternative history looks at the Second World War from a new angle – what might have happened had the Germans taken Moscow in 1941. Based on authentic history and real possibilities, this unique speculative narrative plays out the dramatic consequences of opportunities taken and examines the grotesque possibilities of a Third Reich triumphant.On 30 September 1941, the Germans fight their way into the ruins of Moscow and the Soviet Union collapses. Although Russian resistance continues, German ambition multiplies after this signal success and offensives are launched in Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East….
Author(s): David Downing

8. Nefertiti’s Heart (The Artifact Hunters) (Volume 1) (2017)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionCara Devon has always suffered curiosity and impetuousness, but tangling with a serial killer might cure that. Cara has a simple mission in London – finalise her father's estate and sell off his damned collection of priceless artifacts. Her plan goes awry when a killer stalks the nobility, searching for an ancient Egyptian relic rumoured to hold the key to immortality. Nathaniel Trent, known as the villainous viscount, is relentless in his desire to lay his hands on both Cara and the priceless artifacts. His icy exterior and fiery touch stirs Cara's demons, or could…
Author(s): A. W. Exley

9. Beyond Science Fiction: The Alternative Realism of Michael Whelan (Baby Tattoo Carnival of Astounding Art) (2018)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionEscape to thought-provoking realms and explore awe-inspiring vistas with Michael Whelan’s “Beyond Science Fiction” art book.Throughout a credentialed career spanning nearly 5 decades, Michael Whelan has successfully straddled the historically at-odds worlds of fine art and commercial illustration. HIs work represents a logic-defying blend of pop-culture-defining imagery and impassioned personal expression that resonates with sophisticated art collectors as well as with top professionals in genre media. Michael Whelan’s significance as the architect of a unique genus of imaginative art that combines the detail-rich…
Author(s): Michael Whelan, Robert Williams

10. The Alternative: Awaken Your Dream, Unite Your Community, and Live in Hope (2019)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your Attention“The Alternative is about thinking differently. Doing differently. Creating your own path. Taking paths of great resistance. And actually making a difference in the lives around us … and in the world at large.” —Caleb Stanley and Austin DennisThe Alternative: Awaken Your Dreams, Unite Your Community and Live in Hope focuses on the big issues in life: friendship, dating, anxiety, self-esteem, faith, and the future—to name a few. Caleb Stanley and Austin Dennis, cofounders of The Alternative nonprofit, bring together inspirational voices such as Jefferson Bethke, Luke…
Author(s): Caleb Stanley , Austin Dennis , et al.

11. Sudden Game (2019)

 Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your AttentionA naked woman takes one hundred thousand fans by surprise when she storms the playing field. The writing on her buttocks reads: Free World. Contrary to expectations, the stewards do nothing to stop her. As she stands alone frozen in the middle of field, the only person to come to her rescue is a young man named Simon.The stunned fans scrambling to exit the stadium discover its gates have been shut and snipers positioned on the roof are shooting at anyone who tries to disrupt order, forcing the fans to remain inside the stadium against their will.All 100,000 fans realize life as they…
Author(s): Amos Talshir

Best Alternative Fiction Books Worth Your Attention

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Alternative outcome: Where fact and fiction collide (Mike Stanhope Mysteries Book 1)

Author(s): Rowlands, Peter [Rowlands, Peter]
ID: 2427843, Publisher: Topham Publishing, Year: 2016, Size: 548 Kb, Format: azw3

Complete Proof That the Earth is Flat - Or That the Bible is Fiction: There is No Third Alternative

Author(s): William Harwood; M. Stefan Strozier
ID: 2274641, Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Year: 2013, Size: 670 Kb, Format: epub

Victorian Fiction and the Insights of Sympathy: An Alternative to the Hermeneutics of Suspicion

Author(s): Brigid Lowe
ID: 1680880, Publisher: Anthem Press, Year: 2007, Size: 1 Mb, Format: pdf

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